Microsoft CEO: “Small” Windows Phone 7 Has Struggled


We have been speaking recently about the dominance that Android and iOS have in the smartphone market, with this having a serious knock on effect for other operating systems who are trying to establish themselves. Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 is one of those suffering from their rivals success and … [Read more...]

Android Generates More Money For Microsoft Than WP7 Does


With Microsoft's numerous revenue streams, you would expect their mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7 to be near the top of the list. A funny fact has come to light, being that Android actually earns Microsoft more money than WP7 does. … [Read more...]

Windows 8 To Launch In 2012 Confirms Microsoft Boss


Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer has confirmed that their next PC operating system, "Windows 8" will be launched in 2012. … [Read more...]

CES 2011: Windows 8 / Tablet Expectations?


Here at OSM we recently posted an article on CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2011 coming up in January, with ideas of 5 devices that may be the centre of attention. Now we wanted to take a closer look at what news may be coming from Microsoft at the event. … [Read more...]

Five Of The Best At CES: January 2011


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is just a few weeks away, and for the tech world, this is one of the highest profile events. Big developers get to show off some of their up and coming innovations to the rest of the world. From 6-9 January 2011, the show, taking place in Las Vegas, will see … [Read more...]

Ballmer Talks up Windows Tablet: Admires iPad


Following the phenomenal success of the Apple iPad, Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, talked again yesterday about its plans to go ahead with Windows-based tablet devices. Earlier in the year Ballmer had announced plans for a Windows 7 Slate to go up against the iPad, then Microsoft changed its mind, … [Read more...]