October lunar eclipse updates via social media

October lunar eclipse updates via social media

The October lunar eclipse 2014 also known as Hunter’s Moon is going to be an epic sight early Wednesday morning, those watching will get to see the edge of the Earth’s shadow as it passes over the full moon. It has been said the lunar eclipse will happen around about 1:15 AM PT (4:15 AM ET), to … [Read more...]

Mangalyaan MOM current status, photos on Twitter

Mangalyaan MOM current status, photos on Twitter

The Mangalyaan best known as Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) photos have been posted on Twitter showing the regional dust storm over Mars. The storm was photographed over the northern hemisphere of Mars, which you can see in the screenshot below thanks to ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) on … [Read more...]

Perseid Meteor Shower vs. Supermoon 2014 social media clout


On August 10th and 12th, 2014 two amazing phenomenon's occurred, and the two named the ‘Perseid Meteor Shower’ and the ‘Supermoon’ have a lot of social media clout. The two social networks showing the most Perseid meteor shower and Supermoon 2014 activities are YouTube and Twitter, and all you … [Read more...]

Neutron stars colliding forms black hole by NASA

Neutron stars colliding forms black hole by NASA

A video uploaded on to YouTube by NASA Goddard has only accumulated 306,003 views in 7 days, this video shows two neutron stars colliding with each other and its end result is the formation of a black hole. The two super-dense neutron stars are part of a supercomputer simulation by scientists … [Read more...]

ISS camera UFO pictures hitting social networks

ISS camera UFO pictures hitting social networks

The ISS HD live camera shots has apparently revealed a UFO, NASA placed a few high-definition cameras in space just outside the International Space Station and many images have been coming in for space research and commerce. But, UFO hunters have been on the edge of their seats after sightings of … [Read more...]

Facebook drones to conquer Internet less fortunate

Facebook drones to conquer Internet less fortunate

Seems the general public have a few things to say about Facebook looking into buying Titan Aerospace, the drone company. So much response has happened over the last couple of days since TechCrunch reported the news of Facebook in talks into acquiring Titan Aerospace, what we have noticed a lot of … [Read more...]

Astronomer Edmond Halley’s 335th birthday Doodle


Here at OSM, we’ve reported on many Google Doodles that spring up on the search engine’s home page from time to time. Either marking an anniversary of an event, individual’s birthday or a time on the yearly calendar such as Halloween, the Doodles bring us much enjoyment. … [Read more...]

Love Astronomy? Love These Twitter Space Accounts


If you’re at all enthusiastic about astronomy then you’ll already know the excitement caused today by the launch of the last ever US space shuttle mission. Space shuttle Atlantis lifted off from Cape Canaveral on a 12-day mission to the International Space Station and it was a somewhat poignant … [Read more...]

Google Doodle Full First Lunar Eclipse: Where Will You Be?


One of our favorite subjects that we enjoy reporting on, has to be that of the special Google Doodles that frequently get put on Google's homepage. In the past it has varied from an individuals birthday, anniversary, special event and so on. But today its the turn of something pretty special, yep, … [Read more...]

Contact Made With NASA’s Endeavour Via YouTube Streaming


They say all good things come to an end and this can be said for NASA's Endeavour space shuttle, which is due to rocket up into the sky on Friday 29th April for the very last time. With some 24 missions behind it and the latest voyage lasting some 2 weeks, the Endeavour will launch at Cape … [Read more...]

Space Shuttle Endeavour’s Final Flight: Tweeters Special Pass


Online social networking site Facebook is still placed at number one with some 600 million active users, but rival Twitter is still proving popular with not just the everyday person but celebrity figures as well. This time around, instead of the site being used as a way of having a good old rant, … [Read more...]

Human Space Flight: Google Launches Yuri Gagarin 50 Year Doodle


Here at OSM, one of the enjoyable items we like to report on is none other than Google Doodles. In recent weeks we have brought you one on the 200th anniversary of chemist Robert Bunsen and his invention the Bunsen Burner, the history of the Ice Cream Sundae, escape artist and magician Harry … [Read more...]

Android OS Smartphone To Be Launched In Space: Results Unclear?


With so many smartphones already on our current market and plenty on the way, all are battling it out for supremacy. Customers now have the job of deciding what manufacturer and carrier to opt for, as well as what a phone can offer them in terms of specifications, build quality and so on. But talk … [Read more...]

NASA: Most social media and Web savvy entity


In a world where social media is growing in popularity, large organisations use the wave of social interaction to connect with a vast audience. In a report recently carried out by George Washington University and New York University, it was shown that space organisation “NASA” was deemed to be at … [Read more...]

iPhone 4 launched into space – breathtaking video


We can think of an awful lot of purposes for an iPhone but have to admit that one use we hadn’t thought of was to launch it into space with a camera to take a video. However that’s exactly what one father and son have done, with spectacular results. … [Read more...]

Branson Sets Flights Into Space Within 18 Months


Within 18 months, Virgin Multi-Billionaire “Sir Richard Branson” plans to launch Space Travel commercially. If owning a plane, train, records company and mobile phone business isn’t enough, the entrepreneur has now set his sights on transporting paying customers into space. … [Read more...]