Beat Rising Tuition Fees With Groupon’s New Discount: 60% Off Uni!


Groupon is a handy service to use if you are looking for discounts on restaurants and day trips, but what if you are looking to save on some of the more expensive things? One of the most expensive things today is University education, so Groupon for the first time has partnered with an institution … [Read more...]

YouTube Hero Casey Speaks Out About His Incident


We brought you the powerful story of "Casey (the punisher)" last week, the brave lad who has caused a real stir on YouTube of late. Casey has spoken out about the incident which has given him worldwide heroic status as he fought back against severe bullying. … [Read more...]

Facebook Status Saves Man’s Life


This story totally blows the term "social good" out of proportion, as a man potentially had his life saved by Facebook. … [Read more...]

World Cancer Day 2011: Contribute To The Cause Online?


Today is World Cancer Day, a time to remember loved ones, those that may be at this present time battling with the disease and for those that have come out the other side. According to figures from the Office of National Statistics based in the UK, one in 4 people will die from cancer. As well as … [Read more...]

Girls In India: Educated Through “The Girl Store” Site


With what started off as being a heart rendering story for a little 9-year old girl by the name of “Brundha” has now turned out to be a happy ending. The girl from a small village in India, is typical of her age, and after spending her young childhood looking after her ill father and never seeing … [Read more...]

SwipeGood Donates To Charity With Credit Card Sales


Throughout the year, at times we lose sight of people that may not be as lucky as ourselves, and particularly at Christmas it seems to be even more relevant. At a time when we may be spending time with our loved ones, opening presents and having a lovely wholesome Christmas dinner, spare a thought … [Read more...]

Facebook’s Zuckerberg Donating $100 Million To Newark Public School


Facebook, a competitor in the running to be the top online social networking site, has at times had its fair share of good and bad times. CEO “Mark Zuckerberg” has been torn to shreds over privacy issues and the controversy surrounding the latest Facebook movie, “The Social Network” due out in … [Read more...]