Skype Acquisition of GroupMe: Expected to Close on Monday


There’s big news today in the group messaging service sector as we have heard of the Skype acquisition of GroupMe, a service that is only one-year-old. So far terms haven’t been revealed but apparently talks have been ongoing for several months while Microsoft was also in negotiations to get hold of … [Read more...]

Google Voice Coming To Gmail UK: Online Phone Service


Google has subtly added a new feature to Gmail which allows you to turn your computer into a telephone. Google Voice allows you to call your friends like you normally would, reaching either a landline or mobile. Video calling and other forms of IM communication are common on the internet with … [Read more...]

FB Scam: Pretends To Connect You To Skype For Video Calling


Recently we have seen a huge amount of Facebook scams circulating around the site and we have warned you about a majority of them. In the last week or so we have seen "INCREDIBLE This girl is rapped in the school buss", "this girl will never forget to turn her webcam of again" and also a few … [Read more...]

Simple Facebook Skype Video Calling: Instructions


You may remember that we brought you news last week about an expected announcement from Facebook regarding Skype-powered video chat within the site. We now have news that as we expected this facility has now been launched and there will be an awful lot of very happy people now able to make video … [Read more...]

Facebook and Skype New Video Chat Platform: Event Will Tell All


There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding an announcement due to be made by Facebook this week, with its CEO Mark Zuckerberg teasing the Seattle press about an “awesome” new product. An event is being held on Wednesday (July 6) for the big reveal but word is that Facebook is introducing a new video … [Read more...]

iPad 2 Benefits From New Skype App: Coming Soon


We are all familiar with Skype, and after its introduction into the smartphone world has seen it experience great success. Be it through Android or iPhone handsets the extension of the desktop internet calls application to mobile devices, has given a wider range of usage. … [Read more...]

Skype Global Outage Again: Are you Down?


On May 26 we informed readers about a Skype outage which affected users from all over the world, and asked our readers if they had the service or not. Although normal service was resumed we fear that Skype users may be frustrated once again as Skype is currently suffering from another outage and … [Read more...]

Skype Outage: Is It Down For You?


With Skype recently being purchased my Microsoft, you would expect operations to strengthen. The honeymoon period has hit a slightly rocky patch as Skype has today suffered an outage, which has reportedly stopped users from across the world using the service. … [Read more...]

Is Facebook The Big Winner From The Microsoft/Skype Deal?


Yesterday's big money deal between Microsoft and Skype has rattled a few cages, with a no-nonsense $8.5 billion buyout. Microsoft surprised a majority of us with their swift acquisition of the video calling company, but who is the big winner from this deal? … [Read more...]

Microsoft Will Buy Skype: $8 Billion The Price Tag


When you think about Skype’s recent news they have been linked with a few different companies about a potential takeover such as Google and Facebook. From a Facebook perspective things were looking good with the potential integration of video calling into their chat setup which seems to be the next … [Read more...]

Skype Security Flaw On Mac OSX Discovered


Recently here at OSM we have been bringing you a lot of news on both Apple Mac and Skype, in previous posts we have brought you information on the price and details of the new Apple iMac and we have also touched on the subject of both Google and Facebook looking to buy or tie-up with the … [Read more...]

Facebook, Google & Skype: Talks to Purchase or Tie-Up


Big news today is that well-known tech name, Google and social networking giant Facebook, are both in talks to buy or tie-up with Skype, the web video conferencing service. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO has reportedly been involved in moves to purchase or tie-up with Skype and Google has also … [Read more...]

Free Voice Calls Via T-Mobile Bobsled On Facebook


If you were to look back maybe a year and ask anyone “who will you be able to make calls on Facebook through?” the first and most obvious answer to us would be Skype. Not many people out there if any at all would turn around and reply with “T-Mobile” would they … [Read more...]

Sony Shows Off Newest Home Cinema Blu-ray Range


With all of the recent hype surrounding Sony's smartphone's like the Xperia Play, most of their over products have been left to stand in the shadows. We like to report on all of Sony's offerings and have some of their latest Blu-ray players and home cinema surround sound systems to share with you. … [Read more...]

Skype In The Classroom: A Skype Network For Teachers

Skype logo

Technology advances at a rapid rate, and governments in charge of education are struggling to keep up. In an age where pupils spend much of their time on Facebook, and where schoolyard issues are often broadcasted to the entire world, teachers are faced with a challenge- how to adapt their teaching … [Read more...]

HTC Thunderbolt Ignites Pre-Orders Before March 17th Shipments


For many of you who have been waiting for confirmation of HTC's Thunderbolt, there is no doubt you would have read the countless suggestions as to when it will finally land. … [Read more...]

Facebook & Skype Resume Chats Of Video Calling


When it comes to two large communication tools such as Facebook and Skype then you have to wonder how they would work together, we have been reporting on what we know is going on between the two giants of the communication world but a lot of it is still rumor. Now the rumors of Facebook and … [Read more...]

Video Calls Without Needing Internet: Skype To Go


Skype yesterday gave details on their new "To Go" service which enables users to make calls from their phones to any device. The bonus to this offering is that the charges are reportedly very generous and you dont need an internet connection. … [Read more...]

HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon: No Skype Video – What else?


One of the most eagerly anticipated smartphones of recent times has been the HTC Thunderbolt coming to Verizon. This highly impressive Android device caught a lot of attention when it was first revealed but lately rumblings have begun to surface. … [Read more...]

Victim Of Nokia Redundancy? Skype Can Help You


If you happen to be a Nokia employee who works in the Symbian department then you may be fearing for your job right now, after the news that your company has just made a deal with Microsoft which involves them making your job obselete. Luckily if the dreaded day does come, Skype is on hand to pick … [Read more...]

Sir Elton John Predicts April iPad 2- Skype Video Calling


We have a few more interesting extra hints for you regarding the upcoming iPad 2. The new information which has not been confirmed as totally accurate comes from the music legend, Sir Elton John. … [Read more...]

Video Conferencing For Mac: Five Skype Alternatives


Skype has recently made some interesting connections such as a partnership with Facebook and purchasing Qik. Skype has also reached a milestone by having more than 27 million simultaneous logins, surely there had to be some unfavorable news about them… unfortunately there is … [Read more...]

Facebook & Skype Voice Chat – Your Thoughts


It’s no secret that Skype and Facebook have a partnership going on, and it makes perfect sense as both companies need one another to continue to grow. We have recently reported that Skype has set themselves a new record of 27 million simultaneous logins which is pretty impressive … [Read more...]

Skype’s Qik Purchase Now Complete


Previously we have reported on Skype’s unscheduled downtime and all of our frustrations. We also reported that Skype would be purchasing Qik and what it may mean for Verizon users. Now we want to tell you a little more about it … [Read more...]

Skype’s New Record: 27 Million Simultaneous Logins


After learning of Skype’s recent purchase of Qik and following their recent unplanned outage, and releasing video calling on the Apple iPhone, new news has surfaced saying that Skype has seen 27 million users logged in at the same time … [Read more...]