Dell and ROI: Social Media Marketing Lessons


Here at OSM we write many articles about social media marketing and recent posts have included a look at the social media ROI cycle and also mistakes to avoid when using Facebook marketing. Today we have news on one of the leading companies using social media marketing today, Dell, and how it … [Read more...]

Social Media ROI Cycle: Navigating the Stages


We like to keep our readers informed about social media and marketing and among our recent posts were an article on social media and mobile commerce and a look at how small businesses are using social media. Today though we wanted to take a look at return on investment and particularly the social … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing ROI: Four perspectives

Social Media Marketing- Recognizing the benefits

There are those in business who have tried what little they know with the likes of Twitter and Facebook to make an impression on social media marketing. However, after a number of failed attempts to get their brand out there, they believe that it is all a waste of time, but Mike Melanson from RWW … [Read more...]