New Apple iPad 3 display rumors


There’s no doubt that Apple have stolen the show this year with the introduction of the iPad 2, and if news is anything to go by today, the same will be said for 2012. Rumors for the last few months, have been indicating that the Cali company will be introducing a new iPad 3, something of which has … [Read more...]

Apple iPad 3 Retina Display More Likely: Coveted High Resolution


There’s a lot of talk at the moment about the Apple iPad 3, the next-generation tablet, and to be frank a lot of it is conflicting. We’re really not sure at the moment whether the next iPad will be the iPad 3, iPad HD or even iPad Plus, all names that have been mentioned over recent weeks. We have … [Read more...]

iPad 3 Specs & New Release Date: Retina Display “Wishful Thinking”


Even before Apple's iPad 2 officially released just a month ago, there were already rumors flying around about a possible next generation or iPad 3 tablet coming out towards the end of this year. Apple fans we know have at times been in a dilema as to whether they should purchase the iPad 2 or wait … [Read more...]

Samsung Turn Heads With Tablet Retina Display & 3D By 2015?


As the tablet market currently hots up with Apple's new iPad 2, Motorola's Xoom, the BlackBerry PlayBook and so on, it seems that Samsung have been taking a stand back to find out how they can give consumers a taste of something different. Although Samsung have of course got the present Galaxy Tab, … [Read more...]

Apple iPad 3: Possible Features For September Release?


Before Apple released its latest rendition of the iPad that started the tablet revolution, we threw around speculation and rumor in regards to what we hoped would be included. … [Read more...]

iPad 2: Retina display not coming soon


We’ve been bringing you lots of news and also speculation of course, on the new Apple iPad 2, due out next year just in time to compete with RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook. We’ve talked about the fact that a camera on the device is virtually confirmed, and asked which people most want to see, the iPad 2 … [Read more...]

iPod Touch Forth-generation: Dual cameras and Retina Display


A few days ago we brought you an article about the new Apple iPod Touch 4G rumored to be released this September and it looks very much as though the newest iPod Touch will feature FaceTime video calling and be an all round powerful media device. We have more news today on an Apple scoop in an … [Read more...]