Apple Official: iPhone 5 Unveil Event In 2 Weeks


The summer's endless saga regarding the unveil and launch of the iPhone 5 is 14 days away from being over. Multiple sources are reporting that Apple will be holding an event in 2 weeks time, courtesy of one of their talkative employees. If these strong reports are true then it will see Apple's 5th … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 “Weeks Away”- Larger Screen, 8MP Camera, NFC & More


The iPhone 5 is "just weeks away" according to sources inside Apple, are you still waiting patiently? It was been widely concluded that an October launch is on the cards, a boss from UK network Orange leaking the release date on the 15th. The phones features still remain a mystery with many … [Read more...]

October 15th Revealed As iPhone 5 Release Date: Orange Official


The European network providers are really treating us with their inability to keep information a secret at the moment. No sooner had Vodafone leaked iPhone 5 details on their website, talkative France Telecom (Orange parent company) boss, StĂ©phane Richard, has revealed that the handset will release … [Read more...]

Study Shows Apple’s iPhone 5 Demand: Strongest Yet


The iPhone 5 has been one of the largest topics of discussion this year and will continue to be until it is launched. Once this happens, exactly how many people will buy one, how big is the demand for Apple's latest smartphone? Studies have taken place and the results show that demand for the … [Read more...]

Best Buy’s Sprint iPhone 5 Memo Is Fake: Staff Loyalty Test


A cloud of mystery still surrounds the iPhone 5 launch and matters have been further thrown into doubt. Last week we saw a Best Buy memo which contained information regarding the availability of the smartphone on Sprint; it has now been reported that this was a fake. The leaked document contained … [Read more...]

Verizon Motorola Droid Bionic: Verified September 8th


As we enter into the month of September and the battle of smartphone supremacy rages on, yet more news has filtered through just today in relation to the new Droid Bionic from Motorola. With months of waiting, subsequent delays, changes in the specs listing and so on, the Bionic being carried by … [Read more...]

New Zealand Source Claims Apple iPhone 5 Release Date Is Oct 9th


By now we expect some of you are probably tearing your hair out over the secrecy and lack of information over Apple's iPhone 5. Many believed we could see it arrive in September and this theory was strengthened after Steve Jobs resigned as Apple CEO last week, a huge double event expected. No such … [Read more...]

Pre-order Your HTC EVO 3D Now: Out 6th September


After much anticipation and speculation, the HTC EVO 3D is finally available to pre-order in the UK. The second ever glasses free 3D smartphone is due for a full launch on September 6th, but you can reserve your handset from the Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy now. HTC's flagship Android device … [Read more...]

Desperate For Apple’s iPhone 5? Some To Pay 3X Retail Price


We know many of you are very excited about the forthcoming iPhone 5, but how badly do you want one? A question we have been asking you for a long time is exactly how much would you pay? Would you shell out more knowing you would be one of the first to get the highly desired iPhone 5? Studies have … [Read more...]

Apple iPad 3 Release Date Looking Like Q1 2012: Specs Update


Behind the iPhone 5, the iPad 3 is the second most anticipated device that Apple will release in the future. Rumors fly around every day about possible specs, prices and release dates, and we have another one for you. Multiple reports are saying that Apple has initiated trial production on the … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S 2 (II) US Release Date: Confirmed For August


For months on end residents of the US have desperately been waiting to see when the coveted Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone would be released, wait no more. Today, Samsung's president Shin Jong-kyun confirmed that the handset would start to be rolled out in the United States next month. The Korean … [Read more...]

Droid 3 Best Buy July 14th Release? Waiting For Bionic?


Motorola's Droid 3 has had everybody talking, but its been difficult to give you, our readers a solid release date. Today's news may be about to change that, with word that a leaked inventory listing has been spotted. … [Read more...]

HTC Sensation O2 Release: Inside Tip Off Says June 20th


With Vodafone still currently holding the exclusivity rights to HTC's Sensation smartphone, customers from all of the other big UK networks will surely be wondering when they will get their hands on that magic piece of mobile. … [Read more...]

iPad 3 Specs & New Release Date: Retina Display “Wishful Thinking”


Even before Apple's iPad 2 officially released just a month ago, there were already rumors flying around about a possible next generation or iPad 3 tablet coming out towards the end of this year. Apple fans we know have at times been in a dilema as to whether they should purchase the iPad 2 or wait … [Read more...]

Droid Bionic 4G: April Release Date & Price Given, Is This It?


Motorola's Droid Bionic smartphone is causing quite a stir on the internet, and is rumored to be a massive contender against other handsets on and making their way to the current market. One such phone is that of the HTC Thunderbolt running on Verizon's 4G LTE network which we have to say has … [Read more...]

Samsung 4G LTE Droid Stealth: Pre-Order & Official Release


With the current smartphone market inundated with handsets and plenty more on the way, its no surprise that firstly yet another will be making its entrance and secondly, we have to ask the question as to whether it stand any chance against rival competition? The Samsung Droid Stealth running on … [Read more...]

Costco Motorola WiFi Only Xoom Plus Freebies: Pre-Order Now


Here at OSM, we have brought you updated news from the very beginning on the new Motorola Xoom expected to be a big contender against many including the Apple iPad 2. So far many of you have no doubt been enjoying the 3G model which was released last month, but now news on the WiFi only has just … [Read more...]

HTC Thunderbolt Ignites Pre-Orders Before March 17th Shipments


For many of you who have been waiting for confirmation of HTC's Thunderbolt, there is no doubt you would have read the countless suggestions as to when it will finally land. … [Read more...]

HTC Thunderbolt Coming 17th March: Email & Tweet Confirm


News of HTC Thunderbolt release dates still keep coming, and there's no doubt that many of you have got fed up waiting for its subsequent arrival. Ever since we first learned about the 4G LTE smartphone, coincidentally the first to arrive with the new LTE, its become apparent that the device will … [Read more...]

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Pre-Order Sears March 12th


One of the major tablet game players of this year will no doubt be Research in Motion's offering of the BlackBerry PlayBook. Rivals to the new iPad 2, Motorola Xoom, HTC Flyer, HP TouchPad, Galaxy Tab 10.1 and so on, the PlayBook although to some a tad bit on the expensive side will be dropping on … [Read more...]

HTC Thunderbolt Release 21st March: As Reported On Facebook?


Yet again patient readers, we have more news on the much talked about HTC Thunderbolt smartphone. Only earlier on today, Debbie here at OSM spoke about the possible handset being delayed yet again with news of the device now being months as oppose to weeks. For some time now we have been keeping … [Read more...]

Apple iPad 2: Heads Up Buying Guide


Since the official announcement of Apple's iPad 2 last week, we have brought you a specification listing roundup, price guide along with information of carriers Verizon and AT&T, we have tried to gauge what your thoughts are towards the new version and of course whether you will be hot footing down … [Read more...]

Samsung 3DTV Series Hits Korea: Pricing & Release Announced


Back in January we reported on Samsung’s appearance at CES 2011 where they introduced us to their latest Series of LED TV's. Since the show there has been a difference in opinion as to whether the new range is classed as a TV or a monitor. … [Read more...]

BlackBerry PlayBook March Confirmed Release Date: iPad 2 Rival?


From the start of this year, it became apparent that the next 12 months would be a busy time for tablet and smartphone releases, and one such device waiting for its turn would be the BlackBerry PlayBook. The tablet which has been talked about since September last year, looks like it may be with us … [Read more...]

Apple iPad 2 March Shipments Rocket: 2 To 3 Million Expected


It seems that Apple have different thoughts to most when it comes to the predicted sales of its new iPad 2. Initial reports favored a lower number of unit sales for Q2 2011, possibly due to the fact that the second-generation tablet lacked features that didn't appear. … [Read more...]