iPhone 4 Prototype Finder & Seller Both Charged: Gizmodo Cleared


With non stop talk about the upcoming Apple iPhone 5, we thought we would try and give your mind a quick rest by switching your attention to another bit of Apple iPhone related news. Back in 2010 some of you may remember what many dubbed "iPhonegate", where a prototype of the then unreleased iPhone … [Read more...]

White iPhone 4 Crazy Ebay Bidding: Prototype Not Legitimate


With the “not so elusive” White iPhone 4, I cannot believe I'm actually saying that, due to release this coming week at various retailers such as the Apple Store, rumors of Three and so on, it seems some of you cannot wait that long to grab your very own handset. … [Read more...]

iPhone 4 64GB & White Spotted: Bigger Capacity Wanted?


Do you find yourself having to delete stored media on your iPhone 4? Is 32GB just not giving you the storage space required for your everyday needs? Well fear not people as a mythical presence has arisen from the deepest darkest areas of the Internet. … [Read more...]

Nokia “MeeGo” Tablet Spotted: The Real Deal Or Not?


As we start to look back at what the month of January has had to offer us in terms of tech news, the CES event at the beginning has really taken precedence over everything else. Smartphones, TV's, Blu-Ray players, Cameras and Tablet devices gave us a lot to think about. In the next few months we … [Read more...]

Windows 7 Tablet: Fujitsu 10″ model – plus prototype video


We’ve been reporting a lot lately on all the new tablet devices coming onto the market after it seemed the Apple iPad was set to dominate for some time. The Samsung Galaxy Tab has seen great success since its recent release and there is news of plenty more tablet devices on the way, such as the … [Read more...]

New MacBook Air Prototype: 13.3 not 11.6-Inch


Shots have been taken of what is said to be the inside of Apple's new MacBook Air. Although it was rumoured to be a different size compared to that of the current model, it looks as though Apple have kept it at 13.3-inches. Photos sourced by Engadget, show that the modified Air has been given more … [Read more...]

New iPhone 4G: Update on 2010 prototype court case


The intrigue surrounding the Apple iPhone 4G prototype which was lost and then sold to Gizmodo, continues today with news that a Californian judge decided to unseal a search warrant. In a previous story we told how a San Mateo judge had rejected the request for documents, but now the search warrant … [Read more...]