Gmail problems most reported May 2014

Gmail problems most reported May 2014

Gmail for the majority is up and running smoothly with no issues at all, but for some the persistent problems are continuing with no explanations to determine why. The Gmail email most reported problems are to do with log in with 72%, 18% are having problems with emails send or receiving messages … [Read more...]

Yahoo mail login problem, down for some

Yahoo mail and login problem, outage for some

Social networking site Twitter responses are coming in at the moment when it comes to Yahoo Mail, there seems to be an outage problem for some and the issue of sending and receiving emails. For now Yahoo Mail seems to be up and running, but this is not stopping those commenting over on Down … [Read more...]

Gmail login password help not changing issue

Gmail login password help not changing issue

The last few weeks have been it and miss for a few Gmail users when it comes to login in, after the Heartbleed news went crazy users believed this was the main problem and were prompted to change their passwords. Social media went loopy when the Heartbleed SSL bug news was raised, and a few weeks … [Read more...]

Facebook problems with opening timeline, pages

Facebook problems with opening timeline, pages

Facebook problems seem to be occurring even though we cannot see them, the main issue seems to surround the timeline opening, it opens after a while but very slow in doing so. We decided to dig into this a little deeper because we are not seeing any problems at all, we received a few emails and … [Read more...]

EarthLink Webmail login problem, suspected email outage

Earthlink Webmail login issues, suspected email outage

EarthLink Webmail login problems are being reported at the moment and showing a suspected email outage, which has impacted EarthLink email users. There is apparently a very high volume of an email outage and it is currently being looked at right now according to the EarthLink Support Center. They … [Read more...]

LinkedIn problem processing your post update request

LinkedIn problem processing your post update request

LinkedIn seems to be having a few teething problems when trying to post an update, as soon as you click share it seems to take for ever sharing the update. I went onto my personal LinkedIn profile (Mark Chubb) and then went to the homepage to share something, I wanted to share, “Have you got … [Read more...]

Nationwide Internet banking problems solved via Twitter

Nationwide Internet banking problems solved via Twitter

Nationwide Building Society is ready to man its Twitter account twenty-four hours on a daily basis, seven days every week, with the aim of providing client service info and support. The constant coverage of @AskNationwide is an element of the building society’s strategy to use digital technology … [Read more...]

Sony PS4 problems shared on YouTube, Twitter

Sony PS4 problems shared on YouTube, Twitter

The Sony PS4 problems are surfacing at the moment, there are issues with blinking blue light, faulty HDMI connections, as well as a few others. We have seen many YouTube PS4 review videos uploaded as well as many tweets on Twitter. Kotaku had problems with their first Sony PlayStation 4, and … [Read more...]

LinkedIn outage today after Facebook link problems

LinkedIn outage today after Facebook link problems

LinkedIn had outage issues today, which was a few days after the Facebook link problems. It is not known how widespread this issue was but people seemed to turn to Twitter for answers. Earlier today LinkedIn reported about the connection problems by tweeting on its official @LinkedInHelp Twitter … [Read more...]

Facebook outage worldwide, status update problems: Update

Facebook is down, status update problems

Millions of FB users might be getting a little angry right about now, as of a few hours ago Facebook went down and when trying to update their status an error message appeared. The Facebook issue is a right pain in the backside because it means users cannot update their status, post comments, … [Read more...]

Twitter problems with links in Direct Messages

Twitter problems with links in Direct Messages

Many Twitter users may have encountered problems sending links or URLs via Direct Message lately; error messages have been popping up showing ‘Direct Messages’ (DMs) being sent that also included malware, some have said that these messages could not be sent for some unknown reason. Many reports … [Read more...]

Galaxy S II T-Mobile & Sprint: screen problems annoy


This year has proved to be fantastic for manufacturers “Samsung.” Not only has the company managed to introduce new Galaxy Tablets in different sizes, but an entire new range of smartphones plus the introduction of a smartphone/tablet by the name of the Galaxy Note. … [Read more...]

Sprint iPhone 4S download speed issues: no further on


When the new Apple iPhone 4S was officially released on October 14th, it was hoped that the handset would sail through without any subsequent problems. Despite the phone’s popularity, it has been slightly plagued with issues such as its battery life and for US carrier Sprint slow data speeds and … [Read more...]

Gmail app pulled after iOS issues


Poor Google and their new Gmail app! Just yesterday, the search engine had to pull the plug on its new launched app for Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The reason, Google as they said had “messed up” by launching a version that had subsequent problems. … [Read more...]

iPhone 4S battery joked, software update possible?


The Apple iPhone 4S and its battery-draining saga continues guys. Already reported by us here at OSM, it seems that many of you are still heading onto Apple forums to air your handset problem, along with feelings of disappointment and frustration. Despite Apple’s iPhone 4S pumping out another … [Read more...]

Sprint iPhone 4S connection problems in Europe


It seems life for Sprint and its iPhone 4S introduction is not getting any better! For the first time ever, US carrier Sprint have been lucky enough to join that of Verizon and AT&T in retailing the popular phone, but since its official arrival on the 14th October, the carrier has experienced some … [Read more...]

More iPhone 4S tests: Battery life draining fast


Apple can again be congratulated for its new iPhone 4S handset, but despite its new features such as Siri voice recognition, 8 megapixel camera with face detection and the new iOS 5 OS, users have still been complaining about the phone’s lack of battery life. Just this week, we have brought you … [Read more...]

iPhone 4S rugged case issues explained


Apple’s new iPhone 4S on the whole has received good positive comments, but unfortunately the same cannot be said for manufacturers of the protective cases. The problem comes down to the new iPhone 4S and its slight design change, in appearance the 4S looks like its predecessor the iPhone 4, but … [Read more...]

iPhone 4S password issues, Siri bypass


Apple’s new iPhone 4S has been officially available to buy for nearly two weeks now, and along with brand new internals to speak of, the handset comes with voice recognition technology “Siri.” … [Read more...]

MacBook Air numbers affected: supplier causes


News for HTC smartphone and Apple’s MacBook Air supplies is not looking promising, if reports from multiple sources are anything to go by. Both devices and their production line numbers could be affected due to a supplier that unfortunately has had to down tools. … [Read more...]

Apple TV 4.4.1 update brings problems


Lovers of the Apple brand must be sighing again today after yet another firmware update has introduced problems into their Apple devices. … [Read more...]

BlackBerry’s no-service results in $100 free apps


Research in Motion’s BlackBerry service has recently had to contend with four days of downtime, therefore leaving customers angry and disappointed that the use of BBM and the receiving of emails couldn't be used. The company was criticized for the way in which they handled the entire outage and the … [Read more...]

Google Voice Crashing On iPhone, Removed From Store


Poor poor Apple, it was hoped that the new iOS 5 software update would be plain sailing, but since its official release last week, Apple are still experiencing problems. Before it arrived, it was safe to say that a huge amount of users were looking forward to it coming, with many obsessed with its … [Read more...]

Sprint iPhone 4S, Slow Data Problems Reported


The Apple iPhone 4S officially got released on Friday 14th October to a sea of consumers and this weekend alone, its been reported that at least 4 million units will be sold, this comes from a report over at … [Read more...]

PS3 Memory Causes Cross Game Chat And Rage Problems


In the console world, there are two roads that you can go down, one is to become a fan of Sony's PS3 or the other is to follow Microsoft's Xbox 360. Each camp will rave about their consoles various abilities, whilst trying to brush aside their failings. … [Read more...]