2011 Mac Pro Update Processor News: Candidates Due in November?


After giving readers news back in June about a possible new Mac Pro lineup coming in August we can’t help noticing that August has come and gone and there’s still no sign. For those of you still waiting eagerly for Mac Pro refresh information we have news today that may interest you. Although it … [Read more...]

Acer Business Laptop, TravelMate Timeline 8481T: Specs & Price


Earlier this month we brought you news on the new Acer Aspire 3951 and today we have news on a further new device from Acer. The Acer TravelMate Timeline 8481T laptop is aimed very much at the business market and we have details of specs and price for you. … [Read more...]

Apple Mac Product Suggestion: Absolutely Different & New Name


With the release of the refreshed MacBook Pro, iMac and MacBook Air already seen this year we were expecting attention on Apple products to remain focused on the iPad 3 and the upcoming iPhone 5 but today some suggestions of a new and radically different Apple Mac are being bandied around by various … [Read more...]

Apple Back to School Promotion Changes Needed: Mac Sales Drop


We enjoy keeping our readers informed about back to school promotions and of course one of the biggest every year is the Apple Back to School promotion. However it seems that this year’s offers could do with changing as Mac Sales have dropped significantly. … [Read more...]

iPad 3 News and Rumor Roundup: Cutting Through the Noise


We know that many of our readers are always interested in news about new and upcoming Apple products and the much-rumored iPad 3 is no exception. Over the last few months we’ve brought you many articles with news and also speculation about this tablet device, which as usual Apple is managing to … [Read more...]

Internet Essentials Comcast Program: Low-cost Access


A new program is to be offered by Internet and cable provider Comcast called Internet Essentials and is aimed at providing low income families with cheaper Internet access along with computers. This initiative will be a boon to many families struggling to afford Internet services and we have more … [Read more...]

Not All New MacBook Air Models Created Equal: SSD Performance


We’ve had a lot of positive things to say about the new Apple MacBook Air for 2011 that was announced last week and along with specs and pricing also gave you a review roundup where most of the opinions was pretty glowing. However, we hear some rather disquieting news today that not all new MacBook … [Read more...]

MacBook Air 2011 Update Vs MacBook Air 2010: Speed Step Up


The new Apple MacBook Air for 2011 has recently been announced along with the brand new operating system, Mac OS X Lion. We’ve given you specs and price for the new MacBook Air lineup but we thought it would be interesting to take a look at the MacBook Air 2011 vs. MacBook Air 2010 to get an idea … [Read more...]

Apple Update MacBook Air 2011: Specs & Pricing Official


After the months spent anticipating the arrival of the refreshed MacBook Airs for 2011 they were finally revealed, along with Mac OS X Lion, and as expected sported the new Thunderbolt technology and Intel Sandy Bridge processors we were waiting for. Although we gave you some leaked specs before the … [Read more...]

MacBook Air – 2011 New Models & Specs: Release Later Today?


We’ve been keeping you up to speed with Apple MacBook Air developments, specifically for the new refreshed Airs which it appears could well be out later today. Yesterday we gave the news that the new Mac OS X Lion operating system and MacBook Air were expected today although there was nothing fully … [Read more...]

New MacBook Air Models List 2011: Reveals Four – Plus Mac Pro


We’ve been reporting on all the rumors, speculation and news about the new MacBook Air refresh for some time. Rumored release dates have come and gone but the most common school of thought has July 14 pegged as a possible date for release. We now have further news about the new MacBook Air models … [Read more...]

Toshiba Qosmio F750 3D Glasses-Free Laptop Specs: World First


We recently gave you some news about a Toshiba 3D laptop, the P700, but today we have news of a world first for you. Toshiba has announced the Qosmio F750 3D glasses-free laptop, which is due for release in August at a price of £1,300 or $2100, and we have some details on specs for you. … [Read more...]

New MacBook Air Specs Rumor: Super-Fast 400MBps Flash Storage


Regular readers of OSM will know how much we’ve been looking forward to the arrival of the new MacBook Air lineup for 2011. Response to our articles so far suggests an awful lot of you are waiting for the Air refresh too. Of course as you might expect, as the release date nears more rumors abound … [Read more...]

MacBook Air Refresh New Clues: Hinting at Mid-July Release


We’ve been following the news and speculation about the MacBook Air refresh for 2011 for some time and know just how many of you are waiting for the new Airs. Just two days ago we told how Best Buy and also Amazon were very low on stocks of current Airs and how it was very likely that the new … [Read more...]

Sony Vaio Z Laptop & ‘Thunderbolt’: MacBook Air Rival Due July


Since Apple began using Intel’s Light Peak (named as Thunderbolt for Apple) technology back in February with the MacBook Pro refresh many of us have wondered when we would see the first non-Apple notebooks using Light Peak. Wonder no more and let me introduce you to the Sony Vaio Z laptop. … [Read more...]

MacBook Air Refresh New Release Whisper: Best Buy Stop Shipping


Here at OSM we’ve been following developments for the MacBook Air 2011 refresh for some time and release rumors have been a bit of a cauldron of confusion. We know how many of you are waiting eagerly for the new MacBook Air and today we have a release whisper that may make you a little more hopeful … [Read more...]

Back to School Laptop Choice: Top Picks and Buying Advice


It always feels too early to be talking about back to school but before you know it the time will be upon us once more. We’ve already given you information about the annual Apple Back to School promotion and also gave you some ideas for back to school tech accessories and tablets. Today though we … [Read more...]

MacBook Air Release Confusion: New 2011 Refresh Wanted


We’ve been discussing the new 2011 MacBook Air refresh for some time and previously talked about a possible release last week and then reported how the new MacBook Airs may be kept back until the new Mac OS X Lion is ready next month. There seems to be an awful lot of release confusion about the … [Read more...]

New MacBook Air Release Delayed for Mac OS X Lion


We’ve been bringing you news and speculation about a 2011 MacBook Air refresh for some time and know just how many of you are waiting for it. Among our many articles one of the most recent came from speculation regarding a rumored release for the new MacBook Air’s this Wednesday. However Wednesday … [Read more...]

New Apple MacBook Air Release 2011: Refresh This Week?


We’ve been bringing you a lot of news and speculation lately about the MacBook Air 2011 refresh, which some time ago we suggested might arrive in June and in the last week or so we’ve had several clues that new models may be coming soon. We have news today that suggests the new MacBook Air may in … [Read more...]

Apple iPad 3 Release for Holiday Season: LTE & Improved Display


We’ve been keeping readers informed with all the news and speculation surrounding the next iPad, the Apple iPad 3. Now we hear of new reports that an iPad 3 may be here in time for the holiday season and not only that but it will also have LTE capability and an improved display. … [Read more...]

Dell XPS 15z: Released Tomorrow With $999 Price Tag?


Here at OSM we make it our priority to keep all of our readers up to date with all the latest news on laptops and computers, in previous posts we have brought you information on a whole host of exciting new devices like the Fujitsu Celsius H910/H710, HP Pavilion g6s and the Toshiba Qosmio X770. … [Read more...]

New Apple iMac 2011 Review Roundup: Conclusive Stuff


We’ve been bringing you all the news about the recent Apple iMac 2011 refresh with official specs, full pricing details, a look at the new iMac vs. the 2010 model, souped up WiFi and also details of speed tests. Now we thought it would be interesting to give you a review roundup on the 2011 Apple … [Read more...]

Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 Pre-Orders & Price: Oak Trail Windows Tablet


We recently brought you news of a Fujitsu concept notebook but if you’ve been waiting for news about the Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 tablet then you’re in luck as it’s now available to pre-order in the U.S. and we also have pricing details for you. This business-targeted slate has the Intel Oak Trail … [Read more...]

New Apple MacBook Air Refresh: What Price for 2011 Update?


We’ve already seen the refreshed lineup for the Apple MacBook Pro back in February, and only last week the new iMac arrived so our thoughts have now turned to the MacBook Air refresh. Recently we speculated on what features there might be on the new MacBook Airs and asked what you wanted to see. … [Read more...]