Tweeters Give New Windows 8 Glowing Response


In the past here at OSM, we've spoken about various pieces of news on social networking site Twitter. Topics have ranged from footballers sounding off to other players, news of events that are taking place, music albums that are on the way, birth and death announcements and so on. The new version … [Read more...]

Mac OS X Lion Now Official: Release Download Requirements & More


We’ve been writing for many weeks about the impending release of the new Mac OS X Lion operating system and the expected refresh of the MacBook Air and earlier today gave some leaked specs for the new Air line. Now they have both been officially released and we want to give you some news about Mac … [Read more...]

Nokia Sea Ray Spot with Windows Phone Mango: Plus Video


It seems the world of smartphones is to welcome yet another new handset, step forward the Nokia Sea Ray. This smartphone has been leaked in a Chinese video and appears to be very similar in styling to the Nokia N9. However where the N9 is a phone that will run on MeeGo the Sea Ray prototype runs … [Read more...]

Mac OS X Lion Release Rumor July 14: New MacBook Air Date Too?


Regular readers of OSM will have noticed our excitement over the last few months about the upcoming Apple MacBook Air refresh for 2011 and we’ve been keeping you informed with all the news and speculation. We recently told how the refresh was being seemingly held back so that the new MacBook Airs … [Read more...]

Motorola Droid 2, Droid X & Droid Pro: Gingerbread Heading Your Way


If you’re a fan of your Droid phone and have no wish to upgrade to a newer model then we may have some good news for you today. Owners of the Motorola Droid 2, Droid X or Droid Pro who have been wondering when they might get an operating system update might be interested to know that Android 2.3 … [Read more...]

Apple Mac OS X 10.7 Lion New Feature: Do-not-track Privacy Tool


Developers sifting through the latest build of Mac OS X Lion have found a new feature, a privacy tool in the Safari web browser. This means that Apple’s browser would join with other main browsers in committing to the do-not-track tool, which would mean that websites would not be able to track user … [Read more...]

Microsoft Windows 8 OS: Early Development Thoughts


We’ve previously spoken about Microsoft’s Windows 8 and how it’s slated to appear in 2012 and then in February we spoke about the possibility of Windows 8 tablets appearing before the end of 2011. We have some news today about Windows 8 leaks with some thoughts on the early stages of development. … [Read more...]

HTC Pyramid Smartphone: Android 3.0 Honeycomb – Really?


At the moment it seems there’s a lot of interest in the upcoming HTC Pyramid Android smartphone. We previously gave you some rumored details of this 4.3-inch handset, reported to be coming to T-Mobile in May, and then gave you some images and specs, and now we’re hearing that this impressive … [Read more...]

iOS 4.3 Update: Battery Life Issues Reported- How about you?


The latest Apple software update, iOS 4.3, was released only a week or so ago and yet there seem to be a few issues with the new operating system. We have already reported on some graphics issues for the iPod touch 4th generation and now it seems some users are reporting a worsened battery life on … [Read more...]

Apple iOS 4.3 Release Today Rumor: Due at 10am PT


We’ve been bringing you news of Apple’s next operating system, iOS 4.3, which we originally heard would be released on the same day as the much-anticipated iPad 2, on Friday March 11. We also told readers recently how the new OS had already been jailbroken. … [Read more...]

Google Chrome Pwn2Own Browser Hacking Contest


Who wants to win $20K? If you answered I do then keep reading because this is the amazing prize fund up for grabs at this year’s Pwn2Own Browser Hacking Contest. This sum will be paid by Google to the first person that will successfully hack its Chrome Browser, Making Google the first browser vendor … [Read more...]

iOS 4.3 Beta: Released to Developers – Features and Video


It seems we waited an age for the official announcement of a Verizon iPhone from Apple but now it already seems an age away as we turn our attention to other things. Yesterday we reported on Apple’s iOS 4.3, and the news that it would bring personal hotspot capability to all iPhones and not just … [Read more...]

iPhone 4 iOS 4.3 Update Feature: Personal Hotspot


The excitement that followed yesterday’s official announcement of the Verizon iPhone 4 is beginning to die down already. We’ve already noted the dilemma that many people will have over whether to go for a phone which will only run on the 3G network, such as the Verizon iPhone, or whether people may … [Read more...]

Android 3.0 Honeycomb: Will NOT need dual-core processor


There has been a lot of news lately about the Android 3.0 operating system, dubbed Honeycomb, due out sometime in the next few months or so and it’s creating a lot of attention to new tablets that will be running on it announced at CES 2011, such as the Motorola Xoom, an as-yet unnamed Toshiba … [Read more...]

Gingerbread Android 2.3: Source code – download now


We know how many people are avidly awaiting the release of the new operating system, Android 2.3, dubbed Gingerbread. A couple of days ago we wrote how hopefully the new OS would be coming soon to Verizon users and we’ve also informed readers all about the Samsung Nexus S, which is the first … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 ‘Mango’ Update: Release Due Fall 2011


Earlier today we posted about CES 2011 and what we may hear from Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer in the keynote speech. It’s been largely reported that we’ll be seeing the reveal of some Microsoft tablet devices and maybe even an early glimpse of the Windows 8 operating system due out by the end of 2012. … [Read more...]

iOS 4.3 Release Date: Possible Download Today


Following the recent operating system update, iOS 4.2.1, from Apple we then learned of the iOS 4.3 update and in an article told how a press conference was scheduled for today, December 9, with a possible release pegged for December 13. … [Read more...]

Google Cr-48 Chrome OS laptop / Web App Store Features

Google Cr-48 Chrome OS laptop

The Google Chrome OS event is now over, so now we can take a look at what we have learned. Two announcements that we knew were coming was a laptop running on the new OS, as well as the Web App Store. The thing that we will look at is the Google Cr-48 Chrome OS laptop, which we first assumed was … [Read more...]

Google Chrome OS Live Stream Event and Times

Google Chrome OS Live Stream Event and Start Times

We know that a Google Chrome OS netbook is coming, but we just do not know when. However, according to our recent article, it could be today during an event that starts at 10:30am PST in San Francisco. There is said to be a special announcement, which is what makes us believe that there is going to … [Read more...]

Symbian Foundation Shutting Down Dec 17


The sad demise of Symbian, the recently open-sourced OS, is growing sadder still with news that the Symbian Foundation, which hosts its online presence is to shut down on December 17. Websites and online presence will be pulled and the Symbian Foundation has announced that the source code will be … [Read more...]

iOS 4.3 pegged for December 13


Hot-on-the-heels of Apple’s iOS 4.2.1 being released with has certainly pleased a lot of people, we already have some news on iOS 4.3 as it appears that Apple are concentrating on releasing the next updated operating system by the middle of December. … [Read more...]

iOS 4.2 Release: Download Time – PST, EST, GMT


Earlier today we brought you the news that a lot of you have been waiting for and reported that Apple’s iOS 4.2 may be released today, from a reliable source, following on from the release of the golden master 4.2.1. We also said we’d tell you if it was confirmed and now it’s official. Later today … [Read more...]

Microsoft Windows: The Past 25 Years


November 20th a day that marked 25 years of Microsoft Windows so let's have a look at what they have achieved. Windows was launched back in 1985 and took quite a while to really get up and running, it didn’t really take off until around 1990 when Windows 3.0 surfaced. It is from this point on that … [Read more...]

iOS 4.2 Release Update: Download Today Possible


We know just how many of you are waiting for news of the release of Apple’s iOS 4.2 and recently posted about its delay and the release of the latest golden master for developers’ iOS 4.2.1. However the news today is looking slightly brighter as reports have started to come out that it may in fact … [Read more...]