Apple start pickup in store


Fans of Apple will be pleased to learn that a new pilot program by the name of “Sherwood” is being rolled out, enabling customers to order goods online with the intention of pickup in-store. It is hoped that the new service will give customers a quick, easy and hassle-free way of shopping. … [Read more...]

Tracking Hurricane Irene 2011 Path: Useful Resources


Latest reports on Hurricane Irene show it strengthening again in power and still on a projected path to the east coast of the US, maybe impacting as far north as New England. As if an earthquake wasn’t enough to cope with, many are now wondering if they will be affected by Irene and we have some … [Read more...]

Casey Anthony Judgement: Twitter’s Mixed Feeling


A story that has racked up a huge amount of interest in the U.S. is that of the Casey Anthony court case. American Casey Anthony was accused of murdering her two-year old daughter “Caylee” of which she strongly denied. On Tuesday, Casey was found not guilty of murder but faces four separate counts … [Read more...]

Iconic Haynes Gives Mechanical Advice With Online Manuals


If like many your ride doesn’t exactly warrant the running repair costs and main dealer hourly service charges, then the chances are that you will be more than familiar with the name Haynes. For as long as I can remember the Haynes Manual has been the DIY mechanics bible, adorning the garage shelf … [Read more...]

iPhone Users Worst for Social Media Mistakes


Many of us have posted something online, maybe on Facebook or Twitter, and regretted it. Recently we told about some embarrassing social media mistakes and also a sobriety test that aims to stop people making those slip-ups while under the influence. Now we have news on just how many of us have … [Read more...]

Well Known Online Brands: Social Media Helped But How?


For some time here at OSM, we have spoken about how social media can help or even at times hinder a company and its brand. When we talk about social media, we are in fact looking at how businesses can achieve a greater customer base and sales revenue with the help of online sites such as Facebook. … [Read more...]

Customise Your Build To Order Mac: Apple Store App Sunday


Are you an Apple fan? Like many you may love the sleek clean designs with functionality above all else the key factor. But sometimes you may want that little bit extra, and the Cali firm have recognised this with its latest plans. … [Read more...]

Amazon Tops E-Retail Satisfaction Survey – Netflix Second


Recently we reported on Amazon’s business growth and then a few days ago told how Google topped a list of the US’s most reputable companies where Amazon came eighth. However today’s news concerns Amazon once again as a survey shows the company came out top for E-Retail satisfaction, with Netflix … [Read more...]

Facebook & YouTube Take Part In X Factor May 17th Auditions


Facebook and YouTube are two of the most popular sites across the internet each offering their own attributes, but if something else was added into the equation, would this up the user numbers even more? We are talking about the inclusion of TV show X Factor and the chance for people to now send in … [Read more...]

Royal Wedding Online Info: Live Streaming, Twitter, Facebook & More


This Friday, April 29 is the day for the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton. If you can’t be in front of your TV for the big occasion, or even if you will be but want to access alternatives for keeping informed with everything that’s going on, then you’ll be needing information … [Read more...]

Japan Earthquake & Tsunami: YouTube Person Finder Reaches Out

As the presumed death toll and missing persons list rises to over 15,000, we still look on in complete disbelief at Japan's earthquake and tsunami that took place just over a week ago on the 11th March. Here at OSM, since those fateful few hours, we have given you updates as to how social … [Read more...]

Apple iPad 2011: Sells Out, Online Delivery Delays Slow Up


Apple's iPad 2 officially launched last Friday and even before you had the chance to pick one up be it online or in-store, analysts were predicting how well the tablet would fair. We ourselves had asked the question whether there would be enough units to go around, and news from analyst firm … [Read more...]

Nook Color Sales: Was out of stock but now available online


We know that many of our readers are enthusiasts of the NOOK Color e-reader and among our recent posts we’ve given details of a firmware update with pinch and zoom and a look at the Nook Color running Android 3.0 Honeycomb. You may recently have read reports about the Nook Color being out of stock … [Read more...]

New York Times launch “follow us” with Twitter and Facebook


If you’re a follower of the New York Times you may have read our post a while back about how print newspapers were losing popularity but that news as a commodity was still thriving with online news looking set to be the future way ahead. We also reported how the New York Times was to launch a … [Read more...]

UK Snow disruption: Online information, travel news, live updates


When heavy snowfalls first hit Britain a few weeks ago many of us may have thought we were now over the worst of the disruption but in the last day or so there has once again been major snow and major disruption along with it. If you want a few ideas for where you can find the latest travel news, … [Read more...]

Seniors now fastest-growing group using social networking


Yesterday we posted an article about the fact that for the first time ever the amount of usage of the Internet equals the amount of time spent watching TV in the U.S and now we hear news today that the use of social networking has seen a surge of older people with more and more seniors getting … [Read more...]

Chile Mine Rescue: Media coverage around the world


The story of the 33 trapped Chilean miners has gripped the world and the rescue effort to bring each and every miner safely to the surface is now in progress. Each miner will be brought to safety in a metal cage travelling up a metal-lined shaft. The men can only escape one at a time and as I … [Read more...]

Online funeral service makes its mark on social media


Just when you think that the use of social media has expanded into as many fields as possible, another innovative use of it comes to light. We have recently told for example, of the fire service in the U.S. that tweets from the scene of a blaze while the fire is being fought, and only yesterday we … [Read more...]

Follow UK visit of Pope Benedict XVI on Twitter and CrowdMap


Today, Thursday September 16, saw Pope Benedict XVI arrive in the U.K. for a 4-day state visit. He was greeted in Edinburgh this morning by thousands of eager followers eager for a glimpse as he passed by in the Popemobile. The Pope also met with the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh and during the … [Read more...]

General Election 2010: Second leaders’ debate – How did it go?


Tonight saw the second live televised leaders’ debate for the General Election 2010, broadcast on Sky News, and what a debate it was, a far better all around experience than the previous leaders’ debate last week. It all looked better from the off as the set was far less distracting than last … [Read more...]

Leaders TV debate: Online, Twitter & Facebook – first reactions


The Internet, including Twitter and Facebook, was certainly agog with anticipation of the first live televised leader’s debate this evening, in the run up to the General Election 2010. Before it started being broadcast on ITV, the ITV online site devoted to the programme was buzzing with people … [Read more...]