Notion Ink Adam 2: Intended For December Revelation


Tablet PCs are one of the most fashionable technology mobile devices that you can get at the moment. They are pretty much a combination of smartphones and laptops and have tried to take the good points from both to make a new device. We are now hearing of a new one and it’s the Notion Ink Adam 2 … [Read more...]

Notion Ink Adam Shipment Delays: Was Your Touchscreen Affected?


Some might say that the introduction of the new Notion Ink Adam tablet from start-up Notion Ink, has been tainted with bad luck from the beginning. The device which we have brought you news on throughout this month, is receiving more than its fair share of problems, such as initial delays due to … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him: Ideas for 2011


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Notion Ink Adam Update Problems: What about you?


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Notion Ink Adam vs iPad 2: Which is better?


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Notion Ink Adam Unboxing: A treat in store


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Notion Ink Adam Release: Shipping starts now


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Notion Ink Adam Pre-Order Outrage Over Matte Glass Finish


Since the CES 2011, the Notion Ink Adam has been making a lot of headlines about how good it is to the point where even pre-ordering has become difficult. It all sounds a bit too good to be true with this device. It has a decent spec, was marketed with a non scratch, matte glass finish… but that’s … [Read more...]

Notion Ink Adam Release: Now shipping midweek


Here at OSM we’ve been following the development of the Notion Ink Adam tablet, the evolutionary device from start-up, Notion Ink. It has been interesting to follow its progress and we’ve been impressed with everything we’ve seen about it so far. We ranked it in our 5 of the best tablets from CES … [Read more...]

Notion Ink Adam Release Delay: A little more patience please


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Notion Ink Adam Release: Slight delay for much-awaited tablet?


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Top new tablets: CES 2011 – Five of the best


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Motorola Xoom vs Notion Ink Adam: Two of the Best


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Notion Ink Adam: Could mystery feature be a radio?


News from CES 2011 continues to flood in and one of the products receiving rave reviews is the Notion Ink Adam tablet, the enigmatic device that has now finally been seen in the open. Yesterday we brought you news of a hands-on preview and it certainly seems impressive and now we have news about a … [Read more...]