Barnes & Noble new Nook tablet, second to iPad?


You may remember we reported before about a special announcement via invitation, that was put out to various groups in which Barnes & Noble were to be showing off a new device. We suspected that it would be an updated version of their Nook tablet e-Reader and we were not wrong. … [Read more...]

NOOK eReader Promotion: “Back To School” Freebies


Since the tail end of last year devices such as smartphones, tablets and the introduction of eReaders have all been prominent on retailer shelves. Although not emphasized quite as much as the first 2 devices, eReaders since the arrival of the Amazon Kindle have been gaining much interest. … [Read more...]

Kobo eReader Touch Specs: Kindle & Nook Victory?


As with tablets and smartphones, the list of eReaders is continually growing. Firstly we were given the Amazon Kindle to play with, then the Barnes & Noble Nook, just last week a new ViewSonic ViewBook 730 got announced and today feast your eyes on a new device from Kobo. … [Read more...]

Kindle vs Nook: Battery Life Made Known, Winner?


Here at OSM we cover a wide range of devices within the tech world. Be it a smartphone, tablet, TV, Blu-Ray player, laptop, the latest headphones and so on. But although we have covered on numerous occasions, the electronic reader such as the Amazon Kindle or Barnes and Noble Nook, do they really … [Read more...]

Amazon Fight Back At B&N With 3G Kindle For $164


The world of the eReader is certainly heating up and becoming more competitive, only yesterday we reported that Barnes & Noble are releasing their newly updated e-ink device in June with a very respectable price tag that was looking to wipe the floor with Amazon. That would have been first blow … [Read more...]

New NOOK E-Ink Touchscreen: B&N Wiping The Floor With Amazon


When you look around at the tablet PC market and the functionality that is becoming available you have to just double check and think about what your target audience wants. One of the things that many people use them for because of their light weight and impressive durability is reading books and … [Read more...]

NOOK Color: Get Yours For $199 From eBay


The NOOK Color has become one of the most popular devices around, we have seen that they can be hacked too as they have been sighted running Android Honeycomb 3.0 and overclocked to 1.1GHz. We have also seen a recent update, which featured the pinch and zoom functionality … [Read more...]

Nook 2 E-Reader From Barnes & Noble: On It’s Way?


While Barnes and Noble have been in the spotlight over their Nook e-readers potential explosions issue, you would think that the manufacturer had enough on its plate without placing more pressure upon themselves. … [Read more...]

Barnes & Noble: NOOK’s eReader – Good Sales Continue


The holiday season has been brilliant for pretty much all of the eReaders. Previously we heard that Amazon’s Kindle 3 is the top selling item on, well now it seems that Barnes & Noble don’t want to be forgotten … [Read more...]

Amazon Kindle Covers Refunded After Problems


Released at the end of August 2010, the e-book reader from Amazon the “Kindle,” has positioned itself at the top of its game alongside Barnes & Noble's “Nook.” Allowing you to shop, browse and download e-books, newspapers and magazines, the portable reader is definitely a must have! But, today … [Read more...]

Rooted Nook Color Running Angry Birds


So far we have brought you a review of the Nook vs. Kindle where we looked at the specs of the devices, we also brought you the e-reader guide which featured the Kindle, Nook, iPad and a few others. Now we are bringing you the news that Angry Birds is available on the Nook Color … [Read more...]

Nook 3G / Wi-Fi Update Live: List Of New Features


Previously we brought you the Nook vs. Kindle where we looked at and compared their specs, well now we are bringing you a list of all of its new features due to their recent firmware update. It also seems to me as though Barnes and Noble are aiming towards a more Android approach … [Read more...]

Black Friday 2010 eReader Deals: Sony / Barnes & Noble


With just a few more days left until “Black Friday 2010,” it's a good time to have a really good think about what you are expecting to buy with your money, which store(s) you are considering visiting and finding out their opening times. Getting there early will give you more chance of getting those … [Read more...]

Nook vs. Kindle: Review Looks At Specs


Are you thinking of buying an ebook? Why not have a look at some of the specs of the Nook and Kindle models including the new Nook Color. As you all know ebooks are quickly taking off and are becoming more and more popular. Amazon got the drop on Barnes and Noble but now it looks like the tables … [Read more...]

Barnes & Noble to launch a new NOOK? Special event will tell


Book selling chain Barnes & Noble has announced they are holding a special event on October 26th, and with exclusive invites going around we are all wondering what they could possibly be going to unveil. A new NOOK is the most likely and expected possibility. … [Read more...]