Michael Jackson 2 Year Anniversary: Viral Videos To Remember


Its hard to believe that the King of Pop “Michael Jackson,” passed away two years ago. For many fans, they will always remember the time and place of when they first heard of the superstar's death. As well as TV and radio channels broadcasting the news, social networking sites such as Facebook, … [Read more...]

Michael Jackson Facebook Page Premieres Behind the Mask Video


More and more celebrities are using sites such as Twitter and Facebook for promotion and marketing, with stars such as Lady Gaga and Britney Spears being prolific users. However it now seems that even celebrities that are deceased are being represented on social media sites. Michael Jackson’s … [Read more...]

YouTube Michael Jackson Impersonator: Taxi Driver Goes Viral?


Video sharing site YouTube has become one of the most popular forms of uploading, sharing out and viewing videos. Set up in 2005 in California, it enables the user to look back at perhaps TV or movies, music videos and an individuals home footage. Companies can at times embrace the site as a way … [Read more...]

Michael Jackson New Album “Leaked” On Internet


Ever since Michael Jackson passed away last year, he has still remained in our hearts, and his music is still as popular as ever. In fact a new generation including that of my own children are listening to his famous tracks. … [Read more...]

Twitter’s “Randy Jackson” Talks Of Brother Michael Via Fan Qs


Twitter one of the fastest growing social networking sites, is home to a list of celebrity names including that of Michael Jackson's younger brother Randy. The site gives it's subscribers the chance to use 140 character tweets (messages), announce news, or just hit back at bad media press. … [Read more...]

Teen Joined By 50 Cent In YouTube Viral Video


You may not have heard of Keenan Cahill, and to be honest the chances are that without YouTube you would have never heard of him at all. But parentdish reports, thanks to over 30 million hits the 15-year-old from the windy city has become world famous. … [Read more...]

Facebook Fans: Michael Jackson approaches 20 million


Pop legend Michael Jackson is still very much in people's hearts and minds as he gets closer and closer to reaching 20 million subscribers on his Facebook fan page. The page was set up as a tribute to the performer, after his shock death last year. Since then many fans and organizations have used … [Read more...]