Apple EFI Firmware update: iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook Air and Pro


As always with the Cali company Apple, their need to improve and fix issues results in a multitude of firmware updates. The latest is that of an EFI firmware update that is recommended for users of iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook Air and Pro models. … [Read more...]

New MacBook Pros today with improved hardware


Just a few days ago, our very own Peter Chubb here at OSM, was keen to bring you news in relation to the new MacBook Pro line up with possible design, processor and of course price. At the time we could only speculate with a handful of rumors, but today we can now bring you more concrete … [Read more...]

Differences for new MacBook Pro: Price, design and processor

Staying the same, new MacBook Pro price and design

It’s understandable to believe that Apple will be releasing a new MacBook Pro as early as next week due to the fact that stocks are now constrained. However, we are still uncertain as to what the differences will be to this late 2011 update. Well, we might have a little insight for you on its price, … [Read more...]

MacBook Pro Lineup Replacement In The Air


Laptops offer power and function with portable practicality, for those that work on the way to the office, or those that just cannot offer the space that a desktop needs, laptops are the answer. But where do you start if you are in the market for a portable PC device? If its performance and screen … [Read more...]

Apple Thunderbolt Display for MacBook Pro & Air: Specs & Price


If you’re an enthusiast of Apple products it’s an exciting day as we have recently heard of the official release of Mac OS X Lion and the refreshed MacBook Air. On top of that news that everybody was waiting for, Apple has also detailed a new 27-inch Thunderbolt Display for use with MacBook Pro and … [Read more...]

MacBook Air Models Listed Cheaper: Will You Wait For New?


As always with Apple we are subject to rumor and speculation when waiting for the latest offerings. For a while now we have waited for the new re-fresh of the Cali company’s MacBook Air range, which was rumored to be within the next few days. All we know at the moment is that this release is … [Read more...]

Thunderbolt Macs Get New Update: Apple Release Own Cable


Good news today for owners of the Apple Mac range which include the new Thunderbolt I/O technology. A new firmware update requires OX X 10.6.8 is now available on devices such as the new MacBook Pro line-up as well as the new bigger iMac models. … [Read more...]

Apple MacBooks Top Best Laptop Rankings: Consumer Reports


At OSM we’ve made no secret of our enthusiasm for Apple’s MacBooks and only recently have given some news about the new MacBook Air 2011 refresh and also details of a firmware update for the MacBook Pro. Now it seems that we have been joined in our enthusiasm for MacBooks by Consumer Reports who … [Read more...]

Dell New XPS 15z Laptop Official: MacBook Pro Similarities


For a while now if you were in the market for an ultra-slim laptop/notebook then Apple pretty much had the bases covered. But after an underground stirring from Dell and the main man himself Michael Dell, it seems that there is a new kid on the block. … [Read more...]

Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air: Better For Money?


For many of you, no doubt the decision to purchase a laptop can be a difficult one to make. With so many to choose from on the current market, a large proportion of you end up with a MacBook from Apple. I have to say that being an Apple fan myself, I have the MacBook Air and Apple Mac and its a … [Read more...]

MacBook Pro Firmware Update v1.4 Available Now – Plus EFI


There’s no doubt that the refreshed Apple MacBook Pro, released in February, has been hugely popular, especially with the new Sandy Bridge processors and Thunderbolt ports, (now introduced on the just-refreshed iMac). The new MacBook Pros weren’t without issue though and now we have news of a … [Read more...]

All-New MacBook Pro Casing: Next Release Will Be “Milestone”


Since the Apple 2011 MacBook Pro refresh in February our attention has turned to the imminent refresh to the iMac line and also a possible upgrade on the way for the MacBook Air. We now have news though that there could be an all-new MacBook Pro casing coming and that the last update was incremental … [Read more...]

New Apple MacBook Air 2011 Specs: Pro-Like, What Do You Want?


We’ve been speculating a lot over the last month or so about the refreshed iMacs expected shortly, with features you’d like to see, what price you’d pay, and rumors of a release this month or in May. We hadn’t paid a lot of attention to the new MacBook Air for 2011 though and yet we realize they … [Read more...]

Apple MacBook Pro 2011 Charging Equals That Of iPad 2 Adapter


If you have ever charged your iPad via your MacBook Pro you may have noticed that the top up times are extended from that of the standard wall mounted charger. … [Read more...]

Mac OS X 10.6.7 Software Update Now: MacBook Pro Bug Fixer


Earlier today we told how many were reporting problems with their new Apple MacBook Pros, 15 and 17-inch versions. It seemed that some sort of firmware issue was causing freezing when using multiple programs. Now we have news of a software update, Mac OS X 10.6.7 that is hoped will sort out various … [Read more...]

Sony VAIO Docking, Chrome OS Notebooks: MacBook Pro Rivals


If you're in the market for a new notebook but are completely blown away with the current amount already out there, then sit down and chill out, as there are 2 new devices from Sony on the horizon. Although the 2 are currently not available to buy at the present time, they are tipped to launch … [Read more...]

MacBook Pro Upgrades RAM With The Help Of OWC Kit


This is a call to all you MacBook Pro users out there, if you’re in possession of the latest addition Pro and require just a bit more memory from your notebook then this could be the solution for you. … [Read more...]

Apple iPad 2: MacBook Pro & Air Affected By Magnet


An issue with Apple’s latest Mac range has been discovered involving the placement of magnets on certain areas of the laptop devices. This process has seen the units going into sleep mode when put into contact with a magnet. … [Read more...]

Review Roundup for New MacBook Pro 2011 – Verdicts Are In


Since the new MacBook Pro 2011 line was announced and released last week we’ve been bringing you details, many of them surrounding the new Thunderbolt (Light Peak technology). Yesterday we rounded up all of our latest stories about the MacBook Pros with news of features, insights and more and today … [Read more...]

MacBook Pro 2011 Roundup: News, Insight and Future


Here at OSM we closely followed the news and also the speculation leading up to the announcement and release of the new MacBook Pro line for 2011, which came last week. We’ve continued to provide details about the new MacBook Pros and thought our readers might be interested in a roundup of news, … [Read more...]

Intel Thunderbolt Peripherals – First ones on the way


After the release this week of the new MacBook Pro 2011 line we told of the new Intel Thunderbolt (Light Peak) technology, ports for which are included in every new MacBook Pro, and also wondered when we might see the first Thunderbolt peripherals. Now we have heard of some of the first devices … [Read more...]

Updated Apple Requirements For Running Windows 7 On New Macbook Pro


This week has been a really good one for Apple, with their latest release of the new MacBook Pro the company are setting hearts racing and tongues wagging, for those of you that like the hardware that is on offer from Mac but prefer the software of Microsoft you may already be aware of Boot Camp. … [Read more...]

New MacBook Pro 2011 Performance: Propelled to New Speeds


The new line of MacBook Pros for 2011 were simultaneously announced and released this week and most of us have been pretty impressed with what we’ve seen so far. Among the many articles we’ve already brought you were a look at a teardown, a hands-on experience and the full lineup and pricing. One … [Read more...]

Future MacBooks Could Have Hidden Touch Controls for Lids


The new MacBook Pro line for 2011 was only announced and released yesterday and we’ve already written many articles about this, including highlighting the new Light Peak (Thunderbolt) technology, FaceTime HD and also pricing. However, we’re already looking ahead to the next range as we have heard … [Read more...]

Apple MacBook Pro 2011: 15-inch Teardown Inside Look


The refreshed MacBook Pro line for 2011 was announced and released yesterday and it hasn’t taken very long at all for a teardown to take place and we have news of that for you today. We’ve written many articles on the new MacBook Pros already including a look at the FaceTime HD feature, pricing and … [Read more...]