October lunar eclipse updates via social media

October lunar eclipse updates via social media

The October lunar eclipse 2014 also known as Hunter’s Moon is going to be an epic sight early Wednesday morning, those watching will get to see the edge of the Earth’s shadow as it passes over the full moon. It has been said the lunar eclipse will happen around about 1:15 AM PT (4:15 AM ET), to … [Read more...]

Google Doodle Full First Lunar Eclipse: Where Will You Be?


One of our favorite subjects that we enjoy reporting on, has to be that of the special Google Doodles that frequently get put on Google's homepage. In the past it has varied from an individuals birthday, anniversary, special event and so on. But today its the turn of something pretty special, yep, … [Read more...]

Lunar Eclipse 2010: NASA web chats, Twitter updates, live video


Today an event will take place that interests many people and that is the lunar eclipse which will occur either late on December 20 or in the early hours of tomorrow depending on your time zone. This is the final lunar eclipse of 2010 and the first total eclipse for 2 years and if you’re in North … [Read more...]