LinkedIn’s possible strategy for 2013

LinkedIns possible strategy for 2013

We cannot deny how popular LinkedIn has become over the past 12 months because 2012 has been a fantastic year for the social network for professionals, but what would they have to do to secure that 2013 goes even better for them? LinkedIn is not perfect by a long shot, and we are sure that there are … [Read more...]

Windows LinkedIn app improves on features


LinkedIn seems to be offering more for Windows users with their latest phone app when compared to rivals Android and iPhone users with two new sections, Jobs and Companies. The former is ideal as you can search for jobs and then save them so you can have a closer look later, and the latter allows … [Read more...]

LinkedIn essential for jobs – success stories


When it comes to social networks they don't get much bigger than Facebook and their 800 million members, although some networks have a different role to play and show it's not always about the amount of members. LinkedIn is essential for professionals and especially when it comes to jobs, and with … [Read more...]

Free marketing advice from LinkedIn, ways to attend

Free marketing advice from LinkedIn, ways to attend

On Tuesday, October 18, 2011 LinkedIn will be holding a teleseminar with Eric Gruber to offer some free marketing advice. You will get to learn how business professionals can gain more from their online exposure by not only using standard PR tactics, but also using video marketing with a little help … [Read more...]

Social Media Recruiting & Job Searching: 89% of Companies Use


It’s no secret that in today’s social media savvy world, tasks such as job searching and recruiting employees have embraced social media tools. Although LinkedIn is probably the social networking site that most people think of as being associated with business, other sites such as Facebook, Twitter … [Read more...]

New LinkedIn iPhone & Android App: Your Thoughts?


These days as we all have smartphones there’s a real need for apps and that’s one of the main reasons behind the success of Apple in the early days and now Android. If Google Android didn’t have the app store behind it then we don’t think that all of the manufacturers would have been on board in the … [Read more...]

Could Google+ Surpass Both Twitter & LinkedIn Within A Year?


As we all know social networking and social media have both become two of the biggest things on the Internet, Facebook boasts the most users with well over 500 million, Twitter has a large chunk too with more than 200 million and now we have Google+. With that being the case, we were wondering of … [Read more...]

Apply With LinkedIn Button Launched: Making Job Hunting Easier


One of our favorite social media topics here on OSM is LinkedIn, the social networking site aimed at professionals. Back in June we told you of a new feature that was coming to LinkedIn, a job application button and today we can tell you the ‘Apply With LinkedIn’ button has now been launched. … [Read more...]

Google+ Network Demands: Nobody Has Time Claims But Do You?


The latest social network Google+, sometimes referred to as Google Plus, has had a big impact already with over 10 million users after only two weeks. However when the initial enthusiasm wears off will the demands of Google+ be too much? This seems to be the opinion of LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner who … [Read more...]

LinkedIn Infographic Shows Usage of Members


Here at OSM we often write about LinkedIn, the social networking site aimed at professionals. We recently told about a new job application button on LinkedIn, details of the LinkedIn IPO and also how it and other networks such as Facebook and Twitter were receiving record traffic. LinkedIn’s success … [Read more...]

Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn – Record Traffic: Ryan Giggs Helps


One thing that all of the big social networks enjoy is good traffic, after all that’s what keeps them going and makes people return to them. We have just learned that Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn enjoyed record traffic this month and Ryan Giggs helped them out with it … [Read more...]

LinkedIn Study Shows Men Are Savvier Networkers Than Women


Social business site LinkedIn has conducted a survey to determine who is better at networking, men or women? The results show that men are indeed better, with women proving more savvy in but a few other industries. … [Read more...]

Facebook & Twitter Accept Grandparents As Friends


When social networking sites such as the mighty Facebook first launched, predominately the market was aimed at college students, things are now changing in a big way. News in today is that there has been a massive increase in the number of grandparents accessing the sites. … [Read more...]

Groupon File For IPO: $750 Million Price Tag


Last week here at OSM we brought you news about Mark Zuckerberg declaring that Facebook was not quite ready to venture into an IPO, although this may have been a smart move for his company we have recently seen other companies like LinkedIn and Zynga take this plunge. … [Read more...]

LinkedIn Job Application Feature: Button for Websites


Here at OSM we often bring you news about LinkedIn, the social networking site aimed at professionals, recent examples being about its IPO, and also about user account security. Today’s LinkedIn story is about a new job application feature from the site, in the form of a button for websites. … [Read more...]

Morgan Stanley Join Social Media Race: Paving The Way


In the past we have covered how social media is now being used by many organisations including hospitals, the police force, charities, independent companies trying to promote their beloved brands and so on. Today joining the ever increasing number is that of financial advisers Morgan Stanley Smith … [Read more...]

Mark Zuckerberg Declares Facebook Not Ready For IPO


As social networking use is at an all time high you would think that it makes good sense for the companies behind them to start floating on the stock market, recently we brought you news on LinkedIn and Zynga, two companies that have recently decided to take this plunge. … [Read more...]

Zynga IPO Filing Imminent: Will Trump LinkedIn


We recently told how LinkedIn, the social network aimed at professionals, had undertaken its IPO (initial public offering) and was worth $8.9 billion after the first day of trading as a public company. Now it appears that social gaming specialist Zynga is also heading for an IPO and will certainly … [Read more...]

LinkedIn User Accounts: Security Hindered Due To Cookies


Sony's PlayStation Secure Network is now finally resuming, after hackers managed to tamper with its servers causing personal information such as credit card details to possibly fall into the wrong hands. Not only did it bring into question of how secure our information actually is, but what … [Read more...]

LinkedIn IPO $8.9 Billion Value: Twice Opening Price First Day


Back in January we told you that LinkedIn, the social network targeted at professionals, was heading for an initial public offering. We also recently told you about a LinkedIn infographic and that the milestone of 100 million users had been reached. The LinkedIn IPO has now taken place with a … [Read more...]

Demographics Of Social Media: Facebook & Twitter Included


When you are scouring your social networks including Facebook and Twitter do you ever wonder what the average person is sitting behind the keyboards is. No, we didn’t either until now but it’s pretty interesting so we thought we should share this information with all of you … [Read more...]

Social Network Traffic: Sites With Over 1 Million Visitors Daily


Obviously with OSM being a social media and tech site, we bring you a lot of articles about social networking, and only earlier today talked about Twitter as a social network. Social networking is hugely popular and still growing and we now have details of an infographic showing 29 social network … [Read more...]

Value of LinkedIn: Enviable Demographic


Only a few days ago we brought you the news of how LinkedIn, the popular social networking site aimed at professionals, had reached its 100 millionth user. We gave some details of an interesting infographic giving statistics about LinkedIn users and today we have detail of another infographic about … [Read more...]

LinkedIn Magic Milestone Reached: 100 Million Users


At OSM we frequently write about LinkedIn, the social networking site aimed at professionals, and recently included it in a pick of online career communities. The popular site has become so well-used that today we hear that LinkedIn has reached a magic milestone of 100 million users. … [Read more...]

Most Socially Networked Cities in US: Top and Bottom of 100


We’ve all noted the growing impact of social networking in everyday life but have you ever thought of just how many people are using it and where they are? If you have you may be interested to hear which city in the U.S. tops a list of socially networked cities and of course which city was at the … [Read more...]