Facebook’s privacy policy violation vs. EU laws

Facebook is down for Time Warner Cable users

Facebook is apparently not conforming in the right manner when it comes to its ‘privacy policy’, the latest news reports the social media giants are in violation of European law even thought they updated its privacy policy. As reported by the Guardian, the Belgian privacy commission has found … [Read more...]

Facebook stirs “Clares Law” safe dating


Online social networking site Facebook since its initial launch back in 2004, is now home to some 800 million users and the number is continually rising. Although the site provides a good communication tool between users and the outside world, it has and still comes with negative comments, the main … [Read more...]

Bad Facebook Pic? EU Privacy Law Lets You Bin It


If you are a Facebook user, then you will most probably have an embarrassing or dodgy picture from a drunk night out which a friend has uploaded and refused to delete. If so then you may be able to get rid of it once and for all. … [Read more...]

Twitter Libel Case: Local Politics Sees Former Mayor Fined


We’ve all heard of instances where people have said the wrong things on Twitter or Facebook and lived to regret it, but did you know that you could be open to libel charges for things you say on Twitter. Well that’s certainly the case and in Britain the first person to be fined for libel for … [Read more...]

Facebook Amber Alerts: Helping find abducted children


We have previously heard of Facebook being used to fight crime and if you live in the U.S. you will no doubt have heard of AMBER Alerts which give out messages about child abductions. Now there has been a new development as a partnership between the National Center for Missing and Exploited … [Read more...]

Bank of America cuts ties with WikiLeaks


Here at OSM we’ve been covering all the news about the WikiLeaks Cyberwar and just a few of our recent posts included removeable media now being banned by the U.S. Military, European Amazon sites going down thought to be connected with pro-WikiLeaks hackers, and most recently the fact that Julian … [Read more...]

The law to learn the ways of Facebook and Twitter


Police in the UK and Wales are all going to be given lessons on how to use social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, in order for them to spot criminal activity and combat cyber thieves. … [Read more...]

Ayodhya Verdict: Young spread peace on Twitter and Facebook


An important decision that many people in India were waiting for today was the Ayodhya verdict from the Allahabad High Court and that decision has now been reached. It involved a 64-acre area of Ayodhya, 350 miles from New Delhi, where the land had been disputed by both Muslims and Hindus and has … [Read more...]

Prop 8 Overturned: Kardashian, DeGeneres and Lambert tweets

Prop 8 Overturned- Kardashian, DeGeneres and Lambert tweets

Vaughn Walker will be one of the most popular Federal judge’s in the U.S. amongst the gay community, as he overturned Prop 8, this was what stopped same sex marriages. As you would imagine a number of celebrities have come out in force on Twitter to tweet their reactions. … [Read more...]

Facebook’s Blasphemous Content: Ministry to decide outcome

Facebook's Blasphemous Content- Ministry to decide outcome

Facebook has come under fire yet again, this time from an inter-ministerial committee in Pakistan, as there are still a number of ‘blasphemous content’ pages live on the website. The committee has been looking at a number of different options open to them to try and block the content. … [Read more...]

Divorce Case Evidence: Facebook profile used in court


Social networking such as the use of Twitter and Facebook may be a wonderful thing most of the time, it helps people communicate with the people they want to, brings people closer together and keeps you in touch with what’s going on in other people’s lives. That’s all well and good when your life … [Read more...]

Law Firm Social Media Marketing

Law Firm Social Media Marketing

Over the last few years, law firms have turned to online channels and social media as a way of marketing themselves. However, with such a shift in marketing, the cost of online advertising has unfortunately gone through the roof. As reported by Aaron Schoenberger at thebrainchildgroup.com, the … [Read more...]

Pakistan Facebook Ban: Injunction Ends

Pakistan Facebook Ban Injunction Ends

It looks like the people of Pakistan will now be able to start using the popular social networking site Facebook again, after an information technology official announced yesterday (Monday, 31st May) that Pakistan has now lifted its ban on using the social media service. As reported at … [Read more...]

Employers use Social Networking to check up on staff


So you’re at work, or of course at home, and occasionally (a lot,) using a social networking site such as Twitter or Facebook to keep on top of your social life but have you ever thought of the implications of doing so for your career, or the legal implications involved. … [Read more...]

New iPhone 4G, Gizmodo and bloggers as journalists


The saga of the Apple prototype iPhone 4G just continues to grow. For those of you who’ve missed it so far a brief summary is that the prototype was lost in a bar, and then bought by a parent company of the blog website Gizmodo, who published details and photos on the internet. Apple demanded the … [Read more...]

Law and Social Media: Think twice before you Tweet


We’ve come across an interesting article about how the use of social media will be an ever-growing presence in law cases over the next few years as it becomes more and more popular. We’ve certainly become aware of more cases recently involving the use of Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social … [Read more...]

Facebook teen sues mom for harrassment


Worrying news arrives for parents out there who may have kids or teens using Facebook, with reports that one teenage son from Arkensas is suing his own mother for hijacking his Facebook account. … [Read more...]

File Sharing Online: Spain talk legality


How do we know when file sharing is illegal? There are all kinds of complexities surrounding this issue and it’s become a bit of a minefield trying to get through it. Of course you may listen to a CD with a friend for example, but creating a backup copy, is that illegal and where exactly is the … [Read more...]