Xbox 720 carries on consoles 10 year reign


Break out the cake and candles, as Microsoft’s console king celebrates its 10th birthday, and what a journey its been for the main rival to Sony’s PlayStation. It was back in 2001 when the Nintendo 64 and PS2 had the gaming market in their pockets, this was all about to end though with Microsoft’s … [Read more...]

Star Wars Xbox 360 Bundle: R2-D2 Console To Cost £350


Gaming fans and Star Wars fans may just be in heaven looking at what is coming from a galaxy far far away. That's right an Xbox 360 kitted out to resemble everyone's favorite droid R2-D2. This special console comes in a bundle to celebrate the launch of the latest Star Wars game for Kinect, … [Read more...]

Manufacturers Claim Sony PS4 Coming 2012 With Kinect-Like Features


Since the E3 gaming event last month, the topic of Sony's future PlayStation 4 has been a popular talking point. We know that the PlayStation 3's successor is in development but we know little other than that. Some new whispers are now coming out of the rumour mill claiming that the PS4 will be … [Read more...]

Microsoft Kinect: The Power Of Voice Control Shown At E3 2011


For those of you who are proud Microsoft Xbox 360 and Kinect owners things are only getting better. The war of the consoles is certainly heating up as we have entered the major event in the gaming calendar, E3 2011 … [Read more...]

Google Gmail Motion: Not Just A Trick, Becomes True


With April Fool's Day now been and gone, one prank from Google that we reported on seems to have re-surfaced itself. As well as YouTube's 1911 viral videos that we gave you news on, was Google's Gmail prank which caught many of you out, with news that you could control your Gmail emails through … [Read more...]

Video Game Market: 3% Growth In February


Everybody knows that the video games market is massive and continually growing. We have recently been reporting on a few gaming input devices from the likes of Razer with the DeathAdder mouse and the Naga Epic as well as the Cyber Snipa Sonar 5.1 gaming headset … [Read more...]

Kinect Sensors & Games: Sales Surpass 10 Million


When it comes to the Kinect many people have been viewing it as a revolutionary gaming device that is innovative and cool. We have recently seen a few hacks coming through with it working with Apple products and we are expecting to see more since the SDK has been released … [Read more...]

Lenovo & Tobii Showcase “Eye Controlled” Laptop At CeBIT 2011


The CeBIT 2011 trade show in Germany has kicked off, and along with many new innovations to speak of, one of the devices to stand out amongst others is that of the laptop from Lenovo partnered with technology company Tobii. But we are not just talking about your bulk standard laptop, this pretty … [Read more...]

Kinect SDK Free Download Spring For Windows – Hackers Rejoice

Kinect-SDK-Free-Download-Spring-For -Windows-Hackers-Rejoice

When it comes to Microsoft Kinect, in recent times you would always associate it with gaming and Xbox 360. The device has been pretty popular and is perhaps one of the ways that gaming will continue to develop in the future … [Read more...]

Microsoft Xbox 360 and Kinect: Shortages looming


Most of us have probably heard of how popular the Microsoft Xbox 360 gaming console and its Kinect accessory was over the holiday season with Microsoft gaining huge sales of one of the latest must-have devices. … [Read more...]

Microsoft Reveals Avatar Kinect, Allows Virtual Online Conversations

Avatar Kinect video chat

Xbox 360 Kinect is Microsoft’s motion detecting camera, which allows users to play videogames without having to use any physical controller. Today at the Consumer Electronics Show Microsoft released a trailer showing off their new Avatar Kinect feature, which allows friends to chat in virtual chat … [Read more...]

CES 2011: Wavi Xtion-Asus’s Kinect Style PC


We have another treat for you here, that will be showcased at the 2011 consumer electronics show (CES) in the next few days. Asus's new gadget lets you operate your PC with motion controlled gestures in the same way that Microsoft does with their Kinect. … [Read more...]

Microsoft Kinect performance: Dashboard update possible


The Microsoft Xbox Kinect gaming system has hit huge success since its recent release despite somewhat mixed reviews and recently we posted on how in a recent holiday gifting trend report on electronic gifts for 2010 it was the third most popular gift behind the Amazon Kindle and the Apple iPad. We … [Read more...]

Gaming Sales Drop October, Xbox Outshines PS3 & Wii


As more and more people involve themselves in the world of gaming, over the last few years there has been a dramatic change in consoles, from your normal hand held controllers to the latest motion sensing Kinect systems. Gaming has reached out to all age groups from your hardcore shoot them up … [Read more...]

3D Xbox Kinect Camera: Mod


Not only has the 3D Xbox Kinect Camera already been hacked but now it has now been turned into a 3D video camera. How cool is that?! It makes you wonder what these people do for a living that they can hack into things so quickly, where do they find the time … [Read more...]

Black Friday 2010: Gaming Deals To Be Had


With Black Friday 2010 just around the corner and numerous activity on the internet including retailing ads, what we can be sure about this year is the popularity of gaming. In the last few years gaming has come a long way and now we can enjoy benefits from consoles such as Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii … [Read more...]

Kinect For Xbox 360 Review: Future Gaming Is Here


Some may remember back in the day, when a home computer console meant a large PC with a tape deck drive to load your games, I realise that there are a few saying tape deck? Obviously technology has moved on massively since then, firstly games consoles got smaller and faster with ever increasing … [Read more...]

Microsoft add more WP7 features and massive social changes to


You may have noticed some big changes to Microsoft's website today as they look to revamp themselves for the benefits of the Windows Phone 7, Kinect and social interaction. … [Read more...]

Kinect: Manual reveals potential distance problems


With Microsoft's Kinect fast approaching, a small document has been leaked today that may not make happy reading for potential buyers. The Kinect's instruction manual has revealed that the user must be standing at least 6 foot away from the sensor camera in order for the console to work. It gets … [Read more...]

Microsoft Set To Challenge Apple With Xbox Kinect Sales


Over the last few months, we have been reporting on the new Xbox Kinect console. The new “controller-free” device is set to change the way of gaming and entertainment. It is due for release on November 4 in North America and in Europe on November 10. Microsoft will be offering two bundle packages … [Read more...]

Playstation Move: First week reaction


Sony's Playstation Move has been out for about a week now and the reaction to the new gadget has been very positive. If you have not had the chance to give it a test run then you had better run round to your nearest friend's house and check it out! … [Read more...]

Xbox 360 Kinect: Bundle release date revealed


If you are eagerly awaiting the release of the Microsoft Kinect for the X Box 360 then we have some interesting news for you in regard to the bundle pack release. Mashable has made us aware that two bundle packs will be available on November 4th. This has been confirmed by Microsoft. … [Read more...]

Kinect for Xbox 360: How it works


Microsoft’s latest development for the Xbox 360, the “Kinect” is a controller free gaming and entertainment experience geared up for the Xbox 360 video gaming platform. It enables the user to control and interact with the 360 without the need to touch a games controller. It works on body … [Read more...]

E3 2010: Xbox 360 Slim Preview Teaser


There are all the usual rumors and speculation regarding the E3 games expo starting tomorrow June 15 running to June 17 and one of the main things that everybody seems to be talking about is the new Xbox 360 Slim. … [Read more...]