Kindle Fire: Review roundup


Amazon’s new 7-inch Kindle Fire tablet has stepped up a level from the company’s extremely popular Kindle e-Reader. With an official announcement just recently, Amazon have a lot to be proud about, but can they beat off rival competition from others including Barnes & Noble’s new Nook tablet. … [Read more...]

iPad 2 / Kindle rival: Barnes & Noble announce


We can hide from it but its still just round the corner, we are of course talking about Christmas. Just week’s away customers are starting to gather their ideas on what will make the perfect present. Tablet makers are fully aware that their devices will be high on everyone’s wish list and are … [Read more...]

Kindle Fire vs Galaxy Note: Considerations


The world of technology is forever changing and if the decision isn’t hard enough with what to choose, then another two devices are thrown into the mix, that of the Amazon Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy Note. … [Read more...]

Social Infographic: iPhone 4S, Kindle Fire and Facebook changes

Social Infographic- iPhone 4S, Kindle Fire and Facebook changes

Over the past few weeks there have been three things that have been of the most importance to you tech minded people, the first is the release of the iPhone 4S, then second is the announcement that Amazon is getting in on the tablet game with their new Kindle Fire and finally there are the changes … [Read more...]

Converting iPad Tablet Users: Amazon’s New Kindle Fire


With the likes of Apple taking charge of not only the tablet market but the tech news at the moment with its iPhone 5 release, it is increasingly hard for other manufacturers to get involved with their new devices. This has not stopped Amazon though, as we reported recently on its attempt at … [Read more...]