iTunes Connect down and unavailable July 29

iTunes Connect down and unavailable pic 2

Is there an iTunes Connect maintenance happing right now? This is a question being asked because when you visit the official website you will see that iTunes Connect is temporarily unavailable and offline. The simple message on the website simply says, “ITunes Connect is temporarily unavailable.” … [Read more...]

Apple confirms problems with iCloud Mail, iTunes and more

Apple confirms problems with iCloud Mail, iTunes and more

Apple’s services such as iTunes and iCloud down for most at the moment, it seems there are sporadic outages with no known cause of the problem. When we take a look at the Apple System Status page we can see three red triangles, which are the troubled areas. These include the App Store, iBook … [Read more...]

Apple iTunes, Support down with server temporary unavailable

Facebook Messenger is down on March 13 pic 3

Apple iTunes is down at the moment on March 11, 2015 with server temporary unavailable issues. Dependant on the country you are in you may see different messages. In the UK when users tried to access iTunes there were be prompted with the “The item you've requested is not currently available in … [Read more...]

iTunes is down and stopping download purchases

iTunes is down and stopping download purchases pic 1

iTunes is down for some users at the moment, with them unable to purchase anything. iTunes problems are occurring and some users are not able to download previous purchases, even after trying several times just in case it was a slow network or glitch. One iTunes users said over on Down Detector … [Read more...]

Music Exec: Limewire “Thieves” Were iTunes’ Biggest Customers


The death of Limewire broke many hearts of those who loved quick and free music downloads. The peer to peer site which saw millions of people uploading music and sharing it, was shut down last year after legal action from the music industry. The record labels, artists and retailers like iTunes … [Read more...]

US Spotify Lands Today: “Any Track, Anytime, Anywhere”


Up until now if you were talking music downloads then iTunes would be the place to go. As far as getting the latest tracks were concerned the Apple site boasts a hugely popular following and pretty much cornered the market. The Cali company had previously stated that its digital storefronts have … [Read more...]

Apple May Upgrade iTunes Movies To Full 1080p- HDTV To Follow?


With today's movies we always seek the best quality, this being High Definition as you know. At the moment, a majority are making do with 720p HD, but this can be taken to another level to give that extra bit of quality. Apple are one of the companies thinking of investing in the highest quality … [Read more...]

Apple Back to School 2011 Starts Thursday: Bit of a Letdown?


Back in May we gave readers some information of what might be available from this year’s Apple Back to School promotion but then a few days ago we received news that the promotion might not include the free iPods that everyone is used to and instead would offer iTunes gifts cards. Today’s news seems … [Read more...]

Apple Back to School 2011 Offers: Likely Launch Wednesday


Last month we gave readers some pre-news from Apple’s WWDC 2011 in which we discussed speculation about the annual Back to School Promotion and what offers there might be. We now have more details about Apple’s Back to School promotion and news that it may launch on Wednesday. … [Read more...]

YouTube Expands Its Movie Rental Service: Apple Rival


Viral video sharing site YouTube, has now announced that its movie rental service will now be expanded, giving users another 3,000 additional movie titles to rent. Beating off stiff competition from Apple's iTunes service, YouTube gave the news yesterday that they want to allow customers not just … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day 2011 iPhone & iPad Apps: Top Gift for Mom


This weekend sees Mother’s Day in the U.S and we know just how hard it can be to come up with the right gift idea for your Mom on her special day. We’ve already given you a selection of tech gift ideas but another great idea would be gifting your mom an Apple iPhone or iPad app. With this in mind … [Read more...]

Spotify’s Free Update Syncs Music Wirelessly On iPhone, iPod & Android- iTunes Killer?


iTunes beware! Another hot competitor has been thrown into the market to make things even more interesting. Music streaming service Spotify has launched an update which allows users to wirelessly sync their music with iPhones, iPods and Android devices. By the way, this can be done wirelessly … [Read more...]

YouTube Upgrade Services To Stream Movies- Should Apple Be Worried?


As if YouTube was not big enough, just days after breaking their live streaming record from the Royal Wedding they are set to get even bigger. The world's largest video sharing site is set to introduce movie streaming after striking deals with major Hollywood studios like Warner Brothers, Universal … [Read more...]

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 2 Trailer: Hits YouTube & iTunes


This July sees the release of the very final installment in the Harry Potter saga, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. We have news for you today that the trailer for the movie is now available and has hit YouTube and iTunes. … [Read more...]

Apple Plans To Bring Wireless Syncing To iTunes


We have seen plenty of fantastic technology from Apple over the past few years, now Steve Jobs is looking to push it further by eliminating the need for wires in a majority of their products. This starts with wireless syncing on iTunes. … [Read more...]

Amazon Appstore for Android Launch Soon: March 22?


It seems that the Amazon Appstore is about to launch with reports giving a date of Tuesday, March 22. We first heard about the Amazon app store for the Android platform back in September and it will have similarities to Apple’s iTunes Store as apps will be approved by Amazon reviewers, whereas the … [Read more...]

Gaga’s New Video A Week On: 12 Million YouTube Hits


We brought you the news last week that Lady Gaga's new hit "Born This Way" had made its exclusive debut on Vevo. The song did not have a video for a month, and the audio video itself had a staggering 26 million hits. One week on and the full music video already has 12.6 million views! If you … [Read more...]

Apple Set To Increase Their Music Quality- Worth It?


Those high quality tracks you download from iTunes could be set to get higher, as Apple are reportedly in talks with record labels to increase the quality of the songs that are sold. … [Read more...]

iTunes Goes Gaga: Fastest Ever To 1 Million Downloads


It looks like Gaga is most certainly on the right track, as she has just broken yet another record which just happens to be having the fastest ever single to reach 1 million downloads on iTunes. … [Read more...]

Apple “nobody does it better” iPad: Do we really need a next-generation?


Edging towards the end of 2010, the internet became rife with rumors surrounding a next-generation iPad. Subsequently since then, suggestions have been made as to what it will look like, changes in specifications such as the add on of a camera, screen size, carbon fibre body, the possible … [Read more...]

Connect With Your Favorite Music Bands Via Twitters “TweetLouder” App


Do you enjoy listening to music, and wish you had more time on your hands to connect with your favorite individual musicians or even bands? Are you a Twitter user, but really do not want the hassle of sifting through pages on the site to find information about what their doing and where their … [Read more...]

My Virtual Girlfriend Apple App Guarantees You A Date


So as another Valentine's Day passes us by, for some the most romantic day of the year brings the warmth and happiness that only a special someone can bring. Unfortunately for others it is a stark reminder that you really need to get out there and find somebody to share things with. … [Read more...]

iPhone Confession App: Catholic Church approved but price to pay


Not long ago we heard about church services in 3D and also the Pope has recently spoken about the digital age, and now it seems the church is continuing to move with the times. As the well-known saying goes, “there’s an app for that” and we haven’t thought of many things up until now that are not … [Read more...]

iPhone 4 Verizon: Must-Have Apps Best of the Best


With an official release date of the 10 February and pre-orders already underway for the iPhone 4 Verizon, as well as thinking about what accessories you will be purchasing to stand out from the crowd, it may be the time to think about what apps you're going to download onto your handset. … [Read more...]

iTunes 10.1.2 Update: Verizon iPhone CDMA Support


Once Apple’s iPhone 4 hits the shores of Verizon Island, iTunes will be ready and waiting for the much-anticipated big red Apple device. … [Read more...]