Sound quality improved with Logitech Mini Boombox


If you’re looking to improve the sound quality from your smartphone, tablet or even PC, then Logitech may have the answer with their introduction of the new Mini Boombox. Ok so it may not be pumping out the sounds and have a hefty price tag of Bose’s SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker, but for a … [Read more...]

UCLA Football for iPhone: Schedule and real time scores


Popular US American football, the UCLA couldn’t be easier to follow, with a new iPhone app to speak of. Let us introduce the new app straight from iTunes. … [Read more...]

3G iPhone 4S vs. 4G LTE Droid RAZR vs. Droid

3G iPhone 4S vs. 4G LTE Droid RAZR vs. Droid

There were three big events on yesterday; the first was for RIM and their BlackBerry platform, and second was Samsung and the announcement of their new Galaxy Nexus, which will be the first smartphone to run Ice Cream Sandwich. However, we are more interested in the final event, as Motorola finally … [Read more...]

Minus launches iPhone app, Chrome extension and Firefox addon

Minus launches iPhone app, Chrome extension and Firefox addon

From the moment that we start to learn, our parents teach us the importance of sharing, and for most of us we find that it can be fun, as we share with our friends and family what music we like or the stories that we can tell them. Now that you are grown up you find that there is even more to share, … [Read more...]

iPhone iMessage Update Answer For BlackBerry Business


The new iOS 5 OS from Apple finally became available yesterday, much to the delight of Apple fans that had been eagerly waiting for it to land. Although some had problems trying to download it when the time came, such as error messages showing up, long delays in finally getting it and so on, the … [Read more...]

iOS 5: Nine Features From List


Finally the news that everybody had been waiting for came through yesterday, the new iOS 5 OS could at last be downloaded. Benefiting Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod, the new iOS 5 software comes with over 200 new features to take advantage of. Such features include a new … [Read more...]

BlackBerry Slowly Recovers: Users Compensated?


Users of BlackBerry have had a pretty rough ride for the last four days with services such as BBM and receiving emails a persistent problem. With no real explanation to go on from Canadian company Research in Motion (RIM), users quite rightly so have been frustrated and angry, to a point that some … [Read more...]

Compensation: BlackBerry Users Form “Outage” Mutiny


Poor, Poor Research in Motion! The Canadian company have been experiencing more criticism today with yet another outage, having a detrimental effect on services provided to tens of millions of people. The first outage seen yesterday caused major problems for the service provider, with users … [Read more...]

Pure Genius Steve Jobs Passion For Apple: RIP


A sad sad day today, as news filters through of the death of a great legend in the world of technology. To some who have classed him as a genius and a visionary, Apple's former CEO Steve Jobs died yesterday October 5th 2011 after an ongoing battle with pancreatic cancer. The person who brought us … [Read more...]

New World iPhone 4S: Specs, Price, Release & Carriers


The scene was set at Apple's Town Hall auditorium within their campus, a slightly smaller location to that of their previous events at WWDC, with a starting time of 10.00 am US and 6 pm UK time. After months of the rumor mill spinning in overdrive, we now have some concrete information to go on. … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Must Shine: HTC Boss Slams Apple’s Uncool Mobiles


HTC has decided to thrown some mud in Apple's direction, mocking their hugely popular line of smartphones. The boss of HTC America, Martin Fichter, has branded the iPhone as a device that is "not cool any more", despite the 3GS and 4 being the best selling handsets in the US. With the iPhone 5 out … [Read more...]

Child ID App for Missing Children: FBI iPhone Help


Many of us connect all sorts of things with the FBI but I bet the term ‘iPhone app’ wouldn’t be the first thing that most of you thought of. However the FBI has now launched it’s first iPhone app and it’s a pretty important one as this app is aimed at helping to find missing children. This is a … [Read more...]

Apple Smash Q3 Earnings- 20 Million iPhones & 9 Million iPads


Apple have broken one of their own records again, this time in sales of their immensely popular goods. The technology titan recently published its figures for the third quarter, with sales of their iPhone and iPad being at an all time high. Apple has sold a staggering 20.34 million iPhones and … [Read more...]

Apple iPhone 5 Probabilities: 4G Feature, Carriers and Price


Regular OSM readers will know how many articles we’ve written about the iPhone 5 and take it from me, it’s a lot. Of course as the next iPhone, rumored for release in the fall, is still unconfirmed a lot of the current iPhone news is based on speculation and what we think we know so far. Today we … [Read more...]

Katango Automatically Organises Your Facebook Friends

Katango iPhone Application

The social networking game is afoot! For a while now Facebook and Twitter have been dominant, each taking up a different sector of the social networking market. Facebook has a walled garden approach, where you have to invite people to join your friends, whilst Twitter goes for the 140 character … [Read more...]

Open Championship 2011 iOS Golf App: iPhone, iPad & iPod touch


Golfing enthusiasts from around the world will be united this coming week with the Open Championship 2011 tournament, this time taking place at the Royal St. George’s Golf Club, Sandwich, England. The action begins in earnest on Thursday July 14 and will conclude on Sunday July 17 and we have news … [Read more...]

iPod Touch Could Be Updated To Offer Data Connectivity- MP3G?


Ever since the launch of the iPhone, the iPod has been left in the shadows as Apple's signature handheld product. When the iPad came along it was bumped further down the pecking order, with the others boasting a variety of features their MP3 counterpart did not. The iPod Touch and iPhone are … [Read more...]

Latest Apple Patent: New iPhone & iPad File Sharing Possible?


Don't you just hate it when you have a file on your iPhone and want to put it on your iPad? Maybe its the other way round, but either way it would be so great if you could easily drop the file from one device to another. Well this thought may become a reality as Apple has filed a patent that shows … [Read more...]

Apple To Patch iOS Security Hole Exploited By Jailbreakme 3.0

iOS 4.3 update

Yesterday we reported that the iPad had finally been Jailbroken, allowing users to simply visit the jailbreakme website on their iOS device to install the unofficial Cydia app store. We also saw that Apple has reached the milestone of 15 billion app downloads. Apple is certainly a big player in the … [Read more...] 3.0 Allows iPad Jailbreak


For those who are not familiar with the term, Jailbreaking means to break open the software allowing you to install programs or features which would otherwise not be available. When using a very closed system like iOS, Jailbreaking is very popular since it allows you to do things that you can’t do … [Read more...]

Galaxy S2 (S II) and iPhone 5 Absence: HTC Fill the Void


We’ve written many articles recently about the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II) smartphones and we know that many of our readers are waiting for these handsets. Now it seems that the absence so far of either of these anticipated handsets will benefit another major smartphone … [Read more...]

Galaxy S II (S2) Smashes Flagship Phone Sales Record Already


Expectations were high but Samsung must have been surprised when the figures started rolling in for their latest high-end smartphone, the Galaxy S2. As a successor to the already popular Galaxy S, the S2 had a large mountain to climb to match its predecessor. … [Read more...]

Pic3D Brings Glasses Free 3D Technology To Your iPhone For Only $25

3D screen for iPhone

When I say 3D and iPhone in the same sentence, you probably think that I’m discussing the iPhone 5. However, despite rumors about Apple’s next upcoming device, nothing has yet been confirmed about any sort of 3D display. That hasn’t stopped a company called Global Wave from creating a special screen … [Read more...]

Apple Makes Jailbreaking The iPhone Harder With iOS5

iOS5 hacking protection

A big part of the hacking community is the segment that deals with Jailbreaking devices. For those who are not aware of what this means, to jailbreak a device means to break open the operating system allowing you to bypass restrictions and install unofficial software. For a device that has a very … [Read more...]

Apple iPhone 5 Video Reveal…But Not What You’re Waiting For!


We’ve been bringing you news and speculation about the Apple iPhone 5 since the iPhone 4 release it seems and just in the last day we’ve posted articles about how two models could be released in September and also about different pricing levels for the next iPhone. Today’s news is a little more … [Read more...]