iPhone 4S battery joked, software update possible?


The Apple iPhone 4S and its battery-draining saga continues guys. Already reported by us here at OSM, it seems that many of you are still heading onto Apple forums to air your handset problem, along with feelings of disappointment and frustration. Despite Apple’s iPhone 4S pumping out another … [Read more...]

New UK iPhone 4S Details, Case Line-Up & AppleCare+


Following on from Apple's major event yesterday with an announcement of the new iPhone 4S, consumers many of which are avid Apple fans, are left disappointed with an iPhone 5 no show. There will be some that had already traded in their current iPhone 4 for a new handset, whilst others may choose to … [Read more...]

Exclusive Titanium iPhone 5 Cases: Brikk Feature


If like many you are waiting with high anticipation for Apple’s latest generation iPhone, then the chances are that you have already indulged your dreams with thoughts of accessories for your forthcoming device. And what is the first thing that we all think off when expecting the delivery of a shiny … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Imminent: Verizon’s iPhone 4 $120


The news is a little confusing presently in relation to Apple's new iPhone 5. The latest we heard about its arrival, is that a media event has been scheduled for October 4th which will be led by CEO Tim Cook with a possible appearance from main man Steve Jobs. Despite medical leave, many believe … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Release: Its Appearance Prompts Little Change?


As many of you are no doubt setting your sights on the new Apple iPhone 5, we wonder whether there will be some disappointments. With a barrage of rumors to sift through, its difficult to know what will make it to the new handset in terms of specs and differences in appearance and what will just be … [Read more...]

Study Shows Apple’s iPhone 5 Demand: Strongest Yet


The iPhone 5 has been one of the largest topics of discussion this year and will continue to be until it is launched. Once this happens, exactly how many people will buy one, how big is the demand for Apple's latest smartphone? Studies have taken place and the results show that demand for the … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Delivery: iPhone 4 Shipping Times Differ


Apple's forthcoming iPhone 5 is yet to release to the disappointment of many fans, but the latest is that it will arrive during next month. As with many new device arrivals, launch and release dates come and go and in the case of Motorola's new Droid Bionic, consumers have waited just over nine … [Read more...]

Police Say iPhone 5 Bar Loss Is A Hoax: Apple Publicity Stunt?


Reports flooded through yesterday that lighting had struck twice and an iPhone 5 prototype had been lost in a bar. The exact same thing happened in the run up to the iPhone 4 launch, where an Apple employee misplaced the treasure he was guarding. The smartphone was found and sold for $5000 to … [Read more...]

Low-cost iPhone 4 Special: Could Launch Alongside iPhone 5


As usual the Apple iPhone 5 continues to be the focus of a lot of tech attention and just in the last few days we’ve looked at price, component leaks, an infographic about the evolution of the iPhone and also the fact that it looks as though the iPhone 5 will support multiple networks in the U.S. … [Read more...]

iPhone Stock Diminishes At Telefonica: iPhone 5 Sept 12th?


There are no doubt plenty of you waiting to get your hands on the next generation iPhone from Apple. Over the last umpteen amount of months, we've brought you various articles in relation to the new iPhone 5, be it what the new device will look like, what it may be called, if the specs will differ … [Read more...]

iPhone 4 Prototype Finder & Seller Both Charged: Gizmodo Cleared


With non stop talk about the upcoming Apple iPhone 5, we thought we would try and give your mind a quick rest by switching your attention to another bit of Apple iPhone related news. Back in 2010 some of you may remember what many dubbed "iPhonegate", where a prototype of the then unreleased iPhone … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Inevitable: RadioShack iPhone 4 Price Dropping


At the present time, all our hopes are now edged on a September release for Apple's iPhone 5 handset. Although a date hasn't been etched out in stone, circling rumors have for sometime been pointing to this month, so all we can do, is to keep everything crossed. … [Read more...]

Target Slash iPhone 4 Prices As iPhone 5 Launch Draws Nearer

iPhone 4-Target-Slash

The mythical iPhone 5 has been a non ending topic of debate this year and it seems to be edging closer after movements by the companies that will carry it. Many expected to see the 5th generation iPhone back at the WWDC but were disappointed to find it was only based on software. iOS 5 will launch … [Read more...]

Verizon iPhone 4 Usage Rises To 32%: iPhone 5 To Do Better?


As many Apple fans are aware, the iPhone 4 has recently celebrated its first birthday, and for some mobile phone manufacturers they've had a job on their hands promoting their devices against the popular handset. Pointing to the month of September, it looks like we will be seeing the … [Read more...]

Galaxy S2 vs New Nokia N9: Battle Of Camera Imaging


Just yesterday reports came in that Nokia would in fact be releasing a new smartphone the “N9” with its MeeGo OS. Since the start of this year, we have seen many handsets arrive with others following closely behind. Ok, to some, the Finnish make may lack credibility compared to others from Apple … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Transformed Design, New August Release?


Apple's iPhone 5 is certainly grabbing the spotlight even though the handset hasn’t actually arrived yet. Rumors have been spiralling for some time now as to what it will look like, specs, its price and name, carriers and that all important question of release date. Even though the next gen iPhone … [Read more...]

Apple GSM iPhone 4 Now Unlocked for US: On Sale Today


Although most of the talk about iPhone’s lately has been about the release of the iPhone 5 there’s good news today for those who don’t want to wait but are interested in the iPhone 4. Today Apple has begun selling the iPhone 4 unlocked, the first time in the U.S that the company has sold unlocked … [Read more...]

Walmart Price Cut: iPhone 4 At $147, Sign Of iPhone 5?


In just a short while from now, we will finally get to hear that all important news from Steve Jobs and his company Apple as to what new software will be coming as well as news of an iPhone 5 release. This is something that Apple have categorically said is not going to happen, but it has still left … [Read more...]

AT&T iPhone 4 / 3GS Clearout: iPhone 5 On Way?


Tomorrow will see the start of WWDC 2011 in which Apple will be making new announcements. The end of last week brought us news that Steve Jobs will be present at the conference, as well as news that iOS 5, iCloud and Mac OX Lion will be showcased. But it still leaves a big question as to whether … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S2: 5 Desirable Additions


Choosing a new phone can be a confusing time, for some their minds will have already been made up, months before their contract is due to expire, but for others the choice can be baffling. Here at OSM we try to bring you the latest devices and comparisons to make the transition into new phone … [Read more...]

Apple iPhone 5 UK November Suggested Release: Waiting?


As a surge of rumors constantly surround the Apple iPhone 5 release and what it may or may not come with, it seems the interest is still rife. Many of our readers' comment regularly as to what they would like to see included, how much they would like to pay and so on. Since we first heard that … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S II (S2) Rival iPhone 4: £399 Deal


Since the start of January, many smartphones have been announced and are all trying to place themselves on the number one spot. Along with the popular iPhone 4, there have been others such as the HTC Thunderbolt, Motorola Atrix and so on, and with yet another big contender on the way, will this be … [Read more...]

Samsung Droid Charge Review: Galaxy S II Runner Up?


While Samsung's Galaxy S II tops the charts for the company’s most desirable handsets, you’d be foolish to forget other models in the Samsung stable that can almost match the S II. After the Galaxy's performance impressed the crowds, U.S. devotees will be hit with the reality that a long wait is … [Read more...]

HTC Thunderbolt Takes On iPhone 4 For Verizon’s Numero Uno?


If you’re in the market for a high-end smartphone, the chances are that two names will have sprung to mind. Firstly HTC and their Thunderbolt 4G, followed very closely by Apple's own iconic iPhone 4. If we are honest either of these devices will more likely tick all your boxes, but which one is … [Read more...]

White iPhone 4 Shortages Already? : 3 – 5 Days Shipping Time


We’ve been writing about the white iPhone 4 (or lack of it) for longer than we can remember but today after many delays, it finally goes on sale in retail stores and online. However if you want one, you may want to head out to a store pretty quickly. We’re wondering if there are white iPhone … [Read more...]