Sound quality improved with Logitech Mini Boombox


If you’re looking to improve the sound quality from your smartphone, tablet or even PC, then Logitech may have the answer with their introduction of the new Mini Boombox. Ok so it may not be pumping out the sounds and have a hefty price tag of Bose’s SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker, but for a … [Read more...]

Apple’s iPad school take over


The use of iPad tablets in schools is by no means a new concept, previously here at OSM, we’ve spoken about how the popular device is being introduced into the classroom for teachers and pupils alike. But what we found interesting is that of a recent survey which shows how the iPad slate is being … [Read more...]

Economist iOS 5 iPad app problems fixed with update

Economist iOS 5 iPad app problems fixed with update

All iOS publishers know that if they do not play ball with Apple’s terms there will be consequences, which we all know will see an update to mobile OS and your app being rendered useless. This is what has happened in iOS 5, so those that did not conform will now have to make a few changes and resend … [Read more...]

iOS 5: Nine Features From List


Finally the news that everybody had been waiting for came through yesterday, the new iOS 5 OS could at last be downloaded. Benefiting Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod, the new iOS 5 software comes with over 200 new features to take advantage of. Such features include a new … [Read more...]

Pure Genius Steve Jobs Passion For Apple: RIP


A sad sad day today, as news filters through of the death of a great legend in the world of technology. To some who have classed him as a genius and a visionary, Apple's former CEO Steve Jobs died yesterday October 5th 2011 after an ongoing battle with pancreatic cancer. The person who brought us … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Event Coupled With Facebook iPad App?


With an iPhone 5 event expected to take place on October 4th on Apple's own turf, we have yet more news to share with you today. The rumor mill has been set in motion, with news that Facebook will be introducing their new iPad app, along with a possible refreshed version of their existing iPhone … [Read more...]

Apple Cuts iPad Process: iPad 2 Tides Over For iPad 3


When Apple's iPad tablet released last year, it started the ball rolling for many other manufacturers. Since its arrival, the slate has been consumed by many users with other makes such as Samsung, Motorola, HTC, HP, BlackBerry and so on all trying to get a piece of the action. … [Read more...]

3G iPad 2 Heads to China and Hong Kong Opens Apple Store


Anyone will know that the Apple iPad has dominated the tablet market and the iPad 2 has been a huge success. More recently our thoughts have turned to the iPad 3 but news today concerns the iPad 2 3G version as it is now heading to China. We can also tell you that the first Apple retail store for … [Read more...]

Could The iPhone 6 Have Projector Integration? Apple Patent Clue


We know how much some of you love the Apple news and rumors and we have something very interesting to share with you now. We normally keep you informed with all the latest iPhone 5 news, but we thought we would skip ahead a bit and mention the futuristic iPhone 6. We have seen some patents that … [Read more...]

iPad & iPod Touch Get The Google+ App Treatment


As the Google+ bandwagon rolls on and on, it now brings an update to be accessible on more of your devices. The iPad and iPod touch are the latest gadgets to get Google's social circle treatment, adding to the iPhone and Android apps. Google's social network is still in the beta stage and now has … [Read more...]

Apple Smash Q3 Earnings- 20 Million iPhones & 9 Million iPads


Apple have broken one of their own records again, this time in sales of their immensely popular goods. The technology titan recently published its figures for the third quarter, with sales of their iPhone and iPad being at an all time high. Apple has sold a staggering 20.34 million iPhones and … [Read more...]

Apple Allows Pirated iOS Apps To Access Game Center

Game Centre Piracy

When it comes to iOS, Jailbreaking is a very cat and mouse sort of game. Hackers find a way to easily jailbreak Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and a few days later Apple releases a firmware update to block it. Whilst Jailbreaking your iOS device is technically legal in the US, piracy of … [Read more...]

Tablet Sales Down By 28%, Can This Market Survive?

Slate Tablet

Tablet computers have been around for years, however it wasn’t until Apple got into the market with the original iPad that it became a viable and successful market. We’ve seen plenty of competitors in the tablet marketplace since then, including the Motorola Xoom and the Huawei MediaPad. … [Read more...]

iPod Touch Could Be Updated To Offer Data Connectivity- MP3G?


Ever since the launch of the iPhone, the iPod has been left in the shadows as Apple's signature handheld product. When the iPad came along it was bumped further down the pecking order, with the others boasting a variety of features their MP3 counterpart did not. The iPod Touch and iPhone are … [Read more...]

Latest Apple Patent: New iPhone & iPad File Sharing Possible?


Don't you just hate it when you have a file on your iPhone and want to put it on your iPad? Maybe its the other way round, but either way it would be so great if you could easily drop the file from one device to another. Well this thought may become a reality as Apple has filed a patent that shows … [Read more...]

Apple Back To School Deals Attract Many Despite Skepticism


During the months of May and June, our very own Debbie gave you news surrounding Apple's Back to School promotion. At the time, as well as giving you news of when the promotion was due to commence, she made reference to past promotions, which have included free iPods when purchasing a new Mac. … [Read more...]

Apple To Patch iOS Security Hole Exploited By Jailbreakme 3.0

iOS 4.3 update

Yesterday we reported that the iPad had finally been Jailbroken, allowing users to simply visit the jailbreakme website on their iOS device to install the unofficial Cydia app store. We also saw that Apple has reached the milestone of 15 billion app downloads. Apple is certainly a big player in the … [Read more...] 3.0 Allows iPad Jailbreak


For those who are not familiar with the term, Jailbreaking means to break open the software allowing you to install programs or features which would otherwise not be available. When using a very closed system like iOS, Jailbreaking is very popular since it allows you to do things that you can’t do … [Read more...]

Pic3D Brings Glasses Free 3D Technology To Your iPhone For Only $25

3D screen for iPhone

When I say 3D and iPhone in the same sentence, you probably think that I’m discussing the iPhone 5. However, despite rumors about Apple’s next upcoming device, nothing has yet been confirmed about any sort of 3D display. That hasn’t stopped a company called Global Wave from creating a special screen … [Read more...]

Disney Comics App for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch: Hours of Fun


We often bring you news on mobile apps and today we have details of one that will please many parents out there. The Disney Comics App is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and should keep the kids happy and entertained for hours. … [Read more...]

HTC “Puccini” Honeycomb Tab To Be Unveiled June 27th


We have been covering plenty of news from the tablet market recently, such as Amazon's Android tab, Microsoft's Windows 8 tab and the Archos Arnova 7. We are now going to talk about HTC's next tablet PC which will succeed their Flyer model. … [Read more...]

iPad Owners: 33% Use Their Tablet In The Bathroom


Figures from a recent study show that here in the UK, we are mad about our iPads. We are willing to take them just about anywhere, with 1 in 3 of us even risking it in the bathroom. … [Read more...]

Apple WWDC 2011 News: Back To School Offers & iPad Discounts


There are many of us who are enthusiastic about Apple products but they’re not known as being cheap items. However, we have news that may interest you of this year’s back to school promotion, which we hear may be announced at the Apple WWDC 2011 and will have some pretty worthwhile offers. … [Read more...]

Kindle vs Nook: Battery Life Made Known, Winner?


Here at OSM we cover a wide range of devices within the tech world. Be it a smartphone, tablet, TV, Blu-Ray player, laptop, the latest headphones and so on. But although we have covered on numerous occasions, the electronic reader such as the Amazon Kindle or Barnes and Noble Nook, do they really … [Read more...]

Will Amazon Join The Tablet Market?


With business booming in the busy tablet market, word is going round that the e-commerce giant Amazon will soon be joining in. … [Read more...]