iOS 5.0.1 update, has your battery life improved?


When Apple’s new iPhone 4S smartphone officially released on October 14th, along with it, came the new iOS 5 OS. Despite it’s arrival offering over 200 new features to the user, it became apparent fairly quickly that many were experiencing low battery with the phone, along with other problems such … [Read more...]

Gmail app pulled after iOS issues


Poor Google and their new Gmail app! Just yesterday, the search engine had to pull the plug on its new launched app for Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The reason, Google as they said had “messed up” by launching a version that had subsequent problems. … [Read more...]

Score With New FIFA 12 On iOS, Out Now


Just a few more hours to go guys until the new footie game FIFA 12 releases itself in the UK. Already available to buy in the US, gamers here have been waiting patiently for its arrival. In the last two days, here at OSM, we've been keen to keep you updated with all the game's news, be it where … [Read more...]

Sprint iPhone 5 May Give Carrier a Fighting Chance


We have long talked about the likelihood of the Apple iPhone 5 coming to Sprint as well as Verizon and AT&T and this is now looking more likely by the day as we are hearing more and more leaked news. Just in the last day we’ve heard that Sprint employees are being declined leave at a certain … [Read more...]

Angry Birds Flinging Phenomenon: INFOGRAPHIC Shows


Here at Online Social Media, Angry Birds, the bird/pig flinging game is a hit for us and for some time we've brought you a variety of news be it, special editions, extra levels, plush toys and so on. Developed from Finnish computer game company “Rovio,” the very popular and addictive game is … [Read more...]

First iPhone 5 Image Shown: Clever Intrigue Surrounds Photo


If you’re waiting for the Apple iPhone 5 then you’re one of many and we’ve been detailing all the news and speculation as it comes in. Today we have news of an image that many will have been waiting for as we have long talked about an expected improved camera for the next iPhone and now we have what … [Read more...]

Apple iPad 3 Changed Battery Packs with Longer Service Life


It hardly seemed like any time had passed after the release of the Apple iPad 2 before attention was already being focused on the iPad 3. We’ve been keeping you informed with all the news and speculation and recently spoke about rumors of a Q1 2012 release and also the possibility that it will … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Reservations Pre- Release: Not Exactly Pre-Orders


As the Apple iPhone 5 draws closer to its release many people are waiting for any snippets of information as to when they may finally get their hands on it. Earlier today we told how Sprint could begin pre-sales of the next iPhone at the beginning of October, however since then we have had news … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Release Indication? Best Buy Installation October 21


Our enthusiasm for Apple iPhone 5 articles knows no bounds and that’s mainly because a lot of OSM readers want to hear all the latest developments about this upcoming smartphone. The one thing we’re asked about more than any other right now is a release date for the iPhone 5 but as yet that’s still … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Lost- Not Again! Plus Graphic Gets People Talking


As we approach the launch (hopefully) of the Apple iPhone 5 rumors and speculation step up and today we have details of an iPhone graphic that’s got people talking and almost unbelievably a story about an iPhone prototype lost in a bar…ring any bells? … [Read more...]

Sprint to Unveil iPhone 5 on October 7 Rumor? Strategy Event


The Apple iPhone 5 continues to dominate tech headlines and just in the last day or so we’ve heard about the possibility that it may have a smaller screen than expected and also asked if the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE edition could overshadow the launch of the next iPhone. Today we … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Could Have Smaller Screen Than Expected: Disappointed?


The nearer we get to a launch and subsequent release of the Apple iPhone 5, the more speculation and news we hear. Just in the last few days we’ve told of talk of the iPhone 5 coming to T-Mobile as well as Sprint and this morning gave details of the official Sprint line for employees about the … [Read more...]

Official Apple iPhone 5 Sprint Line: Internal Memo Reveals


Apple iPhone 5 news continues to dominate the tech pages and the closer we get to an official reveal the more news and speculation floods in. In the last week we told of reports that this time around the next iPhone will also be carried by Sprint and released in mid-October. Today we have further … [Read more...]

New iPod Touch Leaked Parts Suggest White Version On the Way


Earlier this month we reported on a speculated Apple event on September 7 in which the arrival of the new iPod touch is expected. Although there has still been no confirmation of the event date, today’s iPod touch news surrounds leaked parts purported to be from the next-gen iPod touch, which … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Cover Leaks & What About Hurricane Irene Launch Effects?


Apple iPhone 5 news and speculation continues to flood in despite the recent resignation of CEO Steve Jobs and just in the last few days we’ve had news that a T-Mobile iPhone 5 looks likely. Today though we have details of what is purported to be another leaked part of the next iPhone, the back … [Read more...]

Is iPhone 5 Headed to T-Mobile as Well as Sprint? New Reports


Following the sad news of the resignation of Steve Jobs from Apple and its possible impact on Apple stock, we want to turn out attention back to the next expected Apple product, the iPhone 5. Only yesterday we reported on the latest news that Sprint is also set to carry the iPhone 5 along with … [Read more...]

Low-cost iPhone 4 Special: Could Launch Alongside iPhone 5


As usual the Apple iPhone 5 continues to be the focus of a lot of tech attention and just in the last few days we’ve looked at price, component leaks, an infographic about the evolution of the iPhone and also the fact that it looks as though the iPhone 5 will support multiple networks in the U.S. … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Predicted Specs Infographic: Apple iPhone Road So Far


We’ve been constantly updating our readers with Apple iPhone 5 news and speculation and just in the last few days have talked about a reaffirmed potential release date, iPhone 5 price and more component leaks showing a battery of around the same power as the iPhone 4. Today we have news of an … [Read more...]

Apple Mac Product Suggestion: Absolutely Different & New Name


With the release of the refreshed MacBook Pro, iMac and MacBook Air already seen this year we were expecting attention on Apple products to remain focused on the iPad 3 and the upcoming iPhone 5 but today some suggestions of a new and radically different Apple Mac are being bandied around by various … [Read more...]

Yet More Apple iPhone 5 Parts Leaks: Battery Around Same Power


We’ve been keeping readers in the know with all the latest developments and speculation about the Apple iPhone 5. Recently we detailed some purported iPhone 5 components that showed up and today we have more iPhone 5 parts that have been leaked from the supply chain. If these parts are genuine it … [Read more...]

Apple iPad 3 Conjecture: 4G LTE Seems a Real Possibility


We’ve been endeavoring to keep readers informed about the latest Apple iPad 3 developments and speculation and a couple of days ago told how the likely release date is now not likely to be until the first quarter of 2012. Today we have heard some interesting speculation about the iPad 3, which … [Read more...]

Competitive iPhone 5 Price: Less Than Galaxy S II and Droid Bionic?


Talk of the Apple iPhone 5 is increasing even more as we get closer to a release date and one query we’ve had over the past months is what price it may be. Today we wanted to take another look at this as we reckon that a competitive iPhone 5 price looks like it could be less than that of the Samsung … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Release Affirmation: Fits with AT&T Data Changes


Despite the fact that there seems to be an almost never-ending stream of speculation at the moment about the Apple iPhone 5 we’ll continue to bring you all the latest developments as we know how many of our readers are interested in the next iPhone. Our news today is about iPhone 5 release … [Read more...]

iOS and Android OS Fight: Users Distinguished and Illustrated


Apple’s iOS and the Android operating systems are often the topic of debate about which is the most successful or popular platform and which devices are best, but it’s not very often that the differences between people who prefer one OS over the other are distinguished. Many are fiercely loyal to … [Read more...]

White iPhone 5 More Than Likely on Release: Components Show


Here at OSM we are constantly keeping readers updated with all the latest developments about the Apple iPhone 5 and recently gave you a roundup of iPhone 5 news and rumors. Today though we wanted to talk about the possibility of a White iPhone 5 as this was rather an issue for the iPhone 4. News … [Read more...]