iPhone 4S battery life: No one solution


Since the new iPhone 4S from Apple arrived on 14th October, users of the smartphone have been complaining of the handset’s poor battery life as well as overheating problems. Forums had been set up for consumers, which Apple has now acknowledged. Despite a new iOS 5 beta 5.0.1 version update being … [Read more...]

iOS 5.0.1 update: Imminent release


Apple have had a few problems to deal with as of late, one being that of Google’s new Gmail app on Apple devices and the fact that its been pulled due to subsequent problems, the other being that of the battery on the new iPhone 4S handset. Since the new smartphone arrived officially on the 14th … [Read more...]

Economist iOS 5 iPad app problems fixed with update

Economist iOS 5 iPad app problems fixed with update

All iOS publishers know that if they do not play ball with Apple’s terms there will be consequences, which we all know will see an update to mobile OS and your app being rendered useless. This is what has happened in iOS 5, so those that did not conform will now have to make a few changes and resend … [Read more...]

Real iOS 5 security flaw, iPad 2 vulnerability temporary fix

Real iOS 5 security flaw, iPad 2 vulnerability with a Smart Cover

Since the release of iOS 5 there has not been that many issues to report, but that’s not saying that there aren’t any. It seems that there is a security flaw with the iPad 2, but Apple’s Smart Cover is needed to recreate it. However, we will explain a temporary fix for you until a long-term solution … [Read more...]

Apple activates iTunes Match in iOS 5


Those of you waiting for news on the new iTunes Match service and when it will be available haven’t got too much longer to wait. Reports from some iOS 5 users have stated that the new iTunes Match option on the Music Section of their settings has become visible. … [Read more...]

Winterboard for iOS 5 plus themes video


The new iOS 5 has just over two hundred new features, which will help many iPhone 4 and 3GS users stay contented with their older iPhones, although for some people this is still not enough and they need to jailbreak the device to add the little extras. Winterboard for iOS 5 has now been made … [Read more...]

Update on Gevey SIM iOS 5 unlock


Every new operating system for the Apple iPhone turns out to be a welcomed update for the majority of users, although those that jailbreak their iPhone may like to wait a little longer than the rest. When the iOS 5 release date came and past, many jailbreakers waited for confirmation on what … [Read more...]

Twitter benefits most from iOS 5 release

Twitter benefits most from iOS 5 release

Love it or hate it iOS 5 has proved a huge success for Twitter since it was integrated into Apple’s latest mobile operating system for the iPhone. In the 6 days that it has been made available the amount in which Twitter has grown has been astounding. When it comes to using Twitter users love how … [Read more...]

iOS 5 satisfies until iPhone 5 release date


The choice of networks for the new iPhone 4S include Verizon and AT&T as with iPhone 4, although buyers now have the extra choice of Sprint but some questions do not change. The wait for iPhone 5 was longer than any iPhone before, and with 4S being the latest product from Apple, is this enough for … [Read more...]

Google Voice Crashing On iPhone, Removed From Store


Poor poor Apple, it was hoped that the new iOS 5 software update would be plain sailing, but since its official release last week, Apple are still experiencing problems. Before it arrived, it was safe to say that a huge amount of users were looking forward to it coming, with many obsessed with its … [Read more...]

Jubliant iPhone 4S Buyers: Any Teething Problems?


As Apple's new iPhone 4S officially hit retailers today in certain countries, with more benefiting on the 28th October, we were interested whether you, yourself had managed to bag the new device and what your initial feedback was. … [Read more...]

iOS 5: Nine Features From List


Finally the news that everybody had been waiting for came through yesterday, the new iOS 5 OS could at last be downloaded. Benefiting Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod, the new iOS 5 software comes with over 200 new features to take advantage of. Such features include a new … [Read more...]

Successfully Downloaded iOS 5? Infuriating Error 3200


Yesterday in Apple's history, one of the biggest releases was to take place, that of the new software iOS 5. Millions of you had been waiting, in fact near enough obsessed, to download the new OS with times set for the US and the UK. Bringing with it over 200 new features, the iOS 5 OS had been … [Read more...]

5 Things We Can Expect From Today’s Apple iPhone Event


Today is the big day millions have been waiting for, Apple's iPhone event! When a certain smartphone was absent at the Worldwide Developers Conference back in June, mobile fans worldwide were left let down. Instead of the mouth watering iPhone 5 many wanted we were given an insight into iCloud, … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Release: Twitter iOS 5 Events Direct To Date


Its a job in relation to Apple's new iPhone 5 rumors to not sound like a broken record. Months and months of speculation have gone by and the latest is that the fifth gen will be announced on October 4th at a special Apple media event hosted by CEO Tim Cook. Whether the event will definitely take … [Read more...]

Apple’s Social Network Gains Credibility With New HTML Code


The age of social media is upon us and Apple is looking to get further in on the act. Last year a patent was leaked showing a user interface which had all the makings of a social platform. Taking another look at it now, it features plenty of social jargon much of which is related to Twitter. … [Read more...]

5th Gen iPod Touch Delayed Because Of Slow iPhone 5 Launch


The iPhone 5 delay has not only frustrated iPhone fans but it has also probably frustrated iPod fans. Each year sees a new Apple media device hit shelves, normally being unveiled in early September. The iPhone does not normally clash with the iPod as it should have been unveiled at the WWDC in … [Read more...]

MacBook Air Models Listed Cheaper: Will You Wait For New?


As always with Apple we are subject to rumor and speculation when waiting for the latest offerings. For a while now we have waited for the new re-fresh of the Cali company’s MacBook Air range, which was rumored to be within the next few days. All we know at the moment is that this release is … [Read more...]

Apple To Patch iOS Security Hole Exploited By Jailbreakme 3.0

iOS 4.3 update

Yesterday we reported that the iPad had finally been Jailbroken, allowing users to simply visit the jailbreakme website on their iOS device to install the unofficial Cydia app store. We also saw that Apple has reached the milestone of 15 billion app downloads. Apple is certainly a big player in the … [Read more...]

iOS 5 Brings iPad 2 Controlled Gaming Via AirPlay Mirroring


You may have heard about Apple’s latest AirPlay Mirroring feature added on to their iOS 5, software, it was briefly mentioned at WWDC. If you haven’t then be prepared to be amazed, as this addition has got to be the latest must-have, and will no doubt boost the sales of Apple’s all conquering iPad 2 … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Release: iOS 5 Inclusion Needed, Android Victorious


Apple's iPhone 5 is of course still a huge talking point, despite its non-appearance at the recent WWDC event. The month of September is still reported to be the time when we will finally see the handset with rumor that the refreshed iPod will refrain from launching at the same time. As to what … [Read more...]

Apple iPhone 5 & iPad 3 Clues in Beta iOS 5: No iPod touch 5


Since the Apple WWDC keynote speech came and went on Monday and there was no unveiling of a new iPhone (as we expected), speculation about the next iPhone has stepped up even further. We have news today though about the Apple iPhone 5 and also the iPad 3 as it seems that the beta version of Apple’s … [Read more...]

Apple iOS 5 Jailbroken Before Release: Games to Come


We’ve been bringing you all the news from Apple’s WWDC 2011 and one of the things discussed in the keynote speech yesterday from Steve Jobs, was iOS 5. Now we hear that only a day after the new mobile operating system was made available to developers, it has already been jailbroken before it has … [Read more...]

WWDC 2011: iOS 5 Bringing Wireless Syncing


Apple announced earlier today at the WWDC 2011 that wireless syncing would finally be coming to their devices with iOS 5. This new feature will be known as "PC Free", providing over the air updates. … [Read more...]

WWDC 2011 Live Streaming: Failed Expectations But Wait


With many of us poised as to what will be announced at Apple's WWDC 2011 in just a few hours time, the question is where will you be watching the action? Yesterday we gave you news of some websites giving live blogs of the event, which will transpire with photos, live updates and so on. But its … [Read more...]