iOS 4.3.1 Update Released: Bugs Fixed – How’s Yours?


For Apple devices you will have been running the new iOS 4.3 which for some people has caused a few issues. One of them was that the battery was being drained ultra quickly but we solved this issue in a later article for your iPod, iPad and iPhones … [Read more...]

iPod, iPad & iPhone iOS 4.3 Update: Battery Issues Resolved


When it comes to the new iOS 4.3 there have been a lot of complaints about the reduction in battery life, you can check out an article by OSM’s Debbie Turner where she reports on the problem as well as asking all of you what other issues have been noticed and on what devices? … [Read more...]

iOS 4.3 Update: Battery Life Issues Reported- How about you?


The latest Apple software update, iOS 4.3, was released only a week or so ago and yet there seem to be a few issues with the new operating system. We have already reported on some graphics issues for the iPod touch 4th generation and now it seems some users are reporting a worsened battery life on … [Read more...]

Apple TV Flicker Problem: Software Rectification On The Way


A couple of days ago we reported on an issue batted around Apple’s support forum regarding flicker problems after downloading the latest software upgrade for Apple TV. … [Read more...]

IOS 4.3 Causes Graphic Problems On 4th-Gen iPod Touch


As many of you are already aware last week Apple released their latest software update in the form of IOS 4.3, until now there have been no reported problems with this update. … [Read more...]

Enabling Multitasking Gestures On iOS 4.3 On The iPad 2


We all know how Apple revolutionized the tablet PC market with the original iPad and now they are looking to capitalize on their success with the new Apple iPad 2. We followed the proceedings from the Apple event checking out all of the different things that were happening … [Read more...]

In-App Purchases Require Password On Apple IOS 4.3


With the launch of the iPad 2 a short while ago came the news of Apples new IOS 4.3, this OS was released a couple of days early and has already been downloaded by many people. It now appears that in this latest update the use of In-App purchases now requires a password. … [Read more...]

Its Official: iOS 4.3 Touches iPod, iPad, iPhone & Apple TV


When we reported on Apple’s event, Steve Jobs announced the arrival of their new iPad 2, he also brought forward the introduction of iOS 4.3. … [Read more...]

Apple iOS 4.3 Release Today Rumor: Due at 10am PT


We’ve been bringing you news of Apple’s next operating system, iOS 4.3, which we originally heard would be released on the same day as the much-anticipated iPad 2, on Friday March 11. We also told readers recently how the new OS had already been jailbroken. … [Read more...]

iOS 4.3: GM Jailbreak Available Already – Fast Work


When it comes to jailbreaking we were wondering who the first ones to unlock the iOS 4.3 would be? We didn't anticipate that it would be done so promptly. But low and behold the new iOS 4.3 has been jailbroken already which signals just how fast these guys work … [Read more...]

IOS 4.3 Now Official Release March 11th


With the release of the iPad 2 only a few hours ago the buzz around this latest device from Apple is raging strong, the one thing not to forget is although they have just launch their new device, at the same time they also announced that IOS 4.3 is now official and will be available on March 11th. … [Read more...]

Could IOS 4.3 Be Ready For Launch By Next Week?


After the previous news we brought you about the new Mac OS X Lion, we got to thinking whether any time soon we would see an update to the IOS platform. … [Read more...]

iOS 4.3 For iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad: Another Release Date


Apple needs to do something to start steering the attention away from Android since they unveiled Honeycomb 3.0 at the Google Event and what better way to deflect the interest away from your main competitor (other than releasing a new product) than to release the new iOS … [Read more...]

iOS 4.3 Release by February 13? : AT&T iPhone Hotspot Rumor


We have previously brought you some news on what features we might expect from the upcoming iOS 4.3 from Apple. Now we have heard some news/rumors that seem to imply that iOS 4.3 might just be here on, or by, February 13. … [Read more...]

iPad 2 Cameras: Digital Photography Expert Needed?


If you are a keen unemployed 'iOS Photography Software Engineer', then Apple may have just the job for you. A vacancy has been listed asking for such a position within the company's Cupertino base in California. … [Read more...]

Apple iPhone iOS 4.3 Gets True Multi-Touch & Multi-Tasking


We have been looking a little bit more closely at the iOS 4.3 beta 2 that has been released to developers as have many others. We have already reported on some addition functionality for the iPad, possible media streaming for the iPhone 5 and some possible camera effects that will be added … [Read more...]

iPhone 5: Possible Media Stream & MobileMe Connect Additions


With the increased hype building up for Apple's iPhone 5, and persistent rumors flying around the internet, it will come as no surprise to hear of yet another possible feature being added to the next generation phone. Here at OSM we are consistently keeping you up to date with the news, and just … [Read more...]

iOS 4.3 Beta 2: Additional Functions For iPad


So far we have reported on iOS 4.3 a couple of times but the updates have mainly been ones that concern the iPhone 4. Some of them include updated camera effects and the personal hotspot feature. Now we wanted to inform you of what looks like an update to the iPad … [Read more...]

iOS 4.3 Update: iPhone Camera Effects Added


We have previously reported on the features of the iOS 4.3 update including some of the features noted in the Beta release and also the personal hotspot views, but something else we have seen is the camera effects for the iPhone … [Read more...]

iOS 4.3 Beta: Released to Developers – Features and Video


It seems we waited an age for the official announcement of a Verizon iPhone from Apple but now it already seems an age away as we turn our attention to other things. Yesterday we reported on Apple’s iOS 4.3, and the news that it would bring personal hotspot capability to all iPhones and not just … [Read more...]

iPhone 4 iOS 4.3 Update Feature: Personal Hotspot


The excitement that followed yesterday’s official announcement of the Verizon iPhone 4 is beginning to die down already. We’ve already noted the dilemma that many people will have over whether to go for a phone which will only run on the 3G network, such as the Verizon iPhone, or whether people may … [Read more...]

iOS 4.3 Release Date: Possible Download Today


Following the recent operating system update, iOS 4.2.1, from Apple we then learned of the iOS 4.3 update and in an article told how a press conference was scheduled for today, December 9, with a possible release pegged for December 13. … [Read more...]

iOS 4.3 pegged for December 13


Hot-on-the-heels of Apple’s iOS 4.2.1 being released with has certainly pleased a lot of people, we already have some news on iOS 4.3 as it appears that Apple are concentrating on releasing the next updated operating system by the middle of December. … [Read more...]