Apple TV Flicker Problem: Software Rectification On The Way


A couple of days ago we reported on an issue batted around Apple’s support forum regarding flicker problems after downloading the latest software upgrade for Apple TV. … [Read more...]

iOS 4.2: Unlock The Power of ‘Find My iPhone’


Apple iPhones are so popular that no doubt many people reading this will have one and have probably already downloaded the latest operating system, iOS 4.2 (4.2.1). There are so many features to discover on an iPhone though that you may not have found all the really useful ones yet but we recently … [Read more...]

IOS 4.2 Finally Unifies iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch


Following on from yesterday's news, we can now celebrate the fact that all Apple devices be it, the iPhone, iPod Touch and of course the iPad will now benefit from iOS 4.2 updates. This puts them all on the same level running the same software. In the past particularly when we talk about the … [Read more...]

iOS 4.2 AirPrint: List of Supported Printers


As all of you Apple fans know the iOS 4.2 has been delivered. I have to say, I was beginning to doubt Apple but I was wrong. They have delivered the update as promised in November, next time though I want to know a date if it's going to be a month or two in advance. We did in fact inform you of the … [Read more...]

iOS 4.2 iPad With AirPlay: Minor Limitations


Ok guys, the iOS 4.2 update is officially available on the Apple website, to be directed click here. We have been reading though various articles on this, one that really caught my eye was regarding the limitations of the AirPlay … [Read more...]

iPad with iOS 4.2 Review: A Good Start


We are all eagerly awaiting the iOS 4.2 update, the gold master 4.2.1 has already been passed to developers. According to various sources and indeed our article by OSM’s very own Debbie Turner that the new 4.2 update will be available today at 1:00pm EST and 6:00pm GMT for the UK. The release … [Read more...]

iOS 4.2 Gets Free Find My iPhone / iPad

iOS 4.2 Gets Free Find My iPhone iPad

Earlier on today we finally brought the news that many Apple fans had been waiting for, confirmation of the much-anticipated release of the iOS 4.2 update. We’ve got more great news for you now, as it appears that Apple’s Find My iPhone/iPad service will now be free to use for those running iOS 4.2. … [Read more...]

iOS 4.2 Release: Download Time – PST, EST, GMT


Earlier today we brought you the news that a lot of you have been waiting for and reported that Apple’s iOS 4.2 may be released today, from a reliable source, following on from the release of the golden master 4.2.1. We also said we’d tell you if it was confirmed and now it’s official. Later today … [Read more...]

iOS 4.2 Release Update: Download Today Possible


We know just how many of you are waiting for news of the release of Apple’s iOS 4.2 and recently posted about its delay and the release of the latest golden master for developers’ iOS 4.2.1. However the news today is looking slightly brighter as reports have started to come out that it may in fact … [Read more...]

iOS 4.2 Release For iPad and EyeTV Satellite TV


We are all eagerly awaiting the iOS 4.2 update from Apple for the iPad but already we are seeing different things coming out that will be using the new iOS, this being one of them, are reporting that following the release you will be able to watch live TV on your iPad or iPhone. Now … [Read more...]

Verizon iPhone and iOS 4.2 Update: Wild Claims


Whilst reading through some of the recent news about the iOS 4.2 software update being slightly delayed I came across an article that particularly frustrated me. It was titled “Is the iOS 4.2 Delay Related to a Verizon iPhone?” … [Read more...]

iOS 4.2 iPhone Update: Apple iPad To Blame


Have you been waiting for the new iOS 4.2 update to be released? Well we have found you some reasons as to why it hasn’t come through yet. Alan Ng over at Product-Reviews has put together an article that has all of the details on it, head on over and have a full read of it by clicking here. So … [Read more...]

iOS 4.2: iPad Better For Business With Update


We previously brought you some news regarding the latest iPad iOS 4.2 “Gold Masters” where we were looking at some of the new and improved features of the iPad with the update, so with these features being mentioned will this make the iPad a better business tool and keep Apple’s developers on side? … [Read more...]

Verizon iPhone Running iOS 4.2: Convincing Image


The prospects of an Apple iPhone running on the Verizon network are getting stronger and stronger. We spoke to your before about various surveys being completed show that the demand is high for the device … [Read more...]

Apple Release iOS 4.2 “Gold Master” Available Today: iPad Benefits


Today great news has come through that will potentially help developers. It comes in a downloadable form of iOS 4.2 Gold Master. The new build will bring multitasking and UI features to all devices but particularly Apple's iPad tablet will enjoy the benefits. As well as this news, we can report … [Read more...]

iPad Introducing “Internet Tethering”


When the Apple iPad tablet was first introduced, people were delighted by the fantastic features. But the one thing it lacked was support for “Internet Tethering”. For users, it was made difficult to access the internet via their iPhone onto the iPad. … [Read more...]

iOS 4.2: Wireless printing for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone


The latest beta of Apple's iOS 4.2, which is expected to be released around November time, is coming with printer support and the new feature AirPrint. This enables wireless printing from the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone over Wi-Fi. According to reports from Mashable the first devices to support … [Read more...]