IBM’s vision of cloud service provider platform


You’ll find a lot of companies entered the cloud computing business in the last year, and expectations for growth in 2012 are massive. The biggest company to hit the headlines recently is Apple with their iCloud service, which launched with iPhone 4S and iOS 5. Over the next year companies from … [Read more...]

So you want to work in Social Media: Great employers to work for


Here at OSM we occasionally bring you some advice on careers and job seeking. Recent posts have included using Twitter to search for a job, and earlier today an article on using the business-orientated social networking site, LinkedIn, and avoiding buzzwords that employers feel are over-used on … [Read more...]

iPhone 4 Antennagate Update: Apple Executive Leaves


Recent news in, is that the senior vice president of Apple “Mark Papermaster” has left the company. At this stage it is not clear whether he left on his own accord. Speculation surrounds his departure in light of the recent iPhone 4 antenna problems that Apple have been experiencing for the last … [Read more...]

Social Media Analytics: IBM’s New Tool


An innovative new social media monitoring tool has been announced from IBM today with the idea being to analyze consumer sentiment from social media such as Twitter, websites, blogs and networks. The software is called, now wait for this, the SPSS Modeler data mining and text analytics workbench, a … [Read more...]