Britney Spears vs. Women’s Health photoshop

Britney Spears vs. Women's Health photoshop

Both Facebook and Twitter are going crazy with comments at the moment surrounding Britney Spears vs. Women's Health photoshop. Britney Spears is looking very beautiful on the front cover of the Women’s Health magazine, she is very slim indeed and social media users are saying the photos have … [Read more...]

Amber Vinson from Dallas contracts Ebola

Amber Vinson from Dallas contracts Ebola

Amber Vinson is the second person from Dallas to contract the Ebola Virus, and concerns are looming after she was on a flight from Cleveland to Dallas this week. She caught the flight the day before she reported any symptoms of Ebola. The CDC will be holding interviews with all 132 passengers … [Read more...]

Ebola cure email, social media scam

It’s about time we talked about Ebola

The Ebola virus is devastating lives and spreading, and it should be taken seriously. Of course millions are worried about contracting the virus and are looking for ways to help themselves getting it. Now comes the warning, so please read. There is a new email being sent out, which is also making … [Read more...]

Donald Trump Twitter barrage on Ebola virus

Donald Trump Twitter barrage on Ebola virus

Donald Trump is causing an outrage after a barrage of Tweets on Twitter over the Ebola Virus outbreak; the magnate posted a tweet saying the U.S should not allow people back if they are infected with Ebola. He also said those that decide to go far away to help others are great but they must also … [Read more...]

Creation Pinpoint for social media healthcare monitoring

Creation Pinpoint for social media healthcare monitoring

Many professions are using public social media, and when it comes to their professional lives nurses, pharmacists, doctors and many other healthcare professionals are using social media as a way of live online. This is where Creation Pinpoint for social media healthcare monitoring is fully shown in … [Read more...]

Smoking cessation efforts helped by social networking

Smoking cessation efforts helped by social networking

Quitting Smoking has to be one of the hardest things to do if you have been doing it for years; some decide to quit smoking by using chewing gum, patches, and electronic cigarettes. However, there could be a new way to bin the smoking habit by turning to social networking. A new study has … [Read more...]

Prancercise YouTube video gallops to viral status

Prancercise YouTube video gallops to viral status

Prancercise is a funny name in itself and some may say the fitness revolution has gone mad, call it what you may because it seems to be very popular indeed and so much so the Prancercise YouTube video has gone viral. The Prancercise video we have provided below was posted on Dec 25, 2012, but … [Read more...]

US Lady’s First Time Of Hearing: YouTube Captures


Viral video sharing site YouTube which launched back in 2005, attracts millions of visitors to its webpage every week. Music, favorite TV/movie clips, advertisements and so on can all be viewed in front of your very eyes and at times for those involved in the videos, it can or has already been an … [Read more...]

Childrens’ Technology Continous Use: Damaging Or Is It?


For many parents, it has now become acceptable that for their children, the involvement in the use of technology is part of everyday life. For us adults, we can remember a time when no such thing as a mobile phone or a tablet device, but these days, youngsters are equipped with both of these, the … [Read more...]

Facebook Saving Lives: 4-Year Old Diagnosed From Fatal Disease


Top of social networking sites is of course Facebook but we ask ourselves, for how much longer? Of course there's rival Twitter which has now celebrated some 200 million followers with an approximate 600,000 new sign-ups a day and the newest addition that of Google+. As many of you who currently … [Read more...]

Nurses & Midwives Could Pay The Price On Facebook


Social networking sites Facebook and Twitter are growing in popularity and are used by a huge number of individuals. Whereas before, both were used just for messaging friends and loved ones, now photos can be uploaded, shared and tagged, details of events can be forwarded onto you, brands can be … [Read more...]

How Twitter Can Help Your Fitness Regime


There will be a number of you that make up the 200 million or so active users on social networking site Twitter, who are hoping to get fit this year. Whether its because of a holiday booked and you want to show off your bronze, toned figure or you need to get in shape because of health reasons, … [Read more...]

Terry Pratchett’s Assisted Suicide View Causes Twitter Debate


In the past we have reported on social networking site Twitter and varying topics of discussion. Many have related to celebrities airing their grievances about a rival, sharing information with you about a forthcoming music album or event, paying tribute to a passing star and so on. But over the … [Read more...]

Cancer Teenager Alice Pyne’s Bucket List Makes Twitter Trends


Every now and then at OSM we hear a really inspiring story, such as the Korea’s Got Talent singer who has become a YouTube smash. Today we have a moving story for you about a girl with terminal cancer, Alice Pyne, who has shot to fame with her ‘bucket list’ and made Twitter’s trending topics. … [Read more...]

Social Media Awareness Campaign To Fight HIV / Aids


Some 30 years ago, the world was to hear of the HIV virus and Aids which if contracted would be life threatening. In time the news would highlight the spread of the deadly disease and how even to this present day, a cure is still yet to be found. … [Read more...]

iPad 2 Extreme Buying: Chinese Boy Sells Organ For One!


Still toying with the idea of purchasing an Apple iPad 2, or is there always something else getting in the way of you buying your ultimate device? We understand that when a product is released, there are a large number of people willing to queue up, even camp out for a night just to be the first in … [Read more...]

Japan Earthquake & Social Media: Life-Saving Made Easier


As the world looked on in sadness and complete disbelief when the earthquake and tsuanami hit the country of Japan, nobody at that time would have had any idea of what impact it would have left behind. At least 15,000 lost their lives with countless injured, nearly 10,000 missing with refuges … [Read more...]

Facebook Good For You? Depression Still On The Rise


Number one social networking site Facebook since 2004, has attracted some 600 million active users from January of this year, well that was the figure stated by wikipedia anyway. Mark Zuckerberg's site allows users on joining, to add friends and acquaintances to their expanding friends list, upload … [Read more...]

Sony Hit Back At Nintendo 3DS Health Concerns: Justified?


The saga between Nintendo's 3DS gaming console and its subsequent health concerns still continues, with the company hitting back that claims of the newly released device are causing headaches, eye problems and feelings of fatigue. … [Read more...]

Nintendo 3DS: Declined Refunds After Illness Reports


Nintendo's 3DS gaming console finally released on the 25th March in the UK and the 27th in America, and no doubt many of you are generally pleased about your device in question, but is this the case on a much bigger scale? Not so, if reports are anything to go by today. … [Read more...]

US Plastic Surgeons Engage With Customers Through Social Media


As more and more of us turn to the internet either for leisure or business purposes, social networking sites are now as popular as ever and the way in which they can and are being used is on the increase. Many businesses are now taking up the idea of social media to advertise and market their … [Read more...]

Facebook Depression: Parents Urged to be Aware


Although social networking can often be a wonderful thing and has many positive aspects, there’s no doubt that for some it can be a problem and we’ve told before how some people can become obsessed and how it can lead to eating problems. Now it seems a new term has been coined, ‘Facebook … [Read more...]

U.S. Hospital Undertakes Social Media In Bid To Raise Funds & Donors


For some time now, social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, YouTube and so on have been around and as user numbers increase, more individuals and companies are taking these very sites on to publicly make themselves known to the rest of the world. … [Read more...]

Steve Jobs Health Questioned: Rumored To Depart In Coming Weeks?


Just a few weeks back, we gave you news on Apple's CEO Steve Jobs and his subsequent “medical leave of absence.” According to reports, Mr Jobs who had been poorly for some time was advised to take time off from his iconic company and concentrate on his health. Shortly following on from this, … [Read more...]

Nintendo 3DS / 3D TV: Identifies Visual Disorders?


We’ve been bringing you news about the upcoming Nintendo 3DS and recent posts included one about leaked photos and video and then just a short time ago we told you more about the expected release date and how many units might be sold. We also told you previously about an advisory that had been … [Read more...]