Modern Warfare 3 Accessories: Turtle Beach Headsets To Start


A big talking point in the gaming world and also in terms of technology is the global trend of Call of Duty. This has been one of the most successful franchises that I personally have ever seen in the gaming world and would go as far as putting it right up there with Super Mario and Sonic. Now we … [Read more...]

The Pioneer SE-CL331 Headphones Are Water Resistant


In recent times we have reported on various different types of headphones that include the Pioneer HDJ-500T-K multi-function cans, the extreme noise cancelling buds and of course the Justin Bieber flavor Monster Beats … [Read more...]

Turtle Beach’s XP500 Cans: Wireless Xbox 360 Gaming


In recent times we have reported on various different types of headphones and headsets. Some of the models that we have looked at include Sony’s new official PlayStation 3 set, the red Beats by Dre and the Pioneer HDJ-500T-K multi-function headset. Today we have another set to talk to you about … [Read more...]

Mad Catz & Tritton Xbox 360 Wireless Headset Set For E3 2011


We have reported on a few different types of headphones recently including an official set from Sony for $99. We have also reported on a company called Mad Catz who has managed to gain exclusivity for Microsoft Xbox 360 wireless headsets which is something that was non-existent until now … [Read more...]

Official PlayStation 3 Cans: Price & Release Date


When you think of gaming and the best equipment that money can buy what do you think of? Perhaps products for PC gamers from Razer or maybe you look at some less well known ones if price is a consideration. What about when you are gaming on your Sony PlayStation 3 and you want the best sounds … [Read more...]

Wayne Rooney Has Red Beats By Dre: UK Version Comes In June


At OSM we have reported on a few different types of headphones that have been backed and marketed by some of the biggest stars from the rap and hip-hop scene. We have seen the Signeo headphones with Ludacris, the Justin Bieber flavored Monster Beats and also the Sleek new headset with 50 Cent … [Read more...]

50 Cent Sleek Headphones: Cancelled


At OSM we like to report on various different types of headphones and sounds systems. Some of the recent reports have seen the Pioneer HDJ-500T-K multi-function headphones, the new line of old school boombox from TDK and of course the Justin Bieber flavored Monster beats. Now we have something else … [Read more...]

Pioneer HDJ-500T-K: Multi-Function Headphones At A Decent Price


Different sound systems and headphones have become something that we at OSM like to bring you regularly. Some of the previous reports include the Justin Bieber Monster Beats headphones, a set of Pioneer headphones that cut out the noise, the zip ear buds that kick out tangling and of course the … [Read more...]

New Pioneer Headphones: Extreme Noise Cancelling At A Price


At OSM we have been keeping up with some of the new sets of headphones hitting the market, we have seen the new zip ear buds to try and beat tangled cables, the new AGK Kleer Bluetooth headphones and of course the new ones from Philips that are offering you ultra comfort … [Read more...]

Justin Bieber Flavor Monster Beats Headphones: Want Them?


At OSM we have talked to you a few times about different headphones in recent times. Some of the ones that we have reported on include the new Signeo ones being promoted by Ludacris, the zip ear buds that try to take tangles out of your life and of course the new Philips FloatingCushion … [Read more...]

Slimmer iPhone 5 Rumor : Shrinking Down Headphone Port


Now that the release of the iPad 2 has come and gone all focus has leapt onto the Apple iPhone 5 and we’ve already posted many articles with news and speculation about just what may be coming for the next-generation iPhone. The latest is that we may see a slimmer iPhone 5, and the way to do that? … [Read more...]

US Rap Star Ludacris Feels The Beat With New Signeo U.S Headphones


If like me you look towards sound quality over style when it comes to choosing your headphones, then ear buds just don’t always cut it. Up until recently I was ready to purchase a pair of Beats by Dre after trying them out at my local Apple Store. … [Read more...]

New Zip Ear Buds: A New Concept To Beat Tangles?


Don’t you just hate it when you have just finished listening to music on your MP3 player, iPhone or iPod Touch, and you put your headphones into your pocket when you know full well that they are going to come out all tangled and knotted? … [Read more...]

Razer Chimera 5.1 Headset: Price & Expected Release Date


When it comes to Razer products we at OSM have reported on a few in recent times, some of them include the DeathAdder mouse in black and also in a Dragon Age II style. We have also seen a few other devices such as the Razer Onza Xbox 360 controllers and the new StarCraft 2 Spectre gaming mouse … [Read more...]

AGK Kleer & Bluetooth Headphones: Your Thoughts?


Headphones are one of the things that we at OSM like to have a look at from time to time especially when there are new models making their way onto the scene. Some of the ones that we have reported on include the new 'Sleek' ones from 50 Cent that were shown at CES 2011 and also the new Philips … [Read more...]

Philips FloatingCushion Headphones: Offer Ultra Comfort


When it comes to a new set of headphones what do you look for? We look for a decent sound of course and perhaps more importantly if you use them a lot comfort. You wouldn’t want the best sounding headphones around if they were a pig to wear would you? … [Read more...]

i-Mego Retro Headphones: Classics, Heavy & Infinity Ready for UK


I don’t know about you but I like my music to play in the best quality that I can possibly afford, now granted that doesn’t mean the best quality money can buy but certainly better than a pair of £5.99 ear phones. … [Read more...]

Nox Audio: Android Based Headphones With Built In Screen


We at OSM have seen some pretty crazy things in our time, some of them include Chicken Cam, a cell phone deflecting a bullet, the man with the golden voice and of course an external hard drive being shot with an M16 and a shotgun … [Read more...]

Headphones for Call of Duty: Black Ops – impress your friends


Here at OSM we’ve been bringing you lots of news about the game set to be a smash hit next week when it’s released on November 9. I’m talking of course about Call of Duty: Black Ops and just some of the posts we’ve brought you have been about Twitter updates on the Zombie Mode, illegal copies … [Read more...]

Apple Monster Headphones “Not So Friendly”


Apple has recently reported to BGR that a large amount of complaints have been received about the supposed Apple-friendly Monster headphones. The fault with the headphones is said to be problematic during music playback from Apple devices. … [Read more...]

Awareness! App: Filtering outside noise in


There’s always lots of news surrounding new apps in the mobile world and recently we’ve told readers about the new Napster iOS app and earlier today the new Tecca app, for those interested in the latest gadgets and devices. Now this latest news I’m about to share with you is about a new app that … [Read more...]