Google TV Remote App for iOS – iPhone, iPod touch and iPad


If you’ve heard of Google TV, the Internet-connected TV platform that was launched last year, then you may very well have a Google TV-branded product. If so you may have heard of the Google TV Remote app that was released for Android devices, and we have news that the Google TV Remote app is now … [Read more...]

Google TV: A Few Reasons Why It’s Failing


Google TV in the initial stages showed great promise. It was built on an Android OS and looked to combine TV and Web to try and create a brand new marketing device. Unfortunately for Google, things haven’t quite worked out how they were supposed to. This was supposed to come and be an instant … [Read more...]

New Google TV devices delayed: Another setback


Last month we wrote an article wondering if Google TV had already hit problems when Google TV devices started to be discounted after such a short time. However the very next day we heard that new Google TV goods were on their way from Vizio and Toshiba and due to be launched at CES 2011 in January … [Read more...]

6 Internet Media Players to Consider


HD media players may not be as well published as they should be, quite a lot of the time if I'm talking to friends that aren’t that interested in home entertainment, they aren’t aware that these things even exist. This is a shame because the little devices have such a lot to offer, in streaming … [Read more...]

Vizio and Toshiba Google TV: CES 2011


It’s very odd that on a day when we’ve already posted an article wondering if Google TV has already hit problems, along comes news of more developments taking place to put it in a rather more positive light as both Toshiba and Vizio seem set to produce new Google TV goods. … [Read more...]

Problems for Google TV: A sad story


The Google TV platform was only launched in recent weeks but if current indications are anything to go by it could already have real problems, especially if you take into consideration that price cuts are already taking place from both Best Buy and Sony. … [Read more...]

Sony Blu-ray player With Google TV- Review Roundup


If you are looking to get a new Blu-ray player then we have a treat for you courtesy of Sony's top of the range model that comes with Google TV. … [Read more...]

New Sony Google TV: Features and images


With all of the talk being on 3D TV at the moment lets not forget about the HD 2D TVs that are still being pushed out by the big manufacturers. So if you are looking for a new TV, but don't want to get involved in all of that 3D malarkey then we may have just the thing for you. Sony has … [Read more...]

Google TV Set-Top Box: US Get Fall 2010 Release Date

Google TV Set-Top Box Fall 2010 Release Date

We’ve been bringing you snippets of information about the upcoming Google TV set-top box for quite some time now, and we now have an update on its release date. Although there is no specific date, we now know that it will launch in the US in the fall of 2010. … [Read more...]

Google TV: Video from Sony displays capabilities


Way back in May we started to bring you news about Google TV, an Android-based set-top box, which would be able to incorporate web services and also run Android apps on TV. Now we hear that at IFA 2010, Sony has released a video of the much-awaited innovation. … [Read more...]