NORAD Santa Tracker 2014 now live on Google Maps

NORAD Santa Tracker now live on Google Maps

The NORAD Santa Tracker is now live where you can track Mr Claus on Google Maps, follow Santa’s journey right now and see where he is stopping. Today is Christmas Eve 2014 and it is that time of year Santa Claus has to deliver all his presents. Santa started of at the Arctic North Pole at … [Read more...]

Google Plus, Maps could get JetPac integration

jetpack is joining google

Jetpac will be removing its apps from the App Store in the next few days after they announced they would be joining Google. This means they could be releasing web apps to fit in with Google Plus and its maps to work with the JetPac City Guides and more. Google has purchased many start-up … [Read more...]

Google Views contribute of G Plus comments

Google Views contribute of G Plus comments

Google Views works in conjunction with Maps, which allows users to pan 360 degree photos spheres. The good news is that Google has now added G Plus comments and the ability to +1 them as well. Users can upload photo spheres onto Google Views by either using a mobile device via an app, or by using … [Read more...]

Hashima Japan Ghost Island tour via Google Street View

Hashima Japan Ghost Island tour via Google Street View

There does not seem to be any social media sites on Hashima Island, also known as ‘The Ghost Island. No Facebook or Twitter accounts exists as far as we can see, but there is a fantastic website that allows you to tour the eerie island thanks to Google Street View. The Japan Ghost Island live … [Read more...]

Google Maps Used For Marriage Proposal: Romantic Scavenger Hunt


Google Maps is arguably one of the handiest tools you can have on a smartphone, the power in your hand to navigate the world! You would of course expect a Google employee to be a specialist at operating the Maps service, but software engineer Ari Gilder has found another practical use for the app. … [Read more...]

All Aboard Google Street View for a Float Down the Amazon


It’s only four years since Google Street View was launched and yet now for many it’s part of our everyday lives. Innovation after innovation has resulted and many of us can now see the familiarity of our local streets on Street View and visit other areas far away for a virtual look around. Have … [Read more...]

Google Street View: Website Revamp – Go Explore


Here at OSM we’re big fans of Google Street View. Despite some people’s concerns about privacy issues we also highlighted a case where a caravan thief was caught on Street View. Now we have news of a major revamp for the Street View website. … [Read more...]

Android Google Maps Transfers Restaurant Reviews Via Twitter


Ever been to a restaurant and wanted to spill the beans to others, as to what service you may have received and what good or bad tasting food was on offer. Well for those who may not be aware, there is an opportunity to do just this with the aid of Google Maps on an Android platform. … [Read more...]

Carphone Warehouse Slash Nexus S “Sim Free” Prices


If you are worried about finding that final big present for Christmas, then the Carphone Warehouse could have the solution for you. … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 To Receive Free GPS Navigation: Apple In Talks


There has been much speculation surrounding the up and coming next generation iPhone 5, from what specifications it will be packed with, through to the official launch date. Here at OSM, Debbie has reported on the possible release date of February as opposed to January or July which has already … [Read more...]

Google Earth 6 Download Live: Three New Features


We know that Google Earth and Google Maps have many fans who like to follow all the latest developments and we’ve recently posted articles about Google Maps and China regulations as well as new bike routes for Google Maps. … [Read more...]

Google Maps and China Regulations: Deadline Set


It looks as though Google Maps could be in a spot of bother in China as it has failed to comply with new regulations introduced by China earlier this year which stipulates that all companies providing online mapping must obtain official approval. … [Read more...]

Google Maps: New Bike Routes and Street View


If you are a biking fanatic and dont have a regular route, then you may be pleased by what Google has just done. The internet leader is preparing to bring out an updated version of their maps with a new street view and bike routes. … [Read more...]

Google’s “Street View” Expands To Other Countries


Back in 2007, Google, one of the biggest search engines, introduced its new service “Google Street View”. It gives users a panoramic view of various positions looking along a street. Since then, it has been developing it further and news today has informed us, that expansion has taken place in … [Read more...]

Google Instant: An answer before you have asked the question


As you may have noticed today when searching for something in Google, the results will jump out at you instantly before you have fully entered the search term. For example, typing "Go" will instantly bring up search suggestions such as Google Maps, Earth and Translate, before bringing up the links … [Read more...]

Google Maps Introduces “Hip Hop Lyrics”


For those of you who may not be aware of Google Maps, it is a free web based app that offers its users the accessibility to find street maps and route planners for travelling by foot, car and public transport. But now Google Maps has introduced a new web app "Google Places" that allows the user to … [Read more...]

Bing Maps Taxi Fare Calculator App: Calculates Fare


Location-based apps are becoming increasingly more popular to the user but now with a new app “Bing Maps Taxi Fare Calculator” this may take the world of apps another leap forward. The Fare Calculator app can give a “calculated cab fare” on a route between two points before the user even has to … [Read more...]

Google Earth 5.2 Weather Simulation: Setup guide

Google Earth 5.2 Update- Weather Simulation in real-time

Google Earth already offers more than enough, but the search engine giant knows that users what more new features all the time, which is why 5.2 update comes with weather simulation in real-time. This means that in some parts of the U.S. and Europe you will be able to track rain and snow. … [Read more...]

Google Places API: Similar to Google Maps


Google currently announced its new Places API as part of its Google Maps API. It will enable users to check-in with different places that they would normally use. It will give extra information to users to access a business, name, address, phone number and a description of the location. Currently … [Read more...]

Improving Google Earth Maps: Better Borders

Improving Google Earth Maps- Better Borders

Google is not only in a constant battle with its rivals with map technology, but also themselves. This is one of the reasons why the company has made a number of improvements to its Google Earth and Maps service. They have been working hard to improve the accuracy when it comes to borders, which as … [Read more...]

Google Maps “Send-To-Car” Feature for Ford and GM

Google Maps Send-To-Car

The Google Maps feature “Send-To-Car” allows users to send their destinations to their vehicles ready for the journey ahead. This is already being done with a range of BMW and Audi vehicles – now it is the turn of Ford and GM. … [Read more...]

Google Maps and Facebook: Most Used Phone Apps


With the soaring rise in popularity of smartphone apps have you ever wondered which are the most popular apps? Everybody these days seems to have a phone full of apps but what are the most likely ones that are probably downloaded to most people’s handsets? … [Read more...]

Twitter and Google Maps: Bupa tracks mood of UK tweeters


FORGET the stereotypical British reserve, pioneering new research shows we’re a nation of Tweeting romantics. A unique analysis by Bupa of more than 66,000 Twitter posts reveals the prevalent mood of the nation’s Tweeters is ‘in love’, with 31,353 posts in the past four weeks alone (47 per cent). … [Read more...]

Google Maps: Biking directions added – avoid hills!


By popular public demand Google Maps has launched biking directions. Google Maps for the U.S. has not only biking directions now, but also extensive bike trail data that will enable users to customize their trips, tell them where bike lanes are, customize maps purely for cycling and even better, … [Read more...]

Fresh Google Earth Imagery: Not in Maps Yet

Fresh Google Earth Imagery- Not in Maps Yet

Google it seems is offering new Google Earth Imagery on a daily basis now, and have just updated fresh content yet again. However, it looks as though this new content is not available in Maps just yet. … [Read more...]