Google Doodle: 117th Birthday Of Choreographer Martha Graham Celebrated


Over the last few months we have seen a very wide range of Google Doodles, we have brought you news on what feels like nearly every Doodle that has ever been created. In previous posts we have talked about Google celebrating the birthdays of both explorer Ernest Shackleton and Mr.Men author Roger … [Read more...]

Google Doodle: The 76th Birthday of Roger Hargreaves


We have certainly seen quite a few different Google Doodle’s over the last little while, recent ones include a dedication to the Royal Wedding, Earth Day and of course the Doodle that hinted at the next Google smartphone OS Ice Cream Sundae. Today we see a new Google Doodle and this is for the … [Read more...]

World’s Fair & Google Doodle: Anniversary Celebrated in Style


Here at OSM we enjoy the special Google Doodle’s that come along every now and then. These are used by Google to celebrate or commemorate an event, or indeed a person and today’s World’s Fair Google Doodle celebrates the very first World’s Fair, 160 years ago. … [Read more...]

Today’s Google Doodle: Dedicated To The Royal Wedding


The Google Doodles are appearing more and more these days, some of the ones that we have seen in recent times include Earth Day, Charlie Chaplin’s birthday, some hints at Android’s new operating system and also Robert Bensusan’s birthday. If you have missed any of our reports on the Google Doodles … [Read more...]

Google Doodle Celebrates Audubon: Birds of America Ornithologist


Google Doodle’s are widely enjoyed the world over and often mark special events, birthdays or anniversaries. Recent examples we’ve told you about include one to celebrate Earth Day and another for the inventor of the steam locomotive, Richard Trevithick. Today’s Google Doodle though celebrates what … [Read more...]

Google Celebrate Earth Day With A Doodle


At first you may be wondering what a Google Doodle is, it is basically a devotion of the famous Google logo to a special event on that day. Examples that we have seen recently include the birthday of mime and film legend Charlie Chaplin which was the first one in video format and of course the hints … [Read more...]

Google Doodle: Charlie Chaplin Video Feature


We at OSM like to bring you the Google Doodles when they are active, some of the ones we have seen in recent times include the inventor of the steam locomotive, 50 years of human space flight with Yuri Gagarin and of course a hint at Google Android’s latest OS Ice Cream Sundae … [Read more...]

Google Celebrates Inventor Of Steam Locomotive With Doodle


As you can see from today's Google Doodle, the image is representing a steam locomotive train. This is because Google are celebrating what would have been the 240th birthday of its inventor Richard Trevithick. In recent weeks we have lost count on the Doodles we have brought you news on. Examples … [Read more...]

Human Space Flight: Google Launches Yuri Gagarin 50 Year Doodle


Here at OSM, one of the enjoyable items we like to report on is none other than Google Doodles. In recent weeks we have brought you one on the 200th anniversary of chemist Robert Bunsen and his invention the Bunsen Burner, the history of the Ice Cream Sundae, escape artist and magician Harry … [Read more...]

Google Observes Inventor Robert Bunsen’s 200th Birthday With Doodle


Here at OSM, one of the many enjoyable pieces of news that we report on, has got to be the Google Doodles. Celebrating an anniversary of some kind, a birthday or an event on the yearly calendar are all ways that Google can interact with its viewers. Just recently we brought you a Doodle … [Read more...]

Escapologist Houdini’s 137th Birthday With Google Doodle


Many a time here at OSM, we have brought you news of various Google Doodle's that can be seen when clicking onto the world wide web. Search engine Google from time to time change their front page with a picture that signifies a special event, anniversary or even a birthday of someone. Just … [Read more...]

2011 St Patrick’s Google Doodle: 2 Today And Not 1


Here at OSM one of the many stories we enjoy covering is that of Google Doodles. The search engine from time to time will remind the rest of us about a specific time on the yearly calendar or enlighten us with an individuals birthday or anniversary, and what better way to celebrate these with a … [Read more...]

Join Me On The Bridge Campaign Through Google Doodle


Search engine Google has become synonymous with Doodles celebrating a special time on the yearly calendar, be it an individual's birthday/anniversary or a specific date such as Valentines Day, Father's Day, Christmas and so on. Recent Google Doodles which we have brought you news on have included … [Read more...]

Today’s Google Doodle: Wales Celebrate St.David’s Day


The Google Doodle’s are always popular, recent times have see Google changing their logo in dedication to a person or event on the seamless search engine. The most recent ones that we have seen are when it was changed for Ernest Shackleton’s birthday, Valentine’s Day and Robert Burns night … [Read more...]

Google Doodle Celebrates “Romanian Sculptor” Constantin Brancusi


When you click onto Google's search engine today, you will be met with yet another Doodle. This time its celebrating the famous Romanian Sculptor “Constantin Brancusi,” and what would have been his 135th birthday. On looking at the Doodle you can see its made up of some of Brancusi's work with … [Read more...]

Google Doodle: Explorer Ernest Shackleton’s Birthday


As we have previously covered nearly every Google Doodle that has appeared on the popular search engine today we bring you the next instalment, this one celebrates explorer Ernest Shackleton’s birthday. … [Read more...]

Happy Valentine’s Day: Google Celebrates With A Doodle


We at OSM cover most of the Google Doodles that appear in place of the normal logo on everyone’s favored search engine, they normally change it for a special occasion or for an event. Guess what, today is no different as its Valentine’s Day … [Read more...]

Light Bulb Inventor Thomas Edison: Google Doodle Celebrates


Today as you log onto your computer, you will be met with a nice new Google Doodle celebrating the life of one famous inventor “Thomas Edison.” For those of you who may not have taken much notice in your history lessons at school, Edison the man born a 164 years ago, invented what we have taken for … [Read more...]

Google Interactive Doodle Celebrates Jules Verne “Father of Sci-Fi”


Here at OSM, one of the items that we enjoy bringing you news on, is that of the Google Doodle. To celebrate a specific event on the yearly calendar, or perhaps an individual's birthday, gives search engine Google the opportunity to design yet another Doodle. In recent times, we have given you … [Read more...]

Today’s Google Doodle: Robert Burns Night


We at OSM enjoy reporting to you on the latest Google Doodles, we have seen quite a few in recent times such as Paul Cezanne’s 172nd birthday, Martin Luther King Day, John Lennon’s 70th birthday and of course, the Doodle 4 Google competition … [Read more...]

Today’s Google Doodle: Paul Cezanne’s 172nd Birthday


We normally let you know about most of the Google Doodles that appear on the beloved search engine. Recently we have reported on the history of Robert Louis Stevenson, Jane Austen’s 235th Birthday, Martin Luther King Day and also about Doodle 4 Google where students make designs for Google … [Read more...]

Doodle 4 Google: Students Design Search Engine Logos


You must have seen some of the Google Doodles that normally replace the normal Google logo on big events such as birthdays of famed people, different festivals and times of year. The most recent one being Martin Luther King Day, before that we have seen the history of St.Andrew’s day and Scooby Doo … [Read more...]

Google’s Martin Luther King Day Doodle: Image of Unity


The man behind one of the world's most famous names celebrated his birthday on the 15 January. If I said to you “I have a dream,” then chances are you would instantly recognise who I am referring to. Yes its Martin Luther King Jr and to celebrate his special day to its full potential, Google have … [Read more...]

Google Doodle: Happy New Year – Traditions Around The World


Google is now pretty well known for changing it‘s logo from their conventional one on special occasions. To name a few of our favorites so far through 2010, we have seen the popular search engine dedicated to Oscar Wilde, Halloween (where Scooby Doo helped out), and the 115th anniversary of the … [Read more...]

Google Celebrates Jane Austen’s 235th Birthday With Doodle


If you click onto Google's homepage today, you will be met with a Doodle that looks like it's come straight from one of Jane Austen's novels, perhaps that of “Pride and Prejudice.” For today the search engine is celebrating the late novelist's birthday. In fact a staggering 235 of them to be … [Read more...]