HTC Abolish Bootloader Policy: Smartphone Fans Rejoice


Recently we reported that HTC were going to add in a policy to lock the bootloader of their phones and it really disappointed people. One of the great things about the HTC phones with the Android OS is that people can tinker with it because it is open; fans took to Facebook and voiced their opinions … [Read more...]

Project Kal-El: NVIDIA’s Super Chip For Tablets & Smartphones


If you were in the market for a new tablet PC what do you look for? I guess it really depends on what your needs are doesn’t it… If you are looking for something that has an impressive screen, is ultra light-weight and stylish then perhaps the Apple iPad 2 fits your needs. On the other hand Android … [Read more...]

Evo 2 Console: Android Gaming on your TV


With E3 being the focus for many gamers and console manufacturers it’s no surprise that some of the competitors will want to cut in on the action. We already know that there will be a new Nintendo static console making an appearance at E3 following the release of the Nintendo 3DS and we have also … [Read more...]

Disco Dancing Android Bot Makes A Great Video


If you think that the Android bot is one of the coolest things around then you have come to the right place. We watch it regularly doing various things such as featuring on the grill of a tablet PC and the adverts for the Xperia Play showing a bot with thumbs! … [Read more...]

New App Hitting The Android Market: TNA Wrestling iMPACT!


The smartphone world has been massively helped along by the additional applications that you can install on them such as games and tools. We see a lot of them being added every day on both the apple store and the Android Market as developers are making a lot of money out of them … [Read more...]

Google Music Free For a Limited Time: Overview Video


For everyone that has been waiting for it Google’s worst kept secret has finally been launched. That’s right, not only do they have a seamless search engine and a dominating smartphone operating system now they have their own music service. This certainly doesn’t come as a shock as more and more … [Read more...]

Google Android Widens The Market Share Gap At RIM’s Expense


Something that has long been talked about is the competition between Google and Apple in terms of the cell phone market and the opposing operating systems that they offer their customers. Apple for the last few years pretty much dominated the market unopposed until Google Android came about. The … [Read more...]

Google Android Confirm Ice Cream Sandwich As Next OS


There are quite a lot of happy Android users out there as they have seen many updates for their handsets (with a few exceptions) and with new devices coming through such as the HTC Sensation and other high spec devices it’s about time Android added an update. The updates often provide bug fixes … [Read more...]

HTC Thunderbolt Takes On iPhone 4 For Verizon’s Numero Uno?


If you’re in the market for a high-end smartphone, the chances are that two names will have sprung to mind. Firstly HTC and their Thunderbolt 4G, followed very closely by Apple's own iconic iPhone 4. If we are honest either of these devices will more likely tick all your boxes, but which one is … [Read more...]

HTC Pyramid, Prime & Ignite: Specs & Pictures


HTC have seen a lot of success recently with some high end smartphones that have done pretty well in the smartphone market. They have the backing of an Android OS which is always looking to improve upon itself as an added bonus for their handsets as well as being in with WP7 … [Read more...]

Android OS Vs. iOS: App Battle – Who’s Winning?


One of Apple’s biggest selling points for the Apple iPhone is the app store behind it. There are thousands of apps with some of them being extremely useful as well as entertaining. That being the case it has prompted many to follow the trend and try and use their tactics to cash in … [Read more...]

Skiver App For Android Devices: Helps You Throw A Sickie


There are heaps of new apps coming out for all of the different app stores. Some of the ones we have written about recently include Angry Birds Rio coming out on the Amazon app store exclusively and also some new apps for 2011 Formula One on Android and iOS … [Read more...]

Google Destroys Latest Malicious Apps


If you cast your minds back a few days ago you may remember that we brought you news about a number of malicious apps that had made it through to the Android Market, … [Read more...]

inPulse SmartWatch: Has Facebook Check-in – Video


With the leaps and bounds we are seeing in terms of social media and social networking, it was only a matter of time until someone brought out a product which enables you to ‘check-in’ to Facebook Places while you are on the move. As we all know, Facebook is the largest of the social networking … [Read more...]

Controlling Your Sony PS3 With An Android Device


The Sony PlayStation 3 is one of the most popular games consoles in the world, those that don’t have one want one and those that have one wouldn’t be without it (unless you are an Xbox sort of person) … [Read more...]

Apple iOS Devices: Swipe Gesture Lock Screen Smacks Of Android


We are all familiar with Apple’s swipe and pass code system for their range of devices. But it would seem that Apple is working on another method of releasing your screen lock. … [Read more...]

Android App Store Is Booming: The Paid Apps Maturing


With Android taking the lead when it comes to market share, it’s not really any surprise to think that its store (The Android Market) is doing well is it? Of course the Apple store is still the biggest of all but remember, it is very well established … [Read more...]

Why Nokia Went With Microsoft Instead Of Google Android


Remember a few days ago when we reported to you about the potential mashup between Windows Phone 7 and Nokia? Well as you are probably aware it has become a reality making this perhaps the final opportunity for Microsoft and Nokia to break into the smartphone market this time collectively … [Read more...]

Have A Nerdgasm At The MWC 2011 Android Booth: Video


MWC 2011 has already been awesome so far, Android certainly have done well with the vast range of devices using their OS. So far we have had details of the first PlayStation certified Phone (The Xperia Play), a few different models of PlayBook from RIM and of course the Samsung Galaxy S 2 … [Read more...]

Smaller budget iPhone: Apple plans to beat off Google Android?


A lot of us are Apple mad, I myself admit to always being swayed by the Steve Jobs brand, I don’t know exactly what it is but it just works for me. But one thing that I will agree with is that be an Apple follower does tend to limit your choice in the smartphone market. … [Read more...]

Kyocera Echo First Thoughts: Possible Game Changer


In an earlier post we brought you news about the Kyocera Echo (the new dual screen Smartphone coming to Sprint’s network), this handset is a social networkers dream come true and we believe that it could be a possible game changer, offering users a unique mobile gaming experience. … [Read more...]

HTC Desire 2 Release Imminent: Capacitive Not Tactile


Those HTC fans among you will remember how popular the HTC Desire was, following some leaked photos online it appears there is a successor in the pipeline. In amongst the leaked pictures there was a snapshot of the Desire 2 showing up on Vodafone Germany’s inventory system … [Read more...]

Google Latitude Check-Ins: Should Foursquare Worry?


Google are always looking to flex their might in which ever industry they choose to dip their toes into. It has become the dominant force in the world of the search engine fighting off competition from the likes of Yahoo to take the top spot … [Read more...]

Android Gingerbread 2.3 Bug Found: Personal Data Taken?


Whilst we have reported that there is going to be an Android Honeycomb event that will be staged on February 2nd we are hearing of a bug that has surfaced with the Android Gingerbread 2.3 OS. A researcher has found an issue with the security. According to Engadget’s Christopher Trout, there is a … [Read more...]

Google Android Vs iPhone iOS: Subscribers Measured By ComScore


Have you been wondering which of the smartphone OS is the top dog? Now ComScore has measured the number of subscribers on the Android OS against the iPhone iOS as well as a few others … [Read more...]