iPad 2 Responsible For Downward Trend In PC Sales?


When you decide to splash out on a new electronic device, what is at the top of your wish list? It maybe that your phone contract is about to expire so you dream of the latest smartphones from the likes of Apple, Samsung or HTC. But what else is listed right at the top of must have devices? … [Read more...]

iPad Sales Cause PC Slump: 2011 Will Be Worse


Computer sales this year have dropped nearly four percent from the estimated figures for 2010, this information comes from market experts Gartner. The loss in units sold is said to be down to the introduction of tablet devices like Apple's iPad. … [Read more...]

Social Media In The Workplace: Resistance Is Futile


Just a week or so ago, here at OSM, we shared with you reports on how the use of social networking sites within the workplace is on the increase and how it's use is replacing that of emails. Analysts “Gartner” reported that by the year 2014, some 20% of employees would be using the social network … [Read more...]

Social Networking Effects Business Emails


With an increase in social networking sites and the battle amongst them for the number one place in terms of user numbers, its no surprise to hear that within the next four years, 20% of professional business employees will be communicating by this method. So by doing this, how will our email … [Read more...]

Tablets Such As iPad To Reach Sales Figures of 208M By 2014


Market research team "Gartner," have predicted that sales of tablet devices such as Apple's iPad will grow dramatically over the next few years. Gartner say that by next year worldwide units sold will increase to 55 million over the current 20 million, and by 2014 figures should reach 208 million. … [Read more...]