Galaxy S II T-Mobile & Sprint: screen problems annoy


This year has proved to be fantastic for manufacturers “Samsung.” Not only has the company managed to introduce new Galaxy Tablets in different sizes, but an entire new range of smartphones plus the introduction of a smartphone/tablet by the name of the Galaxy Note. … [Read more...]

AT&T LTE dual November 6th Android devices


It’s safe to say that this year so far, has seen a massive influx of mobile phone handsets as well as tablets, laptops and so on with companies such as Samsung, Apple, HTC, Motorola and even LG all battling it out. … [Read more...]

Deciding a favorite: Galaxy Nexus or S II?

Deciding a favorite- Galaxy Nexus or S II

Now that Samsung has announced the release of the Galaxy Nexus, it is inevitable that the handset will be compared to a range of other handsets. Those that will be competing include the iPhone 4S and the Galaxy S II, and it’s the latter that you will need to sit hard and think about – wonder if … [Read more...]

Galaxy S II Takes On iPhone 4S But Loses In Benchmarks


Battle for smartphone supremacy still rages on and in the last few months, we've had a lot to be excited about. We've had the Samsung Galaxy S II which is now available across the globe, including the three variants in the US, a white version as well as the black, HD and LTE models on their way … [Read more...]

Compensation: BlackBerry Users Form “Outage” Mutiny


Poor, Poor Research in Motion! The Canadian company have been experiencing more criticism today with yet another outage, having a detrimental effect on services provided to tens of millions of people. The first outage seen yesterday caused major problems for the service provider, with users … [Read more...]

Impressive Samsung Galaxy S III Outdoes Predecessor


Since its debut back in April of this year, Samsung's Galaxy S II has been a smartphone that has taken some beating from its rivals. With massive popularity, yearly target of 10 million units already being smashed and news of yet more handsets on the way, it seems that this year may be Samsung's … [Read more...]

Decisions: Galaxy S II vs Droid Bionic vs iPhone 4S?


Once the decision has been made to purchase a new mobile phone, then the arduous task begins of choosing the best handset for your needs. The market is inundated with devices and by the end of 2011, there will be more to speak of. Manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple, Motorola, HTC and of course … [Read more...]

New Samsung Galaxy Devices: Unfavorable iPhone 5


Since the start of this year at the Consumer Electronics Show, it's been a job to keep up with constant news of devices that are either about to release or are in the pipeline, but one company and its products never ceases to amaze. Yep you've got it, Apple along with its iPhone, iPad, MacBooks and … [Read more...]

Official Entrance: US AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II


The US up until 3 weeks ago was patiently waiting for the arrival of Samsung's popular Galaxy S II, a global phenomenon its fair to say. Now with Sprint's variant the “Epic 4G Touch” available, the next to join the list stateside is that from AT&T. We know that T-Mobile's version is on its … [Read more...]

US Galaxy S II T-Mobile: Pipped AT&T To The Post?


Since its official debut back in April, the South Korean company Samsung have been wowing the world with their awesome Galaxy S II smartphone. Interest for the handset is so immense that over 10 million units of the device have already sold and that's before we've even got to the Christmas period. … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S II LTE / HD: Steps Up To The Plate


Since Samsung's Galaxy S II super duper smartphone debuted back in April, the world has been in awe of this device. Just yesterday we told you that the yearly figure of 10 million sold units that Samsung were hoping to achieve, had now in fact been smashed and we are not even at the end of … [Read more...]

Hats Off: Samsung Galaxy S II 10 Million Achieved


When releasing a device, mobile phone manufacturers have an expected sales figure in mind, but when it comes to it the proof is always in the pudding. This can be said for South Korean company Samsung. By the end of 2011 and let's face it, there's not too much longer to wait, Samsung would have … [Read more...]

US T-Mobile Galaxy S II: September 26th Event


Even though Samsung's popular Galaxy S II smartphone officially arrived some two or so months ago, the news hasn't ceased. Many have said that the new addition to Samsung's range is the one to beat and with more devices on their way in the coming weeks, we've asked whether Samsung can hold onto … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S II No Show: Livid AT&T Customers


One of the hottest devices to step off of Samsung's production line this year, will no doubt be that of the Galaxy S II. Racking up a huge amount of interest already and showing no signs of actually slowing down, the Galaxy S II is definitely not one to be snubbed at. But is this the case in the … [Read more...]

Galaxy S II X (Hercules) On Telus: Sign-Up Page Reveals


Although Samsung's Galaxy S II was released a little while ago, it hasn’t stopped the flow of news coming through on a constant basis. Up until now, many of us have been able to get our hands on the new Sammy device, whilst the US have been waiting patiently for its arrival. Good news came through … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch: US To Buy


Samsung's new Galaxy S II smartphone has been dominating the market for a little while now and its not surprising really. Coming with some impressive specs, the handset has managed to sell in its millions and it seems currently there is little change. With a white version to speak of, an LTE model … [Read more...]

Galaxy S II LTE Arriving September 28th Canada


Samsung's new Galaxy S II smartphone is undoubtedly as popular as ever, so much so that they are bang on target to reach their annual sales figure of 10 million sold units. With a white version to speak of now and three US variants on the way for Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile, there is yet another … [Read more...]

US Galaxy S II T-Mobile: Samsung Let “CPU” Slip Via Twitter


Samsung's Galaxy S II is still proving a hit amongst consumers and so far, the company have managed to keep up with its demand. Before the handset even arrived, interest for it was huge, but unfortunately for yet another week or so, the US are having to wait for its arrival. … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S II US Ad: Will Others Get FootHold?


With Samsung's new Galaxy S II smartphone flying off of retailer shelves, do we really need yet another advertisement to convince us that yes, the device is impressive and yes, with sales surging, the company will be able to reach its initial yearly target of 10 million units. Apparently the answer … [Read more...]

Galaxy S II All-Rounder: Graphics Surpass Android Others


Up until now, the Samsung Galaxy S II has been dominating the smartphone market and its not surprising. It includes some pretty impressive specs including a 4.3-inch Super Amoled Plus display giving out crisp and clean images, 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 8 megapixel rear camera and 2 megapixel to … [Read more...]

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II (Attain) Release 18th September?


Samsung's Galaxy S II smartphone despite what some may class as expensive, is still proving as popular as ever. Whilst most other countries are enjoying Samsung's new addition, Stateside the story is somewhat different. Its release is still delayed and believe us when we say, if we had a magic … [Read more...]

Droid Bionic vs iPhone 5: Tweeters Reveal Thoughts?


Motorola's Droid Bionic with support for 4G LTE was finally available to purchase on 8th September, only just nine months after its initial announcement, but there you go! In the last 2 days we've given you news about its arrival and that retailer Amazon are offering the handset at a lower price, … [Read more...]

Galaxy S II: Asphalt 6 Adrenaline HD, Take Advantage


Samsung's new Galaxy S II smartphone is proving a real asset to the company and if sold units are anything to go by, then the company's target of 10 million for this year will be no problem to reach. One of the first countries to enjoy Samsung's popular handset was that of South Korea with others … [Read more...]

Galaxy S II US Might Not Be the Smash Hit Anticipated: Here’s Why


The Samsung Galaxy S II is one of the smartphones we’ve written about most over the last few months, especially because of the delay in getting it to the U.S. market. We’ve detailed all the carrier variants and release news since the official announcement and for a long time we’ve been thinking the … [Read more...]

HTC Amaze (Ruby) 4G Beats Galaxy S II (LTE) Hands-Down


The mobile phone market has never been so inundated with devices that have either landed or about to. In a quest to produce that “extra special” something, manufacturers have been finding ways to either bring a complete new product to the table or using add-ons to an existing model. Examples of … [Read more...]