Memorex Universal Nintendo 3DS Case: Interchangeable Games


The Nintendo 3DS is a bit of kit that many people were looking to buy before it was released and has perhaps been slightly disappointing since its debut. Many people have complained of feeling sick and nauseous after playing on their new device and we have also seen some marks appearing on the … [Read more...]

Livescribe Connect: Your Doodles Go Social


Have you ever wanted to share a doodle that you feel is brilliant with your friends on Facebook or had some kind of drawing or plan that you want to send by email without the bother of having to use a scanner? Well now you can with a device called the Livescribe … [Read more...]

Underabove dual-lens camera: Above and below water simultaneously


Here at OSM we do like to bring you news on quirky gadgets and innovations and recently have posted articles on the Looxcie wearable Bluetooth camcorder and the Glass Globe doorknob. Now we have news of another great gadget, the Underabove dual-lens camera. … [Read more...]

Duracell MyGrid Review: Manufacturers Take Note


If you are a big fan of tech and have a house full of the latest gadgets then it is likely you also have a lot of chargers that create a birds nest of chaos when they are all plugged into the power socket at the same time. To combat this, battery maker Duracell has brought out a nifty little … [Read more...]

Glass Globe doorknob: How to see into a room without opening the door


Here at OSM we like to give you the latest tech posts and while this may not be precisely tech, it’s intriguing none-the-less and may interest some of you people that appreciate the latest innovations. … [Read more...]

Anti-Sleep pilot: Stops you nodding off at the wheel


We've all heard about dangerous driving habits and if you’ve ever driven long distances and felt yourself start to drift off to sleep at the wheel you’ll know how easy it can be to do but help is at hand in the form of a new gizmo, the Anti Sleep Pilot. This could be a great idea for a gift for the … [Read more...]