Zite Free iPad Magazine App: Outways Current FlipBoard


For many of you currently using Apple's iPad tablet, will be aware of its free Flipboard app, which coincidentally was named iPad app of 2010 by Steve Jobs. Ok so it may offer features such as turning your social networking site feeds into flippable pages using your photos or pieces of recent news, … [Read more...]

MC Hammer Uses Social Media: New Song Released On Flipboard


When it comes to social media, everyone in the world is are now finally trying to capitalize on the extra exposure, just look at some of those who are reaping the benefits from it, Justin Bieber, Lady GaGa and Britney Spears. These days you can get left behind if you aren’t using social media, … [Read more...]

Flipboard iPad App Downloads Overwhelms Apple Servers


Flipboard is a new iPad app which creates a magazine tailored to you by collecting data from your social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The app has been hyped to the point where so many people have downloaded it and are trying to use the program that the servers have become … [Read more...]

Flipboard App for iPad: Share on Facebook and Twitter

Flipboard App for iPad Share on Facebook and Twitter

The amount of apps that are available for the Apple iPad is growing by the day, with yet another app recently being launched. KPCB backed Start-up Flipboard has just announced the immediate launch of its Flipboard App for the iPad, which combines print with the power of social media. … [Read more...]