Minus launches iPhone app, Chrome extension and Firefox addon

Minus launches iPhone app, Chrome extension and Firefox addon

From the moment that we start to learn, our parents teach us the importance of sharing, and for most of us we find that it can be fun, as we share with our friends and family what music we like or the stories that we can tell them. Now that you are grown up you find that there is even more to share, … [Read more...]

Study Shows IE Users Are Less Smart Than Other Web Browsers


We see many a study being carried out on companies like Microsoft, Apple and Google, normally to do with sales and revenue. A new surprising study has been conducted, this time linking the web browser you use to your intelligence. The results are in, and for all of you Internet Explorer users, we … [Read more...]

Mozillla Want To Develop A Mobile OS: “Boot To Gecko”


Mozilla are looking to break free of their chains and enter into the mobile operating system market. The company most famous for their popular global web browser, Firefox will be looking to have smartphone software equally as successful. The OS market is lethally competitive with Android and iOS … [Read more...]

‘Do Not Track’ Features To Be Implemented In Firefox 4 Beta

Firefox 4 Beta

Companies are tracking your every move on the internet! It’s a scary statement but in many cases, Big Brother is indeed watching you! Otherwise known as ‘targeted advertising’, companies take information about you gained by bits of data saved on your computer called ‘cookies’, which often includes … [Read more...]

Firefox 4 Beta 10: Download It Now With Less Bugs


For those of you following the release of the latest version of Firefox, you will pleased to hear that it has arrived. Mozilla launched Firefox 4 Beta 10 on Tuesday night, only 10 days after the introduction of Firefox 4 Beta 9. … [Read more...]

Firefox Tops Internet Explorer as Top Browser in Europe

Firefox vs Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer has long been the dominant player in the web browsing market, possibly due to the fact that it’s built into every Windows computer and that many users don’t know how to change it, or even know of any alternatives, but that seems set to change. … [Read more...]

New IE9 Security Features: Advantage Over Chrome and Firefox


Online privacy seems to have stirred up quite a few reactions over this last year, news has been and gone surrounding how much data can be collected by other sources about your private information. Sites such as Facebook and Google's Street View have been in the spotlight acknowledging this very … [Read more...]

Opera Release Mobile 10.1 Beta For Android


For those of you that possess a smartphone currently running the Android OS, will now be able to access Opera Browser's Mobile 10.1 Beta for Android, in a bid to position itself alongside other present browsers. … [Read more...]

Firefox is 6-years-old : How far has it come?


When Mozilla’s Firefox web browser was launched 6 years ago nobody could have guessed how popular it would become, especially as it was up against Internet Explorer 6 which at that time was ruling the roost. Today, Firefox is celebrating its sixth birthday so we wondered how far it had come in that … [Read more...]

Browser Market Share: Google Chrome only significant riser


Browser market share has always been rather a difficult thing to measure but new figures are out showing the worldwide browser market share for September 2010 and they make for interesting reading. It appears that Google Chrome is really the only browser that’s managed to make any significant … [Read more...]

Xmarks for FireFox, Chrome and Safari Shutting Down


News has come through today that “Xmarks”, formerly “Foxmarks” will now be shutting its service down. Affecting some 2 million users across 5 million desktops, the add-on browser gives users accessibility to synchronize bookmarks, passwords and any other data that may be present on several … [Read more...]

New Facebook Scam: “Get the official DISLIKE button now”


Facebook, one of the biggest online social networking sites is now having to deal with yet another scam, the “DISLIKE” button. This latest scam is unfortunately taking advantage of a non-existent Facebook feature that appeals to many users. … [Read more...]

15 Safari Extensions: Ultimate add-ons


As many browser users will tell you, extentions/add-ons are awesome! They allow you to put extra functionality into your browser which can let you do anything from sync bookmarks across multiple machines, to automatically checking your webmail inbox and letting you know if you have any new messages. … [Read more...]

Firefox Home: Mozilla’s first official iPhone app

Firefox Home Mozillas first official iPhone app

If you like using the Mozilla Firefox browser on your PC or laptop, then you might be pleased to know that Mozilla has recently submitted Firefox Home – its very first official iPhone app – to Apple’s App Store. This may be the closest thing to Firefox that we will see on the iPhone. … [Read more...]

Firefox 3.6.4: Download now, flash problems fixed

Firefox 3.6.4 Download now flash problems fixed

Were you getting tired of your Firefox browser crashing due to third-party plugins – most notably Adobe Flash? If you were, you’ll be pleased to know that after some delay, Mozilla has finally released Firefox 3.6.4. And it looks like the flash problems have been fixed. … [Read more...]

Yoono for Firefox: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn alerts in one window


You may not have heard of Yoono yet although it could be a great help to you in keeping up with your social networking. It’s a Firefox add-on that will enable you to keep more easily in touch with the people in your online social circles. … [Read more...]

Pwn2own Contest: iPhone, Firefox, Safari and IE8 all hacked

Pwn2own Contest- iPhone Firefox, Safari and IE8 all hacked

The Pwn2own contest that is held once a year gives hackers and security experts the chance to do what they do best – and that is to show how they are able to breach everyday software that we take for granted, all legally of course. … [Read more...]

Firefox 3.0.x Users: It’s time to upgrade


After what seemed like a long haul with months of testing, 5 beta versions, and 2 release candidates, Firefox 3.0 was eventually launched in 2008. Mozilla’s web browser used Firefox 3.0 as a stable branch before it was upgraded to 3.0.18. … [Read more...]

Web Developers: 10 Popular Firefox Add-ons

Web Developers- 10 Popular Firefox Add-ons

One of the most popular web browsers is Firefox, which I have been using for years. I know that Google Chrome and Safari are much faster now, but I have got used to the features and add-ons that Mozilla offer. Web-developers also agree with me, but what are the 10 most popular add-ons for them. … [Read more...]