Manchester Dogs home Twitter awareness after fire

Manchester Dogs home Twitter awareness after fire

An unprovoked arson attack on the Manchester Dogs Home has left more than 60 dogs dead with 150 being rescued, since the fire social awareness has been staggering after the Twitter hashtag #ManchesterDogsHome went live. A young lad of 14 is being questioned about the arson attack on the … [Read more...]

Facebook teen fire challenge leads to mums arrest

Facebook disturbing teen fire leads to mums arrest

The disturbing video of a teen setting himself on fire has led to his mums arrest for facilitating the recording, she watched her son douse himself in fingernail polish and then set himself on fire. What is called “The Fire Challenge” is a social media trend, and many have done the unthinkable of … [Read more...]

Fire Department Tweets during blaze: Going too far?


Twitter is being used more-and-more extensively by public departments these days who are seeing the benefit of social media for communicating with the public and keeping people updated on a situation. Only recently with the Boulder Fire in Colorado for example the Boulder Sheriff’s Department used … [Read more...]

Boulder Colorado Fire and role of social media


The wildfire in Boulder, Colorado that began on Monday morning still continues to rage on and now dozens of homes have been destroyed and more than 3,000 people evacuated from the area. Shelters for those evacuated have been set up as firefighters continue to battle the blaze. … [Read more...]