Beat Rising Tuition Fees With Groupon’s New Discount: 60% Off Uni!


Groupon is a handy service to use if you are looking for discounts on restaurants and day trips, but what if you are looking to save on some of the more expensive things? One of the most expensive things today is University education, so Groupon for the first time has partnered with an institution … [Read more...]

Facebook Deals Is No More: Good Timing for Groupon


It hardly seems any time ago that we were first bringing you news about Facebook Deals, a marketing tool developed by Facebook to attract customers and also repay them. However today’s news is that Facebook Deals is no more, as Facebook has decided to shut it down after only four months of testing. … [Read more...]

Facebook Launches New Local Deals: First Five Cities


Back in February the Facebook Deals page went live and then we recently told how Deals now features in the news feed. This idea to compete with the likes of Foursquare, by giving users the benefits of special offers available, has already seen success and now local deals are about to come into … [Read more...]

Facebook Places Goes Global: Your Thoughts?


The reports about changes within Facebook seem to just keep on coming. There has been a whole load of them recently including the post button being removed from commenting and replaced with the simple tap of the Enter key, removing the right to unmerge places & pages and of course the addition … [Read more...]

Facebook Promotions: Deals Feature In The News Feed


Facebook is evolving in many different ways; one of them is the way that they are attempting to compete with the likes of Foursquare by offering more deals. The Facebook deal pages went live a little while back in both the US and in the UK and now we are starting to see where they are going with it … [Read more...]

Facebook Vs. Groupon: Deals May Expand


When it comes to Facebook there aren’t really any markets that they aren’t looking to consume. We have already seen them taking on competitors with Warner Bros and perhaps Sony in movie rentals using their Facebook credits … [Read more...]

Super Bowl 2011 & Foursquare Join Forces To Bring “Super Bowl Sunday”


One of the biggest sporting events is to take place this coming weekend in America, yes that's right, the Super Bowl XLV in Texas. We have reported on how this year, social media has and will be making a big impact on the fans with the use of advertising. For those of you out there who consider … [Read more...]

Foursquare Teams With BBC America For 6 Nations Rugby


Foursquare has recently had some competition from other social networking sites such as Facebook with its new deals page and also from Google with its new Latitude system but Foursquare is currently the best for check-ins, right … [Read more...]

Facebook Deals: New Page Goes Live


As we know, Facebook has been growing an incredible rate. You are probably aware it has the largest user base of all the social networking sites. It has over 500 million users signed up and more than half of them are daily visitors performing activities. We had already informed you that the … [Read more...]

5 Million Users: Foursquare’s Milestone


Check-in service Foursquare has officially hit the 5 million user mark and impressively has increased its user base by 10 times in the last 9 months. … [Read more...]

Facebook Deals: How To Get Traffic – Guide


If you’re keen on making the most of new types of marketing then you may be interested in finding out more on using Facebook as a marketing tool. As Facebook users and their friends and families can easily spread the word about products and services it’s a really useful way of getting your goods … [Read more...]