Alcohol Facebook status messages promotes drinking

Alcohol Facebook status messages promotes drinking pic 3

A new study shows users who look at or get involved with Alcohol Facebook status messages apparently has more chance of making them drink more, 400 people were part of the study and were asked how they felt after seeing or reading alcohol-related Facebook items. The report shows that the more … [Read more...]

Facebook Local Awareness keeps ad prices down

Facebook Local Awareness keeps ad prices down

The new Facebook Local Awareness feature is all set to rollout over the next week or so in the United States, which has been designed to keep ad prices down. It is an objective allowing you to create ads, which will be able to reach your local audience whilst keeping the price down to a minimum. … [Read more...]

Facebook mobile ads based on bandwidth usage

Facebook mobile ads based on bandwidth usage

As of yesterday Facebook announced its new bandwidth targeting that is available to all advertisers globally, this new set-up will be available via the Power Editor, Ad Create tool and API. This new bandwidth-targeting feature is set to make it easier for businesses to target mobile ads based on … [Read more...]

Facebook culprits for overcrowding ads

Facebook culprits for overcrowding ads

Everywhere you look Facebook is crowded with ads, they are everywhere within your news feed. Sponsored adverts are annoying for most and helpful for others, but one thing is for sure they are all over the place and some believe they will get worse as time goes on. You do not see ads all over … [Read more...]

Facebook Ads: Drugs, Alcohol & Gambling: Should They Be There?


Whilst Facebook has many uses such as reconnecting with your old friends it also has its downfalls such as the mass of Facebook malware, virus and scams that we have been reporting on recently. Some of them include the apparent addition of the Dislike button, the HCG diet and why you shouldn’t eat … [Read more...]

Facebook Ad Tricks Teens Trying To Fake Their Age


Facebook is the biggest social network on the Internet and as we reported earlier today, more and more youngsters are joining it. We reported that more than half the 12-year olds in the U.S. are Facebooking and with that being the case there are a few cunning things that Facebook ads are doing … [Read more...]

Success With Facebook Ads – American Express Campaign


I don’t know if you have all seen them but each Facebook page, down the right hand side there are various advertisements. Well one of these was an American Express one and the reason it was placed there is AMEX were offering discounts small businesses … [Read more...]