E-mail Spam Reduced By 82.2% Throughout The Year

E-mail spam down

If you’ve got an e-mail account, chances are that you have received a piece of spam in your e-mail inbox at one time or another. These can range from e-mails containing links to dodgy websites, to people asking for your credit card details. Whilst most e-mail services nowadays do a good job of … [Read more...]

Yahoo Mail Outage: Is It Down For You?


Free e-mail systems are as popular as ever with Google Mail, Hotmail and of course Yahoo mail however it would seem that Sony aren’t the only ones featuring network issues as many people have been complaining about the Yahoo Mail service and both are down for different reasons … [Read more...]

Top Motivations for People to Unsubscribe, Unlike or Unfollow Brands


The ever-growing use of brands using social media to promote themselves is becoming more evident and here at OSM we often write about social media marketing. Just some of our recent posts include a look at how to improve customer dialog with company social media and a look at the pros and cons of … [Read more...]

How E-mail has developed over 5 decades


Here at OSM we do love a good infographic. They are a really good way of showing facts and figures in a pictorial form that allows the information to sink in more easily and recent examples we’ve looked at include one on the PlayStation Move and another on social good and online charitable giving. … [Read more...]

New Facebook Event: No Phone Just Gmail Alternative


Here at OSM we reported yesterday of news that Facebook will be holding an event on Monday 15 November in San Francisco. Apart from the invitation containing the date and time of arrival, we really do not have much to go on in terms of what Facebook will be announcing. Speculation has been … [Read more...]

Facebook or Email: What comes first?


How do you start your digital day? Do you automatically go to your e-mails, or maybe you like to check out Facebook, Twitter or similar sites first? Have you ever thought about why you do one first and not the other? … [Read more...]