Facebook stirs “Clares Law” safe dating


Online social networking site Facebook since its initial launch back in 2004, is now home to some 800 million users and the number is continually rising. Although the site provides a good communication tool between users and the outside world, it has and still comes with negative comments, the main … [Read more...]

Criminals Analyze Social Media Pinpointing Victims


In the past, here at OSM we've been keen to share articles with you in relation to the world of social media. When we talk about this very subject, we are of course highlighting the use of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, professional site LinkedIn, YouTube and so on. Individuals and … [Read more...]

Social Media Changing “Death Penalty” Or “Political” Views


Here at OSM, we often write articles on the subject of social media and the way in which sites such as Facebook and Twitter have been taken on by millions of people globally. For some users, one site over the other may be more favourable or there may be a percentage of you who use both. In the … [Read more...]

Police Identify Convicted UK Rioters on Twitter: Names & Addresses


The dreadful riots that have struck the UK over the last week have been the subject of much debate about just how the situation should be handled and the response to the criminal element involved. Today Greater Manchester Police has begun a controversial initiative whereby the force is identifying … [Read more...]

iPhone 4 Prototype Finder & Seller Both Charged: Gizmodo Cleared


With non stop talk about the upcoming Apple iPhone 5, we thought we would try and give your mind a quick rest by switching your attention to another bit of Apple iPhone related news. Back in 2010 some of you may remember what many dubbed "iPhonegate", where a prototype of the then unreleased iPhone … [Read more...]

Possible Social Media Block After UK Riots: Cameron Suggests


The UK riots that have taken place over the last week, starting in London and spreading to other areas, have shocked many who thought they would never see such mindless violence on the streets. The government has been criticized for not doing enough but today Prime Minister David Cameron has … [Read more...]

Sony’s Misfortune: London Rioters Torch, Impact On Goods


Today the harrowing scenes in London are laid bear for all to see. TV, the internet, radio channels, social networking sites and so on have all been reporting on the spreading riots that are taking over the City as well as other parts of the country. Mindless protesters have been smashing their … [Read more...]

Police Curb Social Networking Use: Criminals Kept At Bay


For the majority of us, tuning into our favorite social networking site be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and so on poses no problem. Depending on our circumstances, we have the freedom to go on the sites as much or as little as we choose, add or block certain friends, upload, share and … [Read more...]

Norway Attacks: Anders Behring Breivik Twitter & Facebook Accounts


Yesterday was a devastating day in Norway’s history with two deadly attacks taking place, firstly a huge bombing in the capital Oslo, followed by a second attack this time a shooting spree on the island of Utoya, close to Oslo. Last night we told how news of what had happened was being spread … [Read more...]

Oslo Norway Attacks News: Video & Photos Via Social Media


Something we have noticed increasingly is the use and immediacy of social media in times of crisis. Recently we’ve seen examples of the likes of Twitter and Facebook being used in political uprisings to rally the people and also following natural disasters such as tornadoes. Today has seen awful … [Read more...]

Twitter Used To Catch Culprit(s) After Oxegen Festival Attack


Its that time of year again, when revellers can enjoy one of the many summer music festivals. It could be Glastonbury, V-Festival, T in the Park, Radio One's Big Weekend and so on. Another is that of the Oxegen held in Ireland, well to be exact the Punchestown Racecourse near Naas, County Kildare. … [Read more...]

Casey Anthony Verdict Sends Facebook Over The Edge


The Casey Anthony court case has stirred up a massive frenzy of attention, with TV/Radio channels covering the news as it happened, as well as individuals leaving their own reactions on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Anthony who had been accused of murdering her two-year … [Read more...]

Casey Anthony Judgement: Twitter’s Mixed Feeling


A story that has racked up a huge amount of interest in the U.S. is that of the Casey Anthony court case. American Casey Anthony was accused of murdering her two-year old daughter “Caylee” of which she strongly denied. On Tuesday, Casey was found not guilty of murder but faces four separate counts … [Read more...]

Arrested UK LulzSec Hacker Bailed & Has All Gadgets Seized


It has been a hectic past week in the world of LulzSec. We have seen one of their young members arrested and then branded a smokescreen, then most recently the disband of the hacktivist group. We now understand that the young member who was arrested has been released on bail. Ryan Cleary the 19 … [Read more...]

New Gabrielle Giffords Photos on Facebook: Remarkably Radiant


Many of you will remember the tragic Arizona shootings back in January where several people were killed and congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was horrendously wounded and just after that we also wrote about whether Sarah Palin’s target list played any part in the incident. Now we have some good news … [Read more...]

Posting Disturbing Pics On Social Sites A New Crime In US State


From July 1st a new law will be introduced to the US state, Tennessee. It involves the public posting of images that may cause distress. Anyone deemed guilty of doing this on social sites will possibly face jail time or fines. … [Read more...]

Hidden App Exposes Thief: Social Media Hunt & Arrest


Only a couple of weeks ago we told about a guy who’d had his laptop stolen and managed to retrieve it with help from his Twitter followers. Today we have a similar story about a laptop theft, the Hidden app that exposed the thief and the social media hunt that followed. … [Read more...]

Sports World Shocked By Neil Lennon’s Attacker: Video


When we report on videos from YouTube it’s normally because it’s gone viral and we want to tell the world about it too such as the Ultimate Dog Tease which has been a hit, the Sexy Sax Man and the soldier dancing like Carlton with rockets being fired in the background. Today we have something a bit … [Read more...]

Facebook Photos Become a Security Issue: Latest Scam


We all know how good Facebook can be especially as many of you like to keep in contact with distant friends and family around the world. With that being the case you would surely like to know that even though the massive social network has been making many changes that it still maintains the high … [Read more...]

Cyberstalking On The Rise: Social Networking & Email Suffer


Although for many people, the use of social networking is harmless fun and a way of communicating between each other, uploading of photos and joining events and groups of interest, there are a percentage of people that are using the sites as well as email to harass individuals. … [Read more...]

YouTube Seek Man’s Killers: Rio Ferdinand Heartfelt Appeal


Video site YouTube is growing in popularity and since its arrival in 2005, it now sees millions of viewers every day. The site offers the facility to share, upload and view content and as well as companies using YouTube to promote their brands, many individuals have taken to the site to show off … [Read more...]

FamilySignal Keeps Children Safe On Social Networking Sites


As parents we all like to keep our children safe and wrapped up in a protective bubble, but at what stage do we start to give them a little more freedom to explore what life's all about and let them access parts of the internet such as social networking sites. Currently although age restrictions … [Read more...]

Posting Hit List On Facebook Leads To Expulsion


We have seen many numbskulls using Facebook and getting caught out because they don’t realize who else uses it. We have reported on a guy who killed an 11.5-foot Alligator and then boasted about it on his Facebook only to be confronted by the law, what he hadn’t remembered was that it’s illegal to … [Read more...]

Missing 22-year Old Still Not Found: Facebook Sparks Search


Nowadays it is very easy to see where a person is and what they have been up to, with the growing trend for social media use like Facebook updates. With accessibility through mobile phones making “on the move” status changes just a click away, your friends can follow you throughout the day. … [Read more...]