Smart Skin for Gmail prioritizes email

Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail prioritizes email

Gmail users can now manage emails within the same place, welcome to the new Sortd 'Smart Skin' organizer for Gmail. Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail is a great tool allowing users to manage their tasks, work and email all inside Gmail. The ability to use the drag and drop feature moving emails out of … [Read more...]

Facebook Blocks Use Of Friend Extraction Application

Facebook logo Friend Extract

Nothing should be more important to internet users than their data. After all, what you put onto websites such as Facebook is personal information which is about you and your friends, and it should belong to you. It is your data after all. We’ve seen companies try to claim your data as their own, … [Read more...]

Google Chrome Version 12 Released To Consumers

Google Chrome 12 Experiment

Everybody uses a web browser of some sort in order to connect to the internet. Google Chrome is a very popular browser, and one of the advantages of using this browser over its competition is the constant stream of automatic updates that the browser receives. Now Google is releasing the twelfth … [Read more...]

Google Drops Support For Outdated Web Browsers

Google Blogs Post

As a person who understands technology, and the need to constantly update my apps, devices, browsers etc in order to keep up to date with the latest firmware and features, nothing annoys me more than seeing my non techie friends completely ignoring the prompt to update their software! Google also … [Read more...]

Google Chrome 11: New Features Include Text-To-Speech


With the latest Chrome 10 being released a short while ago, followed by its recent victory at the latest Pwn2Own event it seems Google must be doing something right with their rendition of this increasingly popular web browser. … [Read more...]

Browser Statistic Wars: Google Chrome Makes A Stand


The last time we informed you of the ongoing browser wars between Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and a few others, we were able to tell you that search engine giant's browser has been growing at a steady rate. The stats have continued to rise in favor of Google Chrome in terms of … [Read more...]

Google Cr-48 Chrome: Hands-on first impressions


At the moment all the talk is about the new Google Chrome OS and some of our recent posts about Chrome include an article about top apps on the Google Chrome Web Store, another about Google Cloud Print for the new OS and of course we also reported on the new Chrome OS laptop, the Cr-48, which is a … [Read more...]

New IE9 Security Features: Advantage Over Chrome and Firefox


Online privacy seems to have stirred up quite a few reactions over this last year, news has been and gone surrounding how much data can be collected by other sources about your private information. Sites such as Facebook and Google's Street View have been in the spotlight acknowledging this very … [Read more...]