Idapti2+ Mobile 3 Device Universal Charger: $40 At Walmart & Costco


Ever get fed up with your family arguing over plug sockets to charge up their mobile devices, and that’s not to mention the tangled wires? News in today may be about to make your life a little less stressed, we are not just talking about a new mobile docking station that allows you to charge one … [Read more...]

Lenovo LePad: Worldwide Launch Hitting Us In June


This year we knew it would be the year of the tablet PC, if you look at the way things went in 2010 with the Samsung Galaxy Tab showing the way for a 7” model and the Apple iPad for a 10” with hardly any other competitors … [Read more...]

Motorola Xoom: Official Specs Released – Comparing Xoom Models


When it comes to the Motorola Xoom we have reported quite a lot of information on it, we have seen it from the start all the way through until this point. Remember back just before CES 2011, when Motorola released the video about the different tablets from over time … [Read more...]

Samsung NX11 Camera: Specs, Price and Features


Anybody who follows OSM will know that we have been taking a look back at some of the cameras that were showcased at CES 2011. The big problem that the cameras that were there had was the sheer number of tablet PCs taking the limelight. Had they not been there then perhaps some of the cameras would … [Read more...]

Motorola Xoom: Android 3.0 Honeycomb Features Walkthrough


Whilst the Android 3.0 update has not yet been officially announced on the Android website, CES 2011 had a couple of devices that will be running on the platform. Android 3.0 Honeycomb has been dubbed as the platform for tablets … [Read more...]

iPhone 5: Is A Bigger Screen Now Needed?


With so many smartphones on the current market each contending with one another, and the feeling sometimes of being lost in an array of specifications, it can be difficult to choose that one phone that stands out from the rest. To complicate matters further, the market this year will be inundated … [Read more...]

Samsung ST6500 Digital Camera: Specs, Release Date & Price


Tech giants Samsung as well as developing some of the best TV's, mobile phones, laptops and so on, have just announced one of their new up and coming digital cameras, that of the ST6500. With so many cameras already on the present market and new additions which were explored at the recent CES 2011, … [Read more...]

Olympus XZ-1 Review Roundup: Competition for Rivals


There's that meaning, “Good things come in small packages,” and for the Olympus XZ-1 camera, this definitely rings true. For the enthusiastic photographer who enjoys nothing more than taking photos of fantastic quality, plus a camera that is packed full of the latest up to date tech features, then … [Read more...]

Sony’s 3D Laptop: New F Series VAIO


With the curtain closing on this year's CES 2011 event, it gives us time to reflect on some of the hottest pieces of tech to look out for. Sony's new F series 3D VAIO looks like the business and is a gadget that I cannot wait to get my hands on. … [Read more...]

Blu-ray’s CES 2011 Absence- A Dying Force?


A few years back when the sparkling high definition Blu-ray discs hit our homes, it signalled the slow and gradual death of DVD. DVD done the same to VHS, and now is digital downloading going to do the same to Blu-ray? … [Read more...]

Asus CES 2011 Tablets: No Honeycomb OS & Late Arrival?


During the recent CES show of 2011, tablets were featured highly on the list of devices along with mobile phones, TV's, In-Car entertainment systems, Blu-Ray Players and so on. One or should I say four of the devices we brought you news on were up and coming tablets from Asus. The four tablets in … [Read more...]

iPhone 4 “Black Diamond” Dock Includes Mood Lighting


For the last few weeks, it is fair to say that a huge amount of attention has been steered towards the CES show 2011, one of the largest electronic shows that you can expect to visit, and the subsequent debut of the Verizon iPhone 4 that we reported on yesterday. But in light of this, we must be … [Read more...]

Motorola Xoom Sales Expectations: Four Different Colors


As we all saw at the recent CES show in Las Vegas, tablet devices are going to be the big movers of 2011. Venturing into the start of a new year, Motorola has been said to be moving between 700,000 and 800,000 of its Xoom tablets within the first quarter. … [Read more...]

Apple CES No Show: Accessories Get People Talking


With the Consumer Electronics Show debuting devices from tablets, smartphones, cameras, GPS, Blu-Ray players, TV's and so on, and pulling in crowds of up to 140,000, the one surprise to come out of this year's event is that of Apple's non attendance. Although for many it may have been a … [Read more...]

Nintendo 3DS Release Feb / March: 4 Million To Sell?


On the 8 January we brought you a report on the Nintendo 3DS and a closer look at it from the guys over at Mashable. For the gaming world, release dates for the latest console are not too far away, Japan being the first in February and the US and Europe following on with a month later. … [Read more...]

ArtPro Nail Printer V6.1: No More Salon Visits Ladies DIY


This is an article for all the ladies or alternative gents. How much time out of your day does it take to go to the nail salon to get your nail treatments done? This nifty device will mean that you don’t have to do that anymore … [Read more...]

Top new tablets: CES 2011 – Five of the best


CES 2011 showed us some fantastic new products and the tablet device was one of the major stories this year. We’ve posted many articles about tablets that showed up at CES and thought it might be useful to round up 5 of the best and have linked to previous articles so you can read more about each … [Read more...]

Verizon iPhone: Disaster For AT&T?


With just a day to go until Verizon's press event which will hopefully end months and months of speculation surrounding the iPhone, what potentially will this mean for carrier AT&T? At first thought, one would assume that the iPhone's switch over to Verizon would have detrimental effects on AT&T … [Read more...]

Samsung Showcase Flexible Display at CES 2011


CES has been littered with tablet PCs, 3D televisions and plenty of mobile phones, but one of the more interesting concept devices includes that of Samsung. They have showcased a flexible display sized at 4.5”. This is something that many have wanted but never thought would materialize … [Read more...]

ioSafe Hard Drive Vs. Shotgun, M16: CES 2011 Demonstration


If anyone is looking for a super tough hard drive, then we don’t think you will find out much tougher than this. The rugged portable hard drive was demonstrated at CES 2011 as being able to withstand submersion in water of the fresh and salt variety. One thing led to another and the guys wanted to … [Read more...]

New Android smartphones: Five of the best from CES


Here at OSM we’re still buzzing with all of the amazing new products we’ve seen come out of CES 2011 and have noticed just how many great new Android smartphones will be hitting the shelves over the next few months. We thought we’d take a look at some of our articles and give you a roundup of 5 of … [Read more...]

CES 2011: Kodak PlaySport 2 – Pictures and Features


CES 2011 has seen many devices pass through its doors. We have recently reported that the Motorola Xoom has been voted the ‘Best In Show’. We have also reported on a few other cameras including the Samsung HMX-H300 aimed at the average consumer, and a high end camera from JVC, both of which have … [Read more...]

CES 2011: Nintendo 3DS Explored In The Flesh Opinions Given


As the release of Nintendo’s 3DS draws ever closer, CES gave some the opportunity to get their hands on the latest 3D portable gaming device. … [Read more...]

CES 2011: Android Honeycomb – Motorola Xoom Voted Best In Show


Motorola certainly did well in the build up for CES 2011, if you think back to just before it kicked off, they released their fantastic tablet PC video featured at the bottom of our article. The video hinted at the fact they were going to be bringing their own tablet PC to the table, except they … [Read more...]

iPad 2: Secret glimpse at CES 2011?


We’ve been bringing you a lot of stories recently about the much-talked about next-generation Apple iPad tablet, or iPad 2 as it’s known. Recently we told you about how an iPad 2 case with a mockup iPad had been shown at CES, and then how a mockup revealed some more possible clues about the iPad 2. … [Read more...]