New Microshield iPad 2 cases


Whether you are an avid fan or not of Apple, there’s no disputing that the Cali company make some pretty impressive devices, they’ve paved the way for others with their iPhone, iPod and iPad products and it’s the latter that we wanted to talk about. … [Read more...]

Magnate case for iPhone 4S, Galaxy S / Epic 4G and Blackberry


Often when we purchase a new smartphone device, we tend to forget how we are going to protect it from bumps, knocks and scratches. There are many accessories available on the current market but sometimes it’s our job here at OSM to make you aware of them. Over the last 2 or so weeks, since the … [Read more...]

ExoClear Case for iPhone 4S


So you’ve got your new Apple iPhone 4S, but have you considered how you will protect your prized possession from scratches, bumps and knocks? This week we’ve brought you a small helping of some of the cases available on the current market, with another below to tempt you further. … [Read more...]

Exclusive Titanium iPhone 5 Cases: Brikk Feature


If like many you are waiting with high anticipation for Apple’s latest generation iPhone, then the chances are that you have already indulged your dreams with thoughts of accessories for your forthcoming device. And what is the first thing that we all think off when expecting the delivery of a shiny … [Read more...]

Memorex Universal Nintendo 3DS Case: Interchangeable Games


The Nintendo 3DS is a bit of kit that many people were looking to buy before it was released and has perhaps been slightly disappointing since its debut. Many people have complained of feeling sick and nauseous after playing on their new device and we have also seen some marks appearing on the … [Read more...]

iPad 2: White “Hard Candy” Collection Includes Cases, Stylus & More


So you have decided to enter the tablet market with Apple's finest and latest iPad 2. Not wanting to settle for the standard hue you’ve decided to opt for the white device in all its glory. But now you want to protect your purchase, but without covering up the fact that your slate is the white … [Read more...]

iPad 2 Zaggmate Case, Stand & Keyboard: Release April 19th


We all love the iPad 2 here at OSM, and once you have secured your very own tablet all you want to do is protect it from harm. Now while we were impressed with Apple's own louvered paneling on its Smart Cover, it still left the back of the device unprotected. … [Read more...]

HTC EVO 3D: Kickstand Case Allows Easy Viewing


Last week we reported on HTC's appearance at CTIA with their EVO 3D, we gave a comparison against another 3D touting device, the LG Optimus 3D. Now while it was difficult to pick between the pair, we have just caught a glimpse of an extra that could assist the HTC in its quest to better the LG. … [Read more...]

iPad 2 “GumDrop” Case: Protection & Cover Screen


Tablet protection choice is huge, even before a new device hits our shelves the accessory giants have designed, developed and dished out a full range of covers and cases to shroud your new toy. … [Read more...]

iPad 2 Gear4 Angry Bird Cases: Available In Different Designs & Pricetag


The nation's love for game Angry Birds is growing by the day, and to say that its not addictive would be an understatement. Just recently we reported on a staggering 30 million Android downloads as well as Tim giving us news on the inclusion of new levels to celebrate St Patrick's Day, news of the … [Read more...]

Apple iPad 2 StealthArmor Stylish Protection Kit


Once you have hold of your new iPad 2, no doubt you will caress its slim sculptured contours and revel in the smoothness of its sleek design. Yes you and your latest device are happy, at one with each other and nothing will separate you. … [Read more...]

TypeTop Swivel iPhone 4 Case: Gives Protection & Bluetooth Keyboard


Touchscreen phones are commonplace, but while most will choose a keyless device nowadays, one of the most popular complaints arises from the touchpad when trying to type. As technology grows so does the precision but for some it is never accurate enough. … [Read more...]

iPad 2 “Real Deal” Leather Carry Case? Video Shown


Apple's next generation iPad is still a hot topic of conversation as well as the up and coming iPhone 5. Although an official release date for the iPad has still not been confirmed, rumors are suggesting that it will make an entrance in April. So far to date, we have reported on many possible … [Read more...]

Punk Inspired iPhone 4 Cases: Artist Ben Allen & Proporta Join


Do you look for inspiration when it comes to protecting your iPhone 4 from bumps and scratches? Want to stand out from the sheep following crowd? Then today's news may help with this very quest. We are talking about the introduction of some new iPhone 4 cases designed from UK artist Ben Allen and … [Read more...]

New iPad Case and Lock: Price and Features


Here at OSM we like to keep our readers informed about the latest Apple iPad news. For example we’ve recently told you about the new “Friendly” app and also a ZAGGMate keyboard case, a very useful accessory for the iPad. The Apple iPad is a much coveted device as any of you who own one will already … [Read more...]

iPad Accessories: The ZAGGMate keyboard case


We continue to bring you all the news and of course some speculation about the Apple iPad and just recently have posted articles the upcoming iPad 2 and BlackBerry PlayBook release date clash, a review on the SlingPlayer for iPad app and news on the camera for the iPad 2. … [Read more...]

iPhone 4: “Energizer AP1201 Case” Charges & Protects


We have all been in that situation, where part way through the day, our mobile phone starts bleeping away to tell us that the battery is low, and normally, its at a time when we need to text or call someone. … [Read more...]

Apple iPad: Booq Boa Folio Is Best


So you have your new iPad, what's the first accessory most people decided on? Well high on the list has got to be a case to protect your latest toy. Some do not take a second look and opt for Apple's own case, thinking that the manufacturer's is the safer option. … [Read more...]

iPhone 4: Antennagate “Smaller” Than We Anticipated


It was only a short time ago that every time we turned on the computer, we were bombarded with stories of reception antenna problems that users were experiencing on their iPhone 4 devices? At the time, Apple gave away free cases to iPhone 4 owners in the hope that the problem would be rectified. … [Read more...]