Samsung HMX-W200: Price & Release Dates For Rugged HD Camera


We at OSM love the rugged devices that pop up from time to time, a few that we have heard about recently include the tablet PC that looks to be on its way from Motorola, the new rugged phone from Casio and of course a very rugged laptop from GammaTech in the Durabook S15C … [Read more...]

Toshiba Announce New Camileo P100 & B10 Camcorders


If you have been on the lookout for a new pocket camcorder then chances are you have be scanning the internet looking for a bargain, to save you time in previous posts we have brought you information about devices like the new Philips HD camcorder and the JVC GC-PX1. … [Read more...]

New Philips HD Camcorder: WiFi & 23x Zoom – No Price or ETA Yet


When it comes to cameras, camcorders and DSLRs we at OSM try to provide the most up to date and current information as possible. One of the most popular ones has been around the Canon T3i with its specs and release date as well as perhaps the best camera we have ever seen in the Phantom Flex … [Read more...]

Panasonic HX-WA10, HX-DC10 & HX-DC1: Spec, Price & Release Date


At OSM we like to talk to you about different cameras and DSLRs, some of the recent ones are the Canon T3/T3i, the JVC GC-PX and perhaps the best camera that we have seen to date with its amazing imaging the Phantom Flex … [Read more...]

Phantom Flex: Captures Life Like You’ve Never Seen It Before


At OSM we try to inform you of as many different cameras and DSLRs that we possibly can, some of the most recent ones were from CES 2011 where we were taking a look back at them. Some of them included the JVC GC-PX1 that cannot decide if it’s a camera or a camcorder, the Casio Exilum EX-ZR100 and of … [Read more...]

JVC GC-PX1: Camera Or Camcorder?


Whilst CES 2011 had lots of crazy gizmos and fantastic devices, one that slipped under the radar of OSM was the JVC GC-PX1 which can’t decide if it’s a camcorder or a normal point and shoot camera. If you are wondering what we mean by that then keep on reading … [Read more...]

Samsung HMX-H300 – HD Family Camera – Showcased at CES 2011


With all the hype surrounding this year’s CES event we have seen some great inventive products as well as some that we knew were coming, but we didn’t realize just how good they would be. Two examples of this are the BlackBerry PlayBook and the Motorola Xoom (the Xoom was recently voted best in … [Read more...]

JVC Everio GS-TD1 Camcorder: Full HD 3D Recording – Impressive?


Are you looking for the next big thing in video recording technology? Perhaps this is it, the JVC Everio GS-TD1 can record in Full HD 3D, now that’s pretty impressive right? The JVC camcorder looks brilliant and its functionality is really cool … [Read more...]

Samsung HMX-Q10: Ambidextrous Camcorder – Great for Lefties


Samsung have been good with their products for years and now with the build up to CES 2011, which is in a few days, we are still seeing more Samsung devices. We have also seen an amusing, innovative way of using camera image stabilization … [Read more...]

Looxcie Wearable Bluetooth camcorder: Now for iOS devices


People who were quick off the mark to buy the Looxcie Bluetooth camcorder may well be regretting their speedy purchase as the device has now been adapted to be compatible with iOS devices. … [Read more...]